Trending today in Singapore

  1. Bing


    Chinese pop singer (fl. 2015- )
  2. J. Y. Pillay

    J. Y. Pillay

    Singaporean businessman
  3. Edwin Goh

    Edwin Goh

    Singaporean actor
  4. Amanda Heng

    Amanda Heng

    Singaporean artist
  5. Zulkarnain Malik

    Zulkarnain Malik

    Singaporean footballer
  6. Zong Zijie

    Zong Zijie

    Singaporean actor
  7. Zhuan Dao

    Zhuan Dao

    Singaporean religious leader
  8. Zhou Ying (actress)

    Zhou Ying (actress)

    Chinese Singapore actress
  9. Zhang Zhen Huan

    Zhang Zhen Huan

    Singaporean actor
  10. Yun Jie Lemuel Lee

    Yun Jie Lemuel Lee

    Singaporean bicycle racer
  11. Youyi (actress)

    Youyi (actress)

    Singaporean actress
  12. Yasir Hanapi

    Yasir Hanapi

    Singaporean footballer
  13. Wu Yili

    Wu Yili

    Chinese-Singaporean pianist
  14. Woffles Wu

    Woffles Wu

    Singaporean plastic surgeon
  15. Winston Choo

    Winston Choo

    Singaporean diplomat, civil servant and former military leader
  16. William Duff

    William Duff

    British arabist
  17. Wang Gungwu

    Wang Gungwu

    Singaporean academic
  18. Walid Lounis

    Walid Lounis

    Singaporean footballer
  19. Vernetta Lopez

    Vernetta Lopez

    Singaporean actor and dj
  20. Tay Kewei

    Tay Kewei

  21. Tanya Chua

    Tanya Chua

    Singaporean singer
  22. Tan Sian Peng

    Tan Sian Peng

    Badminton player
  23. Tan Cheng Hiong

    Tan Cheng Hiong

    First president of the Singapore Council of Women
  24. Tan Boon Teik

    Tan Boon Teik

    Former Attorney-General of Singapore
  25. Sukki Singapora

    Sukki Singapora

  26. Stacey Muruthi

    Stacey Muruthi

    Singaporean cricketer
  27. Shi Ming Yi

    Shi Ming Yi

    Singaporean Buddhist monk
  28. Sharon Au

    Sharon Au

    Former Singaporean actress and host
  29. Ridzuan Fatah Hasan

    Ridzuan Fatah Hasan

    Singaporean footballer
  30. Rezal Hassan

    Rezal Hassan

    Singaporean footballer
  31. Rennis Ponniah

    Rennis Ponniah

    Singaporean bishop
  32. Rachel Kum

    Rachel Kum

    Singaporean model
  33. Rachel Heng

    Rachel Heng

    Singaporean novelist
  34. Precious Emuejeraye

    Precious Emuejeraye

    Singaporean footballer
  35. Peter Lim

    Peter Lim

    Singapore businessman
  36. Pang Sheng Jun

    Pang Sheng Jun

    Singaporean swimmer
  37. Paige Chua

    Paige Chua

    Singaporean actress
  38. Ong Ye Kung

    Ong Ye Kung

    High-flying civil servant in Singapore
  39. Ong Soh Khim

    Ong Soh Khim

    Singaporean academic
  40. Norhalis Shafik

    Norhalis Shafik

    Singaporean footballer
  41. Noor Azhar Hamid

    Noor Azhar Hamid

    Singaporean high jumper
  42. Ng Chor Yau

    Ng Chor Yau

    Badminton player
  43. Nazri Nasir

    Nazri Nasir

    Singaporean footballer
  44. Nasir Jalil

    Nasir Jalil

    Singaporean footballer
  45. N. Ganesan

    N. Ganesan

    Singaporean football administrator
  46. Mohamad Hamim Aliyas

    Mohamad Hamim Aliyas

    Singaporean politician
  47. Michael Aw

    Michael Aw

    Singaporean photographer
  48. Matthias Yap

    Matthias Yap

    Singaporean powerlifter
  49. Marrie Lee

    Marrie Lee

    Singaporean actress
  50. Madhu Mohana

    Madhu Mohana

    Singaporean footballer
  51. Lynn Tan

    Lynn Tan

    Beauty pageant winner
  52. Lucien Wong

    Lucien Wong

    Singaporean lawyer
  53. Louis Ng

    Louis Ng

    Singaporean politician and founder of animal concerns research and education society (acres)
  54. Lim Choo Eng

