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John Smith

John Smith British member of parliament (1767-1827)

British member of parliament (1767-1827)
The basics
Quick Facts
Intro British member of parliament (1767-1827)
Countries United Kingdom
Occupations Politician
Type Politics
Gender male
Birth 11 November 1767
Death 10 March 1827
Star sign ScorpioScorpio
The details

John Smith may refer to:
John Smith, a common placeholder name and assumed name, sometimes comical


  • John Smith (professor) (1721–1797), anatomist and chemist at the University of Oxford, 1766–97
  • John Blair Smith (1764–1799), president of Union College, New York
  • John Smith (lexicographer) (died 1809), professor of languages at Dartmouth College
  • John Smith (astronomer) (1711–1795), Lowndean Professor of Astronomy and Master of Caius
  • John Augustine Smith (1782–1865), president of the College of William and Mary, 1814–1826
  • John Smith (botanist) (1798–1888), curator of Kew Gardens
  • J. Lawrence Smith (1818–1883), American doctor and chemist
  • John Smith (dentist) (1825–1910), founder of Edinburgh's School of Dentistry
  • John Campbell Smith (1828–1914), Scottish writer, advocate and Sheriff-Substitute of Forfarshire
  • John Donnell Smith (1829–1928), biologist and taxonomist
  • John McGarvie Smith (1844–1918), Australian metallurgist and bacteriologist
  • John Alexander Smith (1863–1939), British Idealist philosopher
  • John Maynard Smith (1920–2004), geneticist
  • John Cyril Smith (1922–2003), leading authority on English criminal law
  • John Derek Smith (1924–2003), Cambridge molecular biologist
  • John D. Smith (born 1946), indologist at the University of Cambridge
  • John H. Smith (mathematician), Boston College educator (retired 2005)


  • John Smith (engraver, born 1652) (1652–1742), English mezzotint engraver
  • John Smith (English poet) (1662–1717), English poet and playwright
  • John Christopher Smith (1712–1795), English composer
  • John Warwick Smith (1749–1831), British watercolour landscape painter and illustrator
  • John Stafford Smith (1750–1836), composer of the tune for "The Star-Spangled Banner"
  • John Raphael Smith (1751–1812), English mezzotint engraver and painter
  • John Thomas Smith (engraver) (1766–1833), draughtsman, engraver and antiquarian
  • John Smith (clockmaker) (1770–1816), Scottish clockmaker
  • John Rubens Smith (1775–1849), London-born painter, printmaker and art instructor who worked in the United States
  • John Smith (architect) (1781–1852), Scottish architect
  • John Smith (art historian) (1781–1855), British art dealer
  • John Orrin Smith (1799–1843), English wood engraver
  • John Frederick Smith (1806–1890), English novelist
  • John G. Smith (poet) (died 1891), Scottish poet
  • John Moyr Smith (1839–1912), British artist and designer
  • John Berryman (1914–1972), originally John Allyn Smith, American poet
  • John Smith (Canadian poet) (born 1927), Canadian poet
  • John Smith (actor) (1931–1995), American actor
  • John N. Smith (born 1943), Canadian film director and screenwriter
  • John Smith (English filmmaker) (born 1952), avant-garde filmmaker
  • John F. Smith, American soap opera writer
  • John Smith (comics writer) (born 1967), British comics writer
  • John Smith (musician), English contemporary folk musician and recording artist


  • John Smith (banneret) (1616–1644), Englishman who supported the Royalist cause in the English Civil War
  • John Smith (British Army officer, born 1754) (1754–1837), soldier in the American Revolutionary War
  • John Mark Frederick Smith (1790–1874), British general and colonel-commandant of the Royal Engineers
  • John Smith (sergeant) (1814–1864), soldier in the Bengal Sappers and Miners, and Indian Mutiny Victoria Cross recipient
  • John E. Smith (1816–1897), Swiss emigrant, Union general during the Civil War
  • John Smith (private) (1822–1866), soldier in the 1st Madras (European) Fusillers and Indian Mutiny Victoria Cross recipient
  • John Smith (Medal of Honor, b. 1826) (1826–1907), American Civil War sailor and Medal of Honor recipient
  • John Smith (Medal of Honor, b. 1831) (1831–?), American Civil War sailor and Medal of Honor recipient
  • John Smith (Medal of Honor, b. 1854) (1854–?), United States Navy sailor and Medal of Honor recipient
  • John Manners Smith (1864–1920), recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • John Smith (flying ace) (1914–1972), United States Marine Corps flying ace and Medal of Honor recipient



