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Ndindi Nyoro

Ndindi Nyoro

Kenyan politician
Ndindi Nyoro
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Intro Kenyan politician
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Birth 1985
Age 36 years
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Ndindi Nyoro (born 12 December 1980) is a Kenyan politician, an economist and an entrepreneur, and currently the Member of Parliament (MP) for Kiharu Constituency, which is in Murang'a county in central part of Kenya. Murang’a town is in Kiharu constituency. Ndindi belongs to Jubilee Party, the ruling party in Kenya under President Uhuru Kenyatta. He previously served as the Chairman of Kiharu Constituency Development Fund (CDF) from 2013 to 2016. He is a graduate of Kenyatta University with a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) and was a student leader at the same university. Ndindi occupies a markedly controversial position in Kenya political life, having risen to prominence with his disdain for the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party leader Raila Odinga, and later and unequivocal supporter of Deputy President William Ruto's 2022 presidential ambitions. Ndindi has been rated as among the best performing Members of Parliament in Kenya.

Besides being a Member of Parliament (MP), Ndindi is an entrepreneur with interests in stock brokerage, communication, construction, civil works, water engineering and drilling. His firms include Afrisec Telecoms, Investax Capital and Telesec with total capital of $3 million and annual turnover of $500,000. Ndindi is a self-made multi-millionaire, having commenced his entrepreneurship as a cobbler and a hawker in his peasantry teenage life in Murang'a countryside, before elevating to the pinnacle of business success, with Investax Capital being the largest stock broking agency in Kenya.

Before the 2017 Kenya general election, Ndindi was profiled as among social media users infamous for hate-mongering after he ceaselessly hurled Raila Odinga with expletives, though, neither National Cohesion and Integration Commission nor police pressed charges against him.

Ndindi threw his hat into the ring for the Kiharu Constituency Parliamentary Seat in 2017 and won with a landslide as a Member of Parliament (MP) after scooping 60,881 votes against his closest competitor who garnered 35,181 votes. Ndindi made history as a son of peasant farmer being elected as an MP in a constituency that was famous for the prominent politicians it produced, including Kenneth Matiba.

In March 2019, Ndindi proposed a bill in parliament, Anti-corruption and Economics Crime Amendment Bill 2019, which stipulated stringent penalties including execution for those convicted of corruption in Kenya. Though the bill drew a flurry of excitement, ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga slammed it as a ploy to clip powers of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Directorate of Public Prosecutions in handling corruption cases. However, Ndindi and the Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi denied this and blamed the media for misinformation.

Ndindi is a confidante and a key member of Deputy President William Ruto's inner circle. He belongs to Team Tangatanga, a large faction of Jubilee Party politicians allied to William Ruto and which is determined to have Ruto succeed Uhuru Kenyatta as the fifth president of Kenya. The antagonists of Ndindi's team is Team Kieleweke which is opposed to William Ruto's 2022 presidential bid.

On Sunday, 8 September 2019, Ndindi clashed with Nominated MP Maina Kamanda over protocol in a fundraiser ceremony in Gitui Catholic Church in Kiharu and thereafter sought and arrested by police to answer charges of assault, incitement and causing disturbance in the church. His supporters in Murang'a immediately staged a protest and held a vigil to demand his release, maintaining that Ndindi was innocent. Members of Parliament allied to Team Tangatanga termed Ndindi's arrest as mere political persecution and blamed Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho for applying bullying tactics to silence those who do not subscribe to his political beliefs. Through intervention of Murang'a Senator Irungu Kang'ata, Ndindi was freed and attended Murang'a Law Court the following morning where charges against him were dropped unconditionally.

Ndindi is married to Sophia Wambui. He is the author of a motivational book, 'How to Succeed in High School.

Early life and education

Ndindi was born in December 1985 in Gathukeini location, Murang'a county. His mother was a peasant farmer while his father a carpenter in Kiandutu slums in Thika. Ndindi is the last born son in a family of four, the other siblings being his sisters. His father died when Ndindi was young. Ndindi attended and completed his preparatory education at Gathukeini Primary School and won a placement at Kiaguthu Boys Secondary School, but he could not join the school due to prohibitively high fees. The family enrolled him at Kiambugi Boys Secondary because the school principal was a family friend and would allow for a flexible fee payment plan. Ndindi repaired shoes for his schoolmates at Kiambugi to scrape a living and to add to fee payment. During school holidays, Ndindi burned charcoal and sold second hand clothes to supplement his family's meagre farming income. Ndindi completed his secondary education in 2003 and performed exemplary well in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations and was the only student in Kiambugi in his year who won a university placement. But Ndindi had to remain in school and work as a librarian in order to offset fee arrears of $300.

