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Sergey Shenderov

Sergey Shenderov

Entrepreneur, investment banker
Sergey Shenderov
The basics

Quick Facts

Intro Entrepreneur, investment banker
Known for Co-founder Momlife.io. Ex-natural resources and capital markets investment banker.
A.K.A. Sergej Shenderov, Sergei Shenderov
From Russia United States of America
Gender male
Birth 15 June 1977, Moscow
Age 43 years
University of North Dakota Department of Finance and Economics
Peoplepill ID sergey-shenderov
The details


Sergei Shenderov is a Russian investor who’s currently living in the USA. He’s known as the head of the ore mining metallurgic group at Renaissance Capital and the biggest M&A deals in capital markets. He was born on the 15th of June, 1977, in Moscow.

Education and Career

Shenderov was lucky to live in Moscow since his childhood. He studied at school №314 in Shchelkovskaya Street. After graduation, he entered the Department of Finance and Economics at the University of North Dakota.

From 1998 till 2005 Sergei worked as the investment banker at Credit Suisse, Salomon Smith Barney, and Citi. In 2006, Shenderov gets the position of the Head of the metallurgic group at Renaissance Capital. And it seems like it was the golden age for Sergei. But he didn’t appreciate it and decided to exchange all the perks he got here for the prestigious life abroad. None employee will tell you that Renaissance Capital is a bad place for people, especially, for those running the major spheres. Of course, each company has advantages and disadvantages, but this bank is a perfect place for specialists. And you should only find out a little bit more information about their holidays.

We all know that the financial sphere is one of the richest industries. But most people can only imagine how employees are treated here. And we’re going to describe one evening from their lives to help you understand the benefits that Shenderov decided to leave behind. The 15th anniversary of Renaissance Capital was something more than just an average corporate party because every specialist could feel like a celebrity here. Organizers united this holiday with the celebration of the New Year, but people even supported this decision. All the employees had an opportunity to try the taste of the luxury life, as the red carpet was waiting for guests in front of one of the best night clubs in the capital of Russia – “Arena.” A popular TV host, Dmitriy Shepelev met them and asked different questions. And then, he did everything to make this evening special. The guests, including local specialists and top-managers, who came from abroad could take part in entertaining contests. This big family could enjoy the laser show that demonstrated how the company has been developing for the last 15 years. And the thematic music allowed people to have fun and feel the atmosphere of joy. After the show, guests could perfectly spend time at the concert because there was a special present for them, Famous Russian groups and singers like Zveri, Nusha, and Flora entertained them with their songs.

It seems like even the richest companies can’t give enough values to people like Sergei Shenderov. In 2012, he leaves the bank and establishes the investing company Magnetic Sand Resources in the Philippines. It provides the money flow in iron ore mining.

Shenderov’s Projects

In 2008, Shenderov and his former classmate Andrei Soloviev created a social media platform for mothers BabyBlog that became the largest network for parents in Russia and CIS. In 2014, they designed an application for pregnant women Preggie. And in 2015, they launched another project MomLife, which was developed by Delaware Wunderkind Media And Technology Corp.

BabyBlog started its path as Andrei Soloviev’s project – Shenderov joined him only as a money source soon. Sergei’s former classmate noticed that his wife who’s just given birth to a baby didn’t have much information or someone to talk to about mom’s problems. He wanted to give her an opportunity to communicate with people who faced the same issues every day. And that’s why Andrei decided to create the first social media platform for mothers. But it was a rather expensive project, and he started thinking about the new sources of money. When he met his old friend Shenderov, he tried his luck and offered him to become his partner. Sergei felt that it could become a sweet spot for making money and gave the needed sum. By the way, he even became Andrei’s business partner. But who can judge him? When the money is so close, nothing can stop you.

However, Shenderov and his friend didn’t want to build their business in Russia. In 2012, they decided to headquarter in Prague and explained this decision with better opportunities and conditions for life. And Soloviev even took his family to the Czech Republic. Their best developers also moved to this country. Of course, everybody thinks that the grass is always greener on the other side. Why develop a business in a native country?

As far as Shenderov and Soloviev understood that this sphere is the resource of huge money sums, they kept moving forward and achieving other goals in this niche. We’ve already mentioned the app Preggie that opened new horizons for mothers. They united the main tools, including the maternity calendar, feeding tracker, the market for baby items, and social network. And this project became successful too for Shenderov and Soloviev.