  • John Smith (Victoria politician) (John Thomas Smith, 1816–1879), Australian politician
  • John Samuel Smith (1841–1882), New South Wales politician
  • John Smith (New South Wales politician, born 1811) (1811–1895), Australian politician
  • John Smith (New South Wales politician, born 1821) (1821–1885), Scottish/Australian professor and politician


  • John David Smith (1786–1849), businessman and political figure in Upper Canada
  • John Smith, 1800s Cree Chief and Treaty Six signatory; founder of the Muskoday First Nation in Saskatchewan
  • John Shuter Smith (c. 1813–1871), lawyer and political figure in Canada West
  • John Smith (Kent MPP), member of the 1st Ontario Legislative Assembly, 1867–1871
  • John Smith (Manitoba politician) (1817–1889), English-born farmer and politician in Manitoba
  • John Smith (Peel MPP) (1831–1909), Scottish-born Ontario businessman and political figure
  • John Smith (Ontario MP) (1894–1977), member of Canadian House of Commons, Lincoln electoral district
  • John James Smith (1912–1987), member of Canadian House of Commons, Moose Mountain, Saskatchewan electoral district
  • John Roxborough Smith (born 1938), Canadian politician in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario
  • John Donald Smith (1919–1997), Canadian politician in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

United Kingdom

  • John Smith (MP for Coventry), Member of Parliament (MP) for Coventry in the 1491 Parliament
  • John Smith (Newcastle-under-Lyme MP) (by 1489–1561), MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme
  • John Smith (High Sheriff of Kent) (1557–1608), MP for Aylesbury and Hythe
  • John Smith (antiquarian born 1567) (1567–1640), English genealogical antiquary and politician who sat in the House of Commons, 1621–1622
  • John Smith (Cavalier born 1608) (1608–1657), English politician who sat in the House of Commons, 1640–1644
  • John Smith (Chancellor of the Exchequer) (1655/56–1723), English Chancellor of the Exchequer and Speaker of the House of Commons, 1705–1708
  • John Smith (judge) (1657–1726), Justice of Common Pleas in Ireland until 1702, then Baron of the Exchequer
  • John Smith (died 1775) (1727–1775), MP for Bath
  • John Smith (Deputy Governor of Anguilla) (died 1776), Deputy Governor of Anguilla
  • John Smith (Wendover MP) (1767–1842), member of Parliament for Wendover
  • John Hilary Smith (born 1928), colonial governor and administrator
  • John Spencer Smith (1769–1845), British diplomat, politician and writer
  • John Benjamin Smith (1796–1879), British Liberal MP for Stirling Burghs 1847–1852 and Stockport 1852–1874
  • John Abel Smith (1802–1871), British Member of Parliament for Chichester and Midhurst
  • John Smith (Conservative politician) (1923–2007), former Member of Parliament (MP) for the Cities of London and Westminster
  • John Smith, Baron Kirkhill (born 1930), life peer in the House of Lords
  • John Smith (Labour Party leader) (1938–1994), leader of the British Labour Party
  • John Smith (Welsh politician) (born 1951), Welsh politician and Labour Party member of Parliament
  • John Smith (explorer) (1580–1631), helped found the Virginia Colony and became Colonial Governor of Virginia

United States

  • J. Gregory Smith (1818–1891), 28th Governor of Vermont
  • J. H. Smith (Mayor of Everett) (1858–1956), mayor of Everett, Washington and co-founder of Anchorage, Alaska
  • J. Hyatt Smith (1824–1886), United States representative from New York's 3rd Congressional District
  • J. Joseph Smith (1904–1980), United States representative from Connecticut and Federal judge
  • John Smith (President of Rhode Island) (died 1663), colonial president (governor) of Rhode Island
  • John Smith (New York politician born 1752) (1752–1816), United States senator from New York
  • John Smith (Ohio Senator) (c. 1735–1824), United States senator from Ohio
  • John Smith (Vermont) (1789–1858), United States representative from Vermont's 4th Congressional District
  • John Smith (Virginia burgess) (1620–63), Virginia colonial politician
  • John Smith (Virginia representative) (1750–1836), United States representative from Virginia's 3rd Congressional District
  • John Smith (Washington politician) (born 1973), American politician of the Republican Party
  • John Ambler Smith (1847–1892), United States representative from Virginia
  • John Armstrong Smith (1814–1892), United States representative from Ohio
  • John Arthur Smith (born 1942), Democratic member of the New Mexico Senate
  • John B. Smith (Wisconsin) (1811–1879), Wisconsin politician
  • John Butler Smith (1838–1914), 52nd Governor of New Hampshire
  • John C. Smith (politician) (1832–1910), Lieutenant Governor of Illinois
  • John Cotton Smith (1765–1845), eighth Governor of Connecticut
  • John Derby Smith (1812–1884), minister, physician, and Massachusetts state legislator
  • John E. Smith (New York) (1843–1907), New York politician
  • John Hugh Smith (1819–1870), three-time Mayor of Nashville, Tennessee between 1845 and 1865
  • John Lee Smith (1894–1963), Lieutenant Governor of Texas
  • John Lyman Smith (fl. 1852–1853), member of the 2nd Utah Territorial Legislature
  • John R. Smith (agriculture commissioner) (fl. 1898–1899), North Carolina politician
  • John M. Smith (politician, born 1872) (1872–1947), American businessman and politician
  • John M. C. Smith (1853–1923), United States representative from Michigan's 3rd Congressional District
  • John Montgomery Smith (1834–1903), Wisconsin politician
  • John Quincy Smith (1824–1901), United States representative from Ohio's 3rd Congressional District
  • John R. Smith (politician, born 1945), Louisiana state senator
  • John Robert Smith, mayor of Meridian, Mississippi
  • John Speed Smith (1792–1854), United States representative from Kentucky
  • John T. Smith (congressman) (1801–1864), United States representative from Pennsylvania's 3rd Congressional District, 1843–1845
  • John Walter Smith (1845–1925), 44th Governor of Maryland
  • John William Smith (1792–1845), Texas political figure and mayor of San Antonio, Texas
  • John Y. T. Smith (1831–1903), three time member of Arizona Territorial Legislature
  • John Peter Smith (1848–?), mayor of Missoula, Montana

