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Owodog Taiwanese actor-singer

Taiwanese actor-singer
The basics
Quick Facts
Intro Taiwanese actor-singer
A.K.A. Owodog Zhuang
Countries China
Occupations Dancer Actor
Gender male
Birth 30 October 1982 (Taiwan)
The details

Owodog is a member of Lollipop F, a Taiwanese Mandopop boyband currently signed under the label Gold Typhoon (formerly EMI Capitol). The group consists of six members, all chosen in 2006 from Channel [V] Taiwan's show 模范棒棒堂 (Bang Bang Tang, or BBT), a show which sought to create new male artists in the entertainment business of Taiwan. Since then, Owodog has debuted as a singer, a host, an actor, and a short film director and has contributed three lyrics to the group's albums to date.



Owodog was born on October 30, 1982 in Taiwan, and his family consists of his parents and an older sister. Originally from Taichung, Owodog moved to Taipei when attending Takming University of Science and Technology, where he met Liljay. Since becoming members of Lollipop, they have transferred to Hsing Wu College. He currently lives with other members of the group in an apartment rented to them by BBT show host Fan Fan in Taipei, having moved several times since their debut.

Owodog, along with Liljay and A-Wei are members of Taiwanese breakdance group Black Angle Crew. Shortly after Owodog and Liljay joined Bang Bang Tang, the crew performed at 我愛黑澀會, the female version of BBT that debuted a year earlier on Channel V.

In 2006, Owodog became among the first group of boys to be selected into Bang Bang Tang after auditioning for the show in Taipei with Liljay. The show would officially debut on August 17, 2006, and he would be selected to act as the class leader in the show. For all three of the elimination contests before the selection, Owodog received first place. For one of these performances, he collaborated with Liljay.

The formation of Lollipop

On November 27, 2006, the episode in which the six members of the group were selected and revealed was aired. The order in which the members were announced is as follows: Liljay, Prince, Owodog, Fabien, William, and A-Wei. The members signed a contract to Channel V, and Dora Ao became their agent. The group, named Lollipop, then officially signed a contract with EMI Capitol on December 2, 2006. Owodog, being the leader in BBT, was named the group leader as well. On December 9, 2006, Lollipop made its first public performance as a group at the V-Power Music Storm Concert.

Lollipop first EP Colorful Lollipop was released on January 26, 2007, with six different covers, each featuring a member of the group. Four months later, on May 25, a second EP titled Summer's First Experience was released along with a photobook compiled with photos taken in Okinawa, as well as a DVD.


Acting and hosting debut

During the summer of 2007, members of Lollipop made their acting debut in the drama Brown Sugar Macchiato, a collaboration with Hey Girl, in which, Owodog acted as the oldest brother in the family. Because of the large number of main characters, fifteen in total, and the many obligations both groups had apart from the drama, the original director quit after directing five episodes. Nevertheless, the first episode was aired in Taiwan on July 15, 2007. Later, Lollipop admits on Kangsi Coming that the drama had been more of an introduction of the two groups instead of a major acting challenge, as the members were told to act like themselves, and that many subplots were explained only briefly due to the large number of main characters. After thirteen episodes, the drama ended on October 7, 2007. Additionally, an official soundtrack was released with songs from Lollipop and Hey Girl.

The same year, Lollipop began hosting their own show Lollipop Gyashan (LOLLIPOP哪裡怕) on October 27 until April 19, 2008, when the show stopped airing.

Official debut album and concert

Lollipop's debut album Gyashan (Chinese: 哪裡怕; pinyin: Nǎli Pà) was released on December 28, 2007. Gyashan entered Mandarin charts in the number one position, outselling F4's album Waiting for You – Await Your Love (在這裡等你) released the same day.

On January 26, 2008, a year after the release of their first EP, Lollipop held its debut concert at the Taipei Arena. The concert DVD was released on June 6, 2008, breaking chart records with sales rates of more than 35%. The DVD has topped the charts for a period of one month since. Due to copyright issues, Owodog's tribute to Michael Jackson could not be included in the DVD, but was aired on Bang Bang Tang.–


Graduation from Bang Bang Tang

Lollipop had been appearing regularly on Bang Bang Tang since August 14, 2006. With Channel [V]'s decision to select a new batch of boys and create a second season, Owodog and most of the other members "graduated" from Bang Bang Tang. For his last performance, another tribute to Michael Jackson's Ghost and a collaboration with members of 我愛黑澀會, Owodog received first place. Their last official episode aired on August 29, 2008, marking the end of the first season. In total, the members of Lollipop had participated in more than 500 episodes of the show. Since the start of Bang Bang Tang II, Owodog had, on several occasions, returned to the show as a guest or a co-host.