In 2005, Ndindi joined Kenyatta University for a Bachelor of Arts (Economics). To muddle through harsh financial life, Ndindi set a restaurant near the university, but the business performed dismally and he closed it down. He then secured a part-time job as a stockbroker in Nairobi. While a sophomore, Ndindi was elected as a student leader in Kenyatta University Student Association where he was the Academic Secretary. Thereafter, he served as the Chairman of Murang'a Student Association and Mount Kenya Student Association. Ndindi graduated from Kenyatta University in December 2009.

Business career

Ndindi started Stockbridge Securities while a sophomore at Kenyatta University as he was working part-time for Ngenye Kariuki & Company Stockbrokers. Through apprenticeship by his mentor and the director of the company, Ngenye Kariuki who happened to be Kiharu former member of parliament, Ndindi was introduced to the world of stock brokerage. But his start-up lost many business opportunities due to poor internet connection and after carrying research in Thika where one of his offices was located, Ndindi discovered the internet problem was widespread. In 2010, he then started Afrisec Telecoms as an internet service provider. Today, the firm has 26 employees and its worth is $1.2 million. In 2016, Ndindi co-founded a stock brokerage firm, Investax Capital, and due to conflict of interests, he resigned from Stockbridge Securities and receded his shareholding. Investax Capital is the largest stockbroker agency in Kenya with several branches. Later in 2016, Ndindi started yet another firm, Telesec Africa, to deal with construction, civil works, water engineering and drilling.

Political career

Early political career

Ndindi's political career began in Kenyatta University when he was elected as a student leader in 2006 to represent over 40,000 students in the University Senate. He served the same student union with his friend John Kaguchia, the Speaker of Nyeri County Assembly, and Maryann Njambi Mugo who unsuccessfully vied for Molo Parliamentary seat on KANU ticket in 2017. Through student politics in Kenyatta University, Ndindi met his friend Senator Mwaura Isaac Maigua (Nominated Senator) and other comrades such as Muchangi Karemba and Kuria Kimani who are Members of Parliament for Runjenjes and Molo respectively. After exiting as a student leader, Ndindi served his district association of university students as the chair and later in Mount Kenya association of university students in the same capacity.

In 2013, Ndindi was appointed the Chairperson of Kiharu Constituency Development Fund (CDF), a position he served inconclusively up to 2016 in order to offer a chance to someone else.

Election as Kiharu Constituency MP

In 2017, Ndindi threw his hat into ring for Kiharu Parliamentary Seat when the incumbent Member of Parliament and a buddy Irungu Kang'ata opted not to defend his seat and instead contest for Murang'a County Senate seat. Ndindi trounced 11 competitors and clinched Jubilee Party ticket in the party primaries. In August 2017 general election, Ndindi won as a Member of Parliament (MP) for Kiharu constituency after scooping 60,881 votes against his closest competitor who garnered 35,181 votes. Ndindi's win at only 32 years and as a son of peasant farmer was hailed as a remarkable triumph over the big giants such as Kenneth Matiba, Gikonyo Kiano, Kembi Gitura and Ngenye Kariuki that represented the constituency in the past.

Controversial post before Supreme Court ruling over October 2017 repeat poll

On October 24, 2017, Ndindi wrote a tendentious statement on his Facebook page, urging President Uhuru Kenyatta to declare a state of emergency for six months and suspend the constitution should the Supreme Court of Kenya rule over the scheduled 24 October 2017 repeat presidential poll. He asked the president to rule by the fist and restructure the arms of government by having judiciary as a department within the executive. The Supreme Court had a month earlier nullified August 8, 2017 presidential election results and invalidated re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta. However, the repeat election was not halted as the hearing could not proceed due to quorum hitch at the Supreme Court.

Controversial Anti-corruption and Economics Crime Amendment Bill, 2019

In March 2019, Ndindi proposed a bill in parliament to have those convicted of corruption in Kenya face stringent punishment, including execution. The bill, Anti-corruption and Economics Crime Amendment Bill 2019, which was mooted against the backdrop of unsuccessful sentence of serious economic crime offenders in Kenya, also sought to have corruption cases handled exclusively by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission. Though Ndindi's proposals had received general support in and out of National Assembly, Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga came guns blazing and attributed Ndindi's amendments as a ploy to disempower Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Directorate of Public Prosecutions from handling corruption cases.