Other countries

  • John Hope Smith (c. 1787–1831), Governor of colonial Ghana, 1817–22
  • J. Valentine Smith (1824–1895), New Zealand politician with the full name John Valentine Smith


  • John Smith (Bishop of Llandaff) (died 1479), Catholic bishop in Medieval Wales
  • John Smith (Platonist) (1618–1652), one of the founders of the Cambridge Platonists
  • John Smith (Unitarian) (fl. 1648–1727), Unitarian writer
  • John Smith (priest, born 1659) (1659–1715), English editor of Bede
  • John Smith (uncle of Joseph Smith) (1781–1854), Presiding Patriarch and member of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • John Smith (Restoration Movement) (1784–1868), early Restoration Movement leader
  • John Smith (missionary) (1790–1824), English missionary in Demerara
  • John Smith (Revivalist) (1794–1831), English Methodist minister known as "The Revivalist"
  • John Smith (nephew of Joseph Smith) (1832–1911), Presiding Patriarch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • John Henry Smith (1848–1911), apostle in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • John Taylor Smith (1860–1938), Anglican Bishop of Sierra Leone
  • John Smith (Archdeacon of Wiltshire) (1933–2000), Anglican priest
  • John M. Smith (bishop) (born 1935), American bishop of the Roman Catholic Church
  • John Smith (God's Squad), Australian founder of the God's Squad motorcycle club



  • John Smith (1845 Yorkshire cricketer), English cricketer
  • John Smith (cricketer, born 1833) (1833–1909), Lancashire and Yorkshire cricketer
  • John Smith (cricketer, born 1834) (1834–?), Nottinghamshire and All-England Eleven cricketer
  • John Smith (cricketer, born 1835) (1835–1889), English cricketer
  • John Smith (Derbyshire cricketer) (1841–1898), English cricketer, played for Derbyshire
  • John Smith (cricketer, born 1843) (1843–1873), English cricketer, played for Cambridgeshire 1863–72
  • John Smith (cricketer, born 1882) (1882–1959), English cricketer, played for Leicestershire 1921
  • John Smith (cricketer, born 1924) (1924–1991), English cricketer, played for Leicestershire 1950–1955
  • John Smith (cricketer, born 1936) (born 1936), Australian cricketer
  • John Smith (New Zealand cricketer) (born 1960), New Zealand cricketer also known as Campbell Smith

Association football

  • John Smith (footballer, born 1855) (1855–1934), Scottish footballer of the 1870s and 1880s
  • John Smith (footballer, born 1865) (1865–1911), Scottish footballer who played as a striker
  • John Smith (footballer, born 1898) (1898–?), Scottish footballer (Ayr United, Middlesbrough, Scotland)
  • John Smith (footballer, born 1921) (1921–?), English footballer
  • John Smith (footballer, born 1927) (1927–2000), English footballer (Liverpool)
  • John Smith (footballer, born 1939) (1939–1988), West Ham United
  • John Smith (footballer, born 1970), football full back (Tranmere Rovers)
  • John Smith (1930s footballer), footballer of the 1930s for (Gillingham)
  • John Smith (businessman) (1920–1995), chairman of Liverpool (1973–90)
  • John Smith (inside-left), English footballer 1932–33
  • John Smith (soccer), retired English football striker
  • Ted Smith (footballer, born 1914) (1914–1989), English football player and manager (birth name John Edward Smith)