Drama, hosting, film, and other performing opportunities

Owodog guest starred in the dramaThe Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries, which starred other members of Lollipop and Hey Girl that had debuted July 26, 2008 on Star TV Chinese Channel. On October 3, 2008, the original soundtrack was released by Gold Typhoon.

At the same time, he also began hosting Na Li Wu Da Kang (哪裡5打坑) with Liljay, Awei, Hey Girl's Apple, and Channel V's VJ Rong Jia. The show has ended around December 2008.

Having performed in Singapore a week before, the group returned to Taiwan to participate in the 2008 V-Power Love Music Concert on November 29, 2008. The concert united Liljay, Owodog, and A-wei with other Black Angle Crew members for a dance performance. Together, the six members of Lollipop performed five songs. Lollipop's participation in the concert also marks, symbolically, the two-year anniversary of the group's formation.

A week later, on December 6, 2008, Lollipop performed four songs with themes of wushu at the 45th Golden Horse Awards ceremony.

After talks with Paco Wong in 2008, the chairman of Gold Records, Owodog is starring in a kungfu film called Hot-blooded Union (熱血同盟) with Theresa Fu and a member of The Flowers. The film has started filming near the end of 2008 in Beijing. Later news also reveal that A-Wei, who impressed the director with his wushu skills, has been invited to guest star in the film. The name of the film has since been changed to Martial Spirit (武動青春), and a trailer was shown at Lollipop's I am Legend concert in Hong Kong.

As one of Channel [V]'s Chinese New Year programs, a short film called 狼牙棒 aired on January 26, 2009. The short film is produced by Owodog, along with bandmates William and A-Wei, starring also in the film themselves.

Bang Bang Tang III

In February, 2009, Channel [V] began filming its revamped version and new season of Bang Bang Tang, which marked the return of several members from the first season, including Owodog. For the new season, Owodog shot and directed a promotional ad of members dancing at several sites in Taipei with Aben of Choc7. Bang Bang Tang III began airing on March 2, 2009, with Show Luo being the first guest star. In 2009, Lollipop, as a group, made its first lyric contributions to other artists, which are included in the mini album of the group Choc7, composed of seven members selected from the same show.


I am Legend: Second album and Asia tour

Lollipop's second album I am Legend is released on June 19, 2009. For the album, Owodog wrote the lyrics to the song "綜藝咖" and co-wrote the lyrics for the title song "I am Legend" with Prince, as well as, "One Way" with Liljay. A concert tour in Asia with the same name as the album commenced in Hong Kong Coliseum on July 4 and July 5, 2009.

While promoting I am Legend on several Taiwanese variety shows, including Kangxi Lai Le, 100% Entertainment, Azio Superstar, etc., Owodog and other members of Lollipop, created a series of dance performances specifically for the show hosts of each show, thus completing a mini TV tour.

With show host Fan Fan leaving the show to focus on her musical career, Bang Bang Tang's last episode was aired on July 30, 2009. This marks the end of Owodog's participation in the show.



Album Name Release Date Label
  • Gyashan
  • Chinese: 哪裡怕
  • pinyin: Nǎli Pà
December 28, 2007 EMI Music
  • Gyashan – Limited Edition
  • Chinese: 哪裡怕 – 限量炫光珍藏版
  • pinyin: Nǎli Pà – Xiàn Liàng Xuàn Guāng Zhēn Cáng Bǎn
February 1, 2008 EMI Music
  • I am Legend
  • Chinese: 我是傳奇
  • pinyin: Wŏ Shì Chuán Qí
June 19, 2009 Gold Typhoon
  • Lollipop's I am Legend + Choc7's Sonic Youth
  • Chinese: 卒業紀念限定盤 (合體雙拼改版)
  • pinyin: Cù Yè Jì Niàn Xiàn Dìng Pán (Gĕ Tĭ Shuāng Pīn Găi Băn)
August 14, 2009 Gold Typhoon