They didn’t want to stop because money is everything in this world. They created another project MomLife – you can be sure that the niche is totally occupied by these friends. It’s available for moms who use Android or iOS devices. Just imagine how many fans from around the world can use this application! No doubt that it’s a useful software for women, but the fact that owners didn’t want to develop it in their native country is confusing.

Suspicion of Treason against the Fatherland

Sergei Shenderov is being suspected of treason against Russia. And it’s not a surprising fact due to strange connections he has set with foreign partners. It’s not a secret that Shenderov lives in the USA now and has businesses across the world. There’s very little information about his enterprises, but everybody knows that his environment may be dangerous for Russia. Thus, it’s hard to believe in fair operations and the absence of fraudulent schemes created by Sergei and his influential friends.

We’ve conducted a comprehensive investigation, and the information we’ve got makes us think that at least one of Shenderov’s companies has unexplainable roots. You’ve already read about Magnetic Sand Resources, and now get prepared for new striking details. This business helped Sergei essentially extend his environment with useful connections. He met Michael Alexander Blum – a person with powerful charisma. No one knows what kind of impact he makes on Shenderov, but you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that some questions are controlled by him

Michael Alexander Blum is a successful businessman who has a few hotels and casinos in Asia. But the hospitality and entertainment spheres aren’t enough for this man. Blum aims to develop space exploration projects, and he even became a shareholder at Virgin Galactic. Besides, he bought Abar Investments. Michael Blum gives hundreds of million dollars on the development of space projects. You may be curious about how did this businessman meet Shenderov? There’s no secret behind the starting point of this friendship – Blum’s wife is Russian, and she acquainted them.

Shenderov and Blum have found common ground, and soon they became business partners. Interestingly, Sergei doesn’t hide the fact that he has many serious Russian friends, even from the political sphere. And he doesn’t miss a chance to tell Michael about the secrets they share with him. Of course, we don’t know what they’re talking about, and we can only imagine the information they’re discussing during their meetings.

When speaking about unclear operations, we have to mention about the story with AltaIR Capital – this establishment gave Shenderov a huge sum in 2015. Average people can only wonder what he did to receive 1.5 million dollars, but no doubt that it could be some fraudulent scheme. Two top representatives of AltaIR Capital previously worked at Renaissance Capital and Sberbank. Their relationships with Shenderov are covered with the blanket of mystery, but the chances are that this friendship helped him increase his budget. Besides, Abramovich owned 30% of the stock share of AltaIR’s Seed Fund, and it’s the information for reflection.

We all know that business people are charismatic people, and Sergei isn’t the exception. He knows how to make others adore him and tell all the most important secrets. Besides, he makes an impact on people, and unlikely that this impact is positive. Mane secrets connected with business and the political sphere in Russia should be kept behind seven locks because sly individuals can use them for their benefit.

Sergei is an easy-going person, and it helps him reach for his personal goals easily. He knows how to manipulate and get any needed information. His environment is refilled every day, and now Shenderov is happy to have new sources of important data. The representative of Kalashnikov Concern, Pavlo Skachkov, belongs to people close to Sergei. He even invited him to his wedding ceremony – everybody knows that only friends and family can attend such events. Probably, Skachkov and Shenderov aren’t just people who see each other from time to time.

Petr Maxymov and Oleg Deripaska also belong to Shenderov’s environment. Together, they go on vacations and have fun, and all the subjects they discuss stay behind the curtains. As a business partner, Michael Blum knows everything about their meetings and even more. The chances are that he tells Sergei what to say and what to ask about, and this information may be dangerous.





Shenderov isn’t only a successful businessman, but also a husband and father. He’s married to Yulia Vladimirovna Azarova, a photographer and model. She’s 35 years old. Yulia was born on April 13th, 1985. Their son’s name is Philip. The family lives in the USA.

Although many rumors are surrounding Sergei Shenderov’s life and businesses, it’s hard to prove that he uses the obtained information from Russian top-managers on his behalf. Of course, he hasn’t done anything illegal yet, at least we don’t know about it. But it’s not a secret that his connections are weird, and people from his environment are more than just influential friends. It’s strange why a person who could build a successful career in Russia decided to leave the Motherland and move to the USA.

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