  • John Smith (AL first baseman) (1906–1982), first baseman in 1931
  • John Smith (NL first baseman) (1858–1899), first baseman in 1882
  • John Smith (shortstop), shortstop, 1873–75


  • John Smith (rugby league), New Zealand international
  • John Sidney Smith (rugby union) (1860–?), Wales rugby union international
  • Johnny Smith (rugby union) (1922–1974), New Zealand rugby player, baker, soldier, and sportsman

American football

  • John "Clipper" Smith (1904–1973), American football player and coach
  • John L. Smith (born 1948), American college football coach
  • John Smith (American football) (born 1949), former New England Patriots kicker
  • J. T. Smith (American football) (John Thomas Smith, born 1955), former professional American football player
  • John Smith (running back), former American football running back

Other sports

  • John Smith (sprinter) (born 1950), former American sprint athlete and now coach
  • John Smith (Australian footballer) (born 1933), footballer for St Kilda
  • John Smith (basketball) (born 1944), former American professional basketball player
  • John Smith (American rower), United States rower who won a bronze medal at the 1986 World Rowing Championships
  • John Smith (Canadian rower) (1899–?), Canadian rower at the 1924 Olympics
  • John Smith (South African rower) (born 1990), South African rower at the 2012 Olympics
  • John Smith (wrestler) (born 1965), American wrestler, two-time Olympic gold medalist
  • J.T. Smith (wrestler), American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name J.T. Smith
  • John Smith, American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Simon Gotch


  • John Smith (housebreaker) (1661–after 1727), burglar who evaded hanging thrice and was eventually transported to Virginia
  • John Smith (murderer) (born 1951), convicted murderer who killed his first and second wives
  • John Eldon Smith (1930–1983), convicted of the murders of Ronald and Juanita Akins


  • John Smith (brewer) (1824–1879), Tadcaster brewery founder in North Yorkshire, UK
  • John F. Smith, Jr. (born 1938), former chairman and chief executive officer, General Motors
  • John J. Smith (1820–1906), African American abolitionist, Underground Railroad contributor and politician
  • John L. Smith (pharmaceutical executive) (1889–1950), German-born American chemist, pharmaceutical executive and Major League Baseball team owner
  • John Smith (BBC executive) (born 1957), chief executive officer, BBC Worldwide Ltd


  • John Smith (Chippewa Indian) (died 1922), reputed to have died at the age of 137
  • John Smith (died 1835), one of the last two Englishmen that were hanged for sodomy in 1835
  • Sir John Smith (police officer) (born 1938), British police officer, Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, 1991–1995
  • Sir John Smith, 1st Baronet (1744–1807), baronet
  • John Brown Smith (1837–?), American author, shorthand developer, utopianist, tax resister
  • John Chaloner Smith (1827–1895), Irish civil engineer and writer on mezzotints
  • John Douglas Smith (born 1966), sound editor
  • John Baptist Smith (1843–1923), invented and helped build a lantern system of naval signaling
  • John K. Smith (died 1845), founder of SmithKline as in GlaxoSmithKline, the leading pharmaceutical business
  • John Kilby Smith (1752–1842), public servant from New England
  • John Sidney Smith (1804–1871), legal writer
  • John Gordon Smith (1792–1833), Scottish surgeon and professor of medical jurisprudence
  • John Kelday Smith (1834–1889), Scottish bellhanger and songwriter
  • John Pye-Smith (1774–1851), Congregational theologian and tutor
  • John Smalman Smith, British judge in the Colony of Lagos


  • John Smith, the settler and the love interest of Pocahontas in Pocahontas (1995 film) - see John Smith (explorer)
  • Ranger Smith (John Francis Smith), a park ranger in Yogi Bear cartoons
  • J. Wesley Smith (1899–1965), a character in cartoons of Burr Shafer
  • John Smith (Kyon), Kyon's alias in the novels and animations of the Haruhi Suzumiya series
  • John "Hannibal" Smith, a character in The A-Team
  • John Smith, the human identity of Red Tornado, a fictional superhero appearing in DC Comics
  • John Smith, also known as "Number Four", the protagonist of the young adult novel, I Am Number Four
  • John Smith, the protagonist played by Bruce Willis in Last Man Standing
  • John Smith, the protagonist played by Brad Pitt in Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  • John Smith (Doctor Who), an alias of the Doctor in Doctor Who media
  • John Smith (Jericho), a character in the TV series Jericho
  • Agent Smith, also known as John Smith, the main villain in The Matrix franchise


  • John Smith (film), a lost 1922 silent film comedy-drama

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