Life Lessons: 25 Things You Should Not Do

Life Lessons: 25 Things You Should Not Do

Regrets, you’ve had a few; but then again, too few to mention. You did what you had to do…

Have you ever made a list of things you should NOT do? The internet is full of articles that tell you 5 things you should do. Folks over at quora have done the work for you. Perhaps, you can learn from their experiences. Here are the top 25 things you should not do.

By Diana Hockley

  • Try not to envy other people’s success.
  • Try not to hurt anyone with a careless word.
  • Try to be mindful of other people’s problems.
  • Try to remember to contact friends and family.
  • Try to say something nice to someone every day.

By Rohit Kapoor

  • 1. Never feel proud of your money
    It's all a matter of time. Big business house collapse in days. Money doesn’t stay forever. Your behavior does
  • Never base your treatment on someone’s failure
    One of my friends came to meet me yesterday after so many years. He is Raghav Kakkar. He is trying to prove himself in Bollywood and is doing good. He treated me just as he did back during the school days
  • Except parents, everyone can walk away
    My ex loved me with all her heart and even sent me marriage vows over email. One fine day, she walked away. My dad arranged loan for my MBA recently irrespective of financial burden on him. Thank you dad.
  • Expectations hurt
    Whenever I’ve expected something from someone, my relationship with them has turned sour.
  • Failure is inevitable
    Everyone is fighting their own battle. On the surface life of others looks like a Facebook page but no one sees the editing done before posting a profile photo. It takes effort to be successful and you fall many times.

By David Shawn Moore

  • Don’t drag a woman by the hair down the hall for sex.
  • Don’t visit your mother with a dead body in the trunk of your vehicle.
  • Don’t stab your mother 72 times for a crack rock.
  • Don’t believe someone only loves you if they hurt you.
  • Don’t look at people who are bound and think rather than save them why let them go to waste and have sex with them.

By Anirudh Kulkarni

  • Don’t look down on anyone on the basis of economic status
    There is a friend of mine who at one point was at much better economic health. But due to some circumstances, he got poor real soon, real fast. When he was rich, he devalued me as I used to belong to lower middle class family. He had his own friends who had blue blood in their veins. But when he lost money, they all abandoned him and the only people who stood up for him were friends like me. We gathered money, whatever me had, helped me him get on his own feet and now he is doing good. If it was for us, he would have drenched in debts very badly. He accepted that he looked down on us and apologized for that. We knew that he is not evil on purpose so we forgave him. But this may not happen every time.
  • Don’t leave any opportunity, you may not always get another
    A friend of mine had got a great opportunity of being project engineer under a very renowned faculty of Thermal group in IIT Bombay. They invited him to join under them directly after his B.E. and they also assured him of PG and PhD under their supervision. But this nutcase thought too much of him and tried for some other “better options”. They called him twice after completion of B.E., but he didn’t go, as he was waiting for those other “better options”. In the end they appointed someone else and he lost that chance. The most disturbing part is that the field was his favorite. Now this particular person is looking for “any” job, since much water has crossed under the bridge now.
  • Don’t ignore. Be curious and look what is under the stone.
    While I was in the first year of my under graduation, we had a course called “Applied mechanics”. One of my friend was very good at it. He taught all of us that subject and when the results were announced, we all came out with flying colors except him. We were stunned and so was he, as he had scored only 17 out of 100 a.k.a. subject back. He lost all hopes and was about to reappear for the exam. I insisted that he should get a photocopy of the paper. He was totally discouraged and didn’t budge. I and one of my other friend went to the university, talked to the concerned authority and got the photocopy. Surprisingly he had scored 71 out of 100. But the digits were printed wrong, 17 instead of 71. He was the university topper for that course. 😛
  • Don’t devalue your life, as it is not just yours. People around you are also connected.
    This happened recently. One of my school friends was drinking and driving late at night when he met an accident with a truck. He died on the spot. His parents were in total shock as he is the only son to them and are still traumatized. The mother has not spoken a single word yet and father has lost his mental balance. He was their only support in all respects. They had spent a fortune on educating their kid, letting him leave a luxurious life and never exposing him to any hardships. He was supposed to pay those all debts; emotional and economical. But now, he is no more.
  • Don’t leave someone who loves you.
    Many instances I have witnessed. It's difficult to quote one of them. It's just the regular story. Boy love girl. Girl don't give shit. Boy sad sad. Girl date handsome rich boy. Handsome Rich boy cheat her with her BFF. Boy meanwhile get some good girl who love him too. Girl come back to boy crawling. But too late.

By Gayatri Sravya

Don’t Underestimate any one

My friend is a brand freak and always scans a person’s attire for brands and respects them accordingly.
We travel by train and one day we met a lady with undyed hair who was busy reading newspaper.
My friend was like ” Looks like she didn’t go to parlor for years, how can people be so careless”
I asked her to shut up and told her not be judgemental.
She did not give a damn and starting describing her unclean shoe and old watch she worn.
I feared if the lady was listening and I was worried about how bad she must have felt.

After couple of weeks my friend has to go through an interview process for project assignment, the interview has to be cleared to get a good pay.
My friend was surprised to see this lady (whom she mocked at) there as an interviewer.
This lady is the product lead who controls more than 4 projects in that firm.Interview went well but as expected my friend was not selected for being judgemental.
The lady told her “Not just skillset but also attitude does matter”

Since then, I have learnt not to underestimate any one because everyone has the power to surprise any one at any point of time.

Don’t lose patience

My classmate was desperately searching for a job. He got a job in a start up company. His parents advised him to wait for a better opportunity as his profile deserves a better pay.
He did not have patience to wait for better opportunities, he signed a bond with the company that hired him. The bond was to work for that firm for 3 years.
After a week he received an offer letter from TCS and he regretted for not having patience.

Just because something isn’t happening for you right now doesn’t mean that it will never happen.
Patience can be bitter but her fruit is always sweet.

Don’t underestimate the power of destiny

During my summer vacation after 7th grade, we went to Shirdi. My father’s friend joined us.
After darshan we planned to have lunch at Sai prasadalaya(where food is treated as Shri Sai Baba’s prasad and is offered for a low price so that it is also available to the poor ).
We have to wait in the queue to get our turn to eat, my father’s friend didn’t like to stand in the queue with the poor, he though resisted up to some extent.
When we were allowed inside the hall we got our seating beside a poor family who were starving for food, though that did not bother us , it did for uncle who came along.
I doubt it was his ego problem, he denied to have lunch there, he left saying “I don't want to eat food that low class people eat” .For us it was baba’s prasad so we dint force him to.

After 3-4 years, doctors found he had cancer in his liver and he is not supposed to have food that contains salt and spices.
He confessed that it was baba who punished him for his behavior, but I have learnt not to mock at the less privileged because we don't know when and how our destiny will take its course.

Don’t Give up!

My aunt lost 35kgs in 18 months and surprised everyone.
When we asked her to share her success story, she said “Despite of any troubles she ensured she did not give up on her weight loss resolutions”

I have learnt to never give up just because things get hard.

Don’t hurt others because you’re hurt

I have seen this as the root cause for any relationship coming to an end. No one wants to break a relationship unless they are in bad mood.
One must have emotional control over their feelings.

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