Album Name Release Date Label
  • Colorful Lollipop
  • Chinese: 七彩棒棒堂
  • pinyin: Qī Cǎi Bàng Bàng Táng
January 26, 2007 EMI Music
  • Colorful Lollipop – Special Edition
  • Chinese: 七彩棒棒堂 – 無敵慶功版
  • pinyin: Qī Cǎi Bàng Bàng Táng – Wú Dí Qìng Gōng Bǎn
March 9, 2007 EMI Music
  • Summer's First Experience
  • Chinese: 夏日初體驗
  • pinyin: Xià Rì Chū Tǐ Yàn
May 25, 2007 EMI Music
  • I am Legend 2009 ASIA TOUR Special Issue
  • Chinese: 我是傳奇2009亞洲巡迴演唱會-寫真限定單曲
  • pinyin: Wǒ Shì Chuán Qí 2009 Yà Zhōu Xún Huí Yǎn Chàng Huì – Xiě Zhēn Xiàn Dìng Dān Qǔ
February 6, 2010 Gold Typhoon

Original soundtracks

Album Name Release Date Label
  • Brown Sugar Macchiato – OST
  • Chinese: 黑糖瑪奇朵 – 原聲帶
  • pinyin: Hēi Táng Mǎ Qí Duǒ – Yuán Shēng Dài
August 31, 2007 EMI Music
  • The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries (Limited Edition) – OST
  • Chinese: 黑糖群俠傳 (群俠包袱限量版) – 電視原聲帶
  • pinyin: Hēi Táng Qún Xiá Chuán (Qún Xiá Bāofu Xiàn Liàng Bǎn) – Diàn Shì Yuán Shēng Dài
October 3, 2008 Gold Typhoon
  • The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries – OST
  • Chinese: 黑糖群俠傳 (型男奇俠版) – 電視原聲帶
  • pinyin: Hēi Táng Qún Xiá Chuán (Xíng Nán Qí Xiá Bǎn) – Diàn Shì Yuán Shēng Dài
October 9, 2008 Gold Typhoon

Concert DVDs

Album Name Release Date Label
  • The Dream Embarks – Sparkling Taipei Arena Concert
  • Chinese: 夢想出發 – 閃耀小巨蛋演唱會
  • pinyin: Mèng Xiǎng Chū Fā – Shǎn Yào Xiǎo Jù Dàn Yǎn Chàng Huì
June 6, 2008 EMI Music

Lyrics contributions

Release Date Album Song Title Performer
2009-05-29 Sonic Youth
  • 《太青春》


2009-06-19 I am Legend
  • 綜藝咖
  • 我是傳奇 I am Legend
  • One Way


Television series

Year English Name Chinese Name Role
2006 Express Boy 惡男宅急電 Cameo - PUB dancing guests
White Robe of Love 白袍之戀 Extended cast
The Magicians of Love 愛情魔法師 Cameo
2007 Brown Sugar Macchiato 黑糖瑪奇朵 敖犬 Owodog
2008 The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries 黑糖群俠傳 洪十八 Eighteen Hung
2010 Untold Stories of 1949 大江大海一九四九 Young Chiang Kai-shek
Gloomy Salad Days 死神少女 A Jie (阿介)
2011 "Love Keeps Going" 美樂。加油 Big Star
2013 "PMAM" 戴維君(戴大藍)
First Kiss 真愛配方 Yan Yi Fei
2014 Shenzhen Roommate Diaries 深圳合租记 Hua Qiang


Years English Name Chinese Name Role
2008 Truth or Dare: 6th Floor Rear Flat 2 六樓后座2 Guest star
2009 Martial Spirit 武動青春 高大偉 David Kao
2011 Summer Love 戀夏戀夏戀戀下 阿犬
2011 You Are the Apple of My Eye 那些年,我們一起追的女孩 Tsao Kuo-sheng
2013 Machi Action 變身 Face
2013 Get Together 逗陣ㄟ Kindergarten Teacher

Short films

This table includes short films that are directed and produced by members of Lollipop, which were aired on Channel [V] independently (i.e. not as part of the show Bang Bang Tang).