Team Tangatanga

Ndindi has distinguished himself as a stalwart supporter and an adherent of Kenya's Deputy President Dr William Ruto, and a figurehead behind Team Tangatanga - a large contingent of Members of Parliament (MPs) that supports William Ruto's 2022 presidential bid. Team Tangatanga is seen as a group of dissenters opposed to Uhuru-Raila Handshake (2018 Peace Agreement between President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga) due to its politically perceived ramifications of changing Kenya 2010 constitution to substitute the presidential system with parliamentary system and have Raila Odinga as the Prime Minister. Tangataga has its match in a loose political conglomeration called Team Kieleweke that comprises some Members of Parliament drawn from Jubilee Party and a few 2017 general election losers who are opposed to William Ruto's 2022 presidential bid. Ndindi and other Tangatanga allied MPs from Mount Kenya region have come to bear brunt of their association with William Ruto who has been accused of engaging in premature presidential campaigns. In July 2019, Ndindi wrote on his Facebook page that there were plans to harass and silence MPs affiliated to Deputy President William Ruto and that he himself had been informed reliably of his imminent arrest. Ndindi said he would not be intimidated since he has 'lived in houses and situations worse than police cells'.

Ndindi is a confidante and a key member of Deputy President William Ruto's inner circle and whose admiration for the deputy president, he says, is due to Ruto's humble beginnings. "Like Dr Ruto, my father was nobody. He was a poor carpenter and a hustler who only left us with a hammer, a handsaw and nails as inheritance," Ndindi said this to a news reporter in April 2019. In February, 2019, Ruto described Ndindi as 'among the most progressive and development-oriented legislators' in Kenya.

8 September 2019 fundraiser clash and subsequent arrest

On Sunday, 8 September 2019, Ndindi clashed with Nominated Member of Parliament (MP) Maina Kamanda over protocol in a fundraising ceremony in Gitui Catholic Church in Kiharu when Ndindi insisted on his prerogative to officiate the event as the area MP. An altercation ensued in and outside the church, and the police attempted to arrest Ndindi, but angry supporters shielded him away. Later in the evening, Ndindi found himself marooned inside the studios of Royal Media Services where he had attended a show on Inooro TV as contingent of police officers lay in waiting outside. But he left the media house incognito and surfaced the following morning in Kiangage Primary School in Kiharu on a developmental tour where he castigated Interior Principal Secretary (PS) Karanja Kibicho for misusing police to fight him politically. After playing cat and mouse game with the police, 60 paramilitary General Service Unit (GSU) officers were deployed and finally arrested Ndindi at ACK St James Cathedral in Murang'a where he was attending an evening show on Kameme TV alongside two other legislators from Murang'a county. Ndindi was apprehended and detained in Murang'a Police Station on allegations of assaulting police officers, causing disturbance at the church service and resisting arrest during the fundraiser. News of his arrest provoked a storm of protest in Murang'a, and residents poured on the streets at night and lit bonfires, demanding immediate release of the MP. Through intervention of Ndindi's friend and Murang'a Senator Irungu Kang'ata who doubles as a lawyer, Ndindi was freed at midnight. The following morning he appeared in Murang'a Law Court where charges against him were dropped unconditionally. His supporters went wild with jubilation as Ndindi vacated the court accompanied by Senator Irungu Kang'ata, Kandara MP Alice Muthoni Wahome, Gichugu MP Githinji Gichomo, and a swarm of other political leaders. When addressing a multitude of his supporters in Murang'a, Ndindi echoed words of the former Kiharu MP and multi-party democracy activist Kenneth Matiba of 'let the people decide', in reference to the political stance he has taken of supporting Deputy President William Ruto for 2022 presidency, a stand he says, has caused his political persecution. He said this to the media, "I'm elected by the people and it is to them I owe allegiance. We must be given space to exercise our free will, and people should not be bulldozed to follow certain political direction. These persecutors must never lie to themselves that they can buy off souls and hearts of poor people with their money. This money in the first place belong to the poor peasants and their families. I am ready to pay the price for what my people and I believe in."

Motivational book: How to Succeed in High School

Ndindi is a publisher of a motivational book, 'How to Succeed in High School which has sold 20,000 copies. He has donated copies of his book to several schools in Kiharu constituency.

Personal life

Ndindi is married to Sophia Wambui. He always concludes his Facebook posts with a declarative 'We are African and Africa is our business.'

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