    Lim Choo Eng

    Badminton player
  55. Lee Seng Wee

    Lee Seng Wee

    Singaporean billionaire
  56. Lee Hsien Yang

    Lee Hsien Yang

    Singaporean business executive
  57. Lee Hsien Loong

    Lee Hsien Loong

    Prime Minister of Singapore
  58. Lee Ah Ngo

    Lee Ah Ngo

    Badminton player
  59. Lawrence Wong

    Lawrence Wong

    Singaporean politician
  60. Koh Juat Jong

    Koh Juat Jong

    Solicitor-General of Singapore
  61. K Thanaletchimi

    K Thanaletchimi

    Singaporean politician
  62. Junie Sng

    Junie Sng

  63. Joseph Prince

    Joseph Prince

    Singaporean evangelist
  64. Joi Chua

    Joi Chua

    Singer, songwriter
  65. Johsen Johnson Ong

    Johsen Johnson Ong

    Singaporean author, songwriter, translator and publisher
  66. Jin-Fa Wong

    Jin-Fa Wong

    Singapore entomologist
  67. Jean Danker

    Jean Danker

    Singaporean DJ
  68. Jason Chee

    Jason Chee

  69. Janil Puthucheary

    Janil Puthucheary

    Singaporean politician
  70. J. Paul Chen

    J. Paul Chen

  71. Ix Shen

    Ix Shen

    Singaporean actor
  72. Ivan Png

    Ivan Png

    Singaporean economist
  73. Irfan Fandi

    Irfan Fandi

    Singaporean association football player
  74. Heng Siok Tian

    Heng Siok Tian

    Singaporean poet and educator
  75. Hazel Poa

    Hazel Poa

    Singaporean politician
  76. Hannah Delisha

    Hannah Delisha

    Singaporean actress
  77. Halimah Yacob

    Halimah Yacob

    8th President of the Republic of Singapore
  78. Grace Fu

    Grace Fu

    Singaporean politician
  79. Gayatri Shunmugam

    Gayatri Shunmugam

    Singaporean model
  80. Francis Seow

    Francis Seow

    Singaporean former politician and lawyer
  81. Fauziah Ibrahim

    Fauziah Ibrahim

    Singaporean journalist
  82. Faraliza Tan

    Faraliza Tan

    Singaporean model
  83. Fandi Ahmad

    Fandi Ahmad

    Singaporean footballer
  84. Eunice Olsen

    Eunice Olsen

  85. Eelyn Kok

    Eelyn Kok

    Singaporean actress
  86. Desmond Lee

    Desmond Lee

    Singaporean politician
  87. Daren Shiau

    Daren Shiau

    Singaporean poet
  88. Cynthia Koh

    Cynthia Koh

    Singaporean actress
  89. Chua Soo Bin

    Chua Soo Bin

    Singaporean photographer
  90. Chew Swee Hau

    Chew Swee Hau

    Badminton player
  91. Chen Tianwen

    Chen Tianwen

    Singaporean actor
  92. Chen Shucheng

    Chen Shucheng

    Singaporean actor
  93. Chen Chong Swee

    Chen Chong Swee

    Singaporean artist
  94. Chee Soon Juan

    Chee Soon Juan

    Singaporean politician
  95. Chee Hong Tat

    Chee Hong Tat

    Singaporean politician
  96. Catherine Lim

    Catherine Lim

    Singaporean writer
  97. Bryan Tay

    Bryan Tay

    Olympic swimmer
  98. Boon Hui Lu

    Boon Hui Lu

    Singaporean actress and singer-songwriter
  99. Benjamin Tee

    Benjamin Tee

    Singaporean scientist and an innovator of electronic skin (e-skin) technology
  100. Bala Reddy

    Bala Reddy

    Singaporean lawyer
  101. Ann Kok

    Ann Kok

    Singaporean actress
  102. Ann Elizabeth Wee

    Ann Elizabeth Wee

    Singaporean academic and social worker
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