Years Name Role


Actor, producer, editor

Variety shows

Premiere Date Channel Name
August 18, 2006

Channel V Taiwan

模范棒棒堂 Bang Bang Tang

October 27, 2007

Channel V Taiwan


September 7, 2008

Channel V Taiwan


Concert appearances

This list does not include year-end galas or autograph/performance sessions.

Lollipop's concerts

Date English Name Chinese Name Notes
January 26, 2008

Lollipop Taipei Arena Concert

哪裡怕 台北小巨蛋演唱會

  • Debut concert
July 4–5, 2009

Lollipop "I am Legend" Asia Tour: Hong Kong

棒棒堂《我是傳奇》亞洲巡迴演唱會- 香港站

  • First stop of Asia Tour
December 12, 2009

Lollipop "I am Legend" Asia Tour: Guangzhou

棒棒堂《我是傳奇》亞洲巡迴演唱會- 廣州站

Appearances as guests

Date English Name Chinese Name Notes
April 21, 2007

Stefanie Sun celebratory concert


  • Guest
February 23, 2008

Show Luo Show on Stage Concert


  • Guest for first HK show
  • First concert performance in Hong Kong
November 1, 2008

"We are Friends" Fan Fan Concert

我們是朋友 范瑋琪 2008巡迴演唱會

  • Guest for Taipei show
August 19, 2009

Fan Fan F.One "We are Friends" Concert


  • Guest for Hong Kong show

Other concerts

This table consists of concerts where Lollipop is one of many artists who performed.

Date English Name Chinese Name Notes
December 9, 2006

V-Power Music Storm Concert

V-Power 音樂風暴演唱會

  • First public performance as Lollipop
  • Hosted by Channel V and leTea
June 9, 2007

Kaoshiung LeParty


  • Hosted by Channel V and leTea
October 27, 2007

MTV Concert


  • Hosted by MTV and leTea
March 1, 2008

2008 HITO Music Awards Concert

2008 HITO流行音樂獎暨萬人演唱會

  • Hosted by Hit FM
June 1, 2008

Artistes 512 Fundraising Campaign


  • Fundraising campaign in Hong Kong for the Sichuan earthquake
July 4, 2008

Maokong Gondola Concert


  • Hosted by TRTC
November 29, 2008

V-Power Love Music Concert

V-Power 愛音樂演唱會

  • Hosted by Channel V and McDonald's
January 31, 2009

Kaoshiung Lantern Festival Opening Night


  • Hosted by Kaoshiung city government
October 6, 2009

11th Chinese/Korean Music Festival


  • Performance in Qingdao

Endorsements/Commercial appearances

Year English Name Chinese Name

566 Shampoo

566 洗髮精





Edwin Denim

Edwin 牛仔褲


NIKE shoes

NIKE 耐吉是專屬球鞋代言


leTea Melon soda drink

leTea melon哈蜜瓜微發泡蘇打汽水


Formosa Eyewear



MSN Live Earth



Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Mandarin version



Levi's Denim

Levis 牛仔褲


Taiwan Dairy Association



Hong Kong '唯舞獨尊Online' Game



China Youth Innovation Competition



Adidas – Euro 2008

歐錦賽"拍就隊EURO BUS"


Formosa Eyewear



Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation



OLD & NEW (Clothing)



Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation



Awards received as part of Lollipop.

Year English Name Chinese Name

SINA MUSIC Most Popular Awards – My Favourite New Group (Silver)

SINA MUSIC樂壇民意指數頒獎禮 – 我最喜愛新組合(銀獎)


Canada HIT Chinese Billboard – Nation's Recommended New Group

加拿大至HiT中文歌曲排行榜 – 全國推崇新組合


Hito Radio Music Awards – HITO Male Group of the Year

Hito流行音樂獎 – HITO男團體


TVB8 Awards – Best Group

TVB8金曲榜 – 最佳組合獎

  • Metro Radio Awards – Best Group
  • Metro Radio Awards – Nation's Most Popular Group
  • 新城國語力頒獎禮2009 – 新城國語力組合
  • 新城國語力頒獎禮2009 – 新城國語力全國最受歡迎組合

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