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DJ Bobcat

DJ Bobcat

Producer, DJ, entrepreneur
DJ Bobcat
The basics

Quick Facts

Intro Producer, DJ, entrepreneur
Is Musician Record producer Composer Deejay
From United States of America
Type Business Music
Gender male
Birth 13 December 1967, Los Angeles
Age 53 years
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Bobby “Bobcat” Ervin (born December 13, 1967), professionally known as Bobcat or DJ Bobcat, is a Grammy Award winner and multi-platinum Producer, songwriter, DJ, artist and music executive.
He has worked with musicians such as Clive Davis, Russell Simmons, Rick Rubin, Lyor Cohen, Steve Rifkind, Madonna, Guy Oseary, Jermaine Dupri and has written and produced Songs for artists such as: LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Mack 10, Tupac, Mc Ren, Sir Mix A Lot, K9 Posse, Breeze, Nas, King T, Kam, Candyman, YoYo Recording Artists and countless Record Labels. Also artist such as Jagged Edge, Bow Wow, Usher, Kid Rock and Master P.

Early life

Uncle Jamm’s Army

Ever since the early 80’s Bobcat has been involved in Hip Hop, beginning in Los Angeles with West Coast icons and pioneers Uncle Jamms Army DJaying and promoting large dances and concerts with over 15,000 people at the Los Angeles Sports Arena for Run–D.M.C., Whodini, Ice-T, Kurtis Blow and many more, establishing the very beginning of the Hip Hop scene on the West Coast. At the time Bobcat was only 15 years old and wasn’t even tall enough to reach the turntables so they would have him stand on top of a milk crate to DJ. Back then Bobcat didn’t own any professional equipment so when he began working with, Big Daddy Productions & Uncle Jamms Army, Ice T’s DJ Chris “The Glove” Taylor had to show him how to use the huge Cerwin Vega Mixer. Roger Clayton Founder of Uncle Jams Army would fly to the East Coast and pick up the hottest new underground records from various record stores in the city and bring them back to LA. Bobcat and The Egyptian Lover would take those records like Hashim (It’sTime!), The Beat Goes On, Clear, Planet Rock, Davy DMX and Sucker MC’s, play them first and break them at the big Uncle Jam’s Dances that drew over 15,000 People in the early 80’s.

California Catt Crew

Being a member of the highly publicized Uncle Jamms Army Bobcat was in popular demand, in fact he was booked months in advance and did 2 to 6 parties every weekend. After being over booked week after week Bobcat decided to form a crew of DJs similar to Uncle Jamms Army but wanted them to all have his signature sound and scratching techniques so he formed the California Catt Crew that included Bobcat, Battlecat, Dr. Scratch Kat, Wild Cat, Cosmic Cat, Alley Cat, Courageous Cat and Kitty Kat. Bobcat would help book the DJs all around Southern California and also give them tips about the business. At the time Bobcat recorded at 12 Inch single with Tracy Kendrick and Courtney Branch of Total Track Productions that included the Bobcat Song & California Catt Crew.

1580 KDAY/Mix Masters

Bobcat along with Uncle Jamms Army, Greg Mack and Jack Patterson helped pioneer the world’s very first 24-hour Hip Hop Radio Station, 1580 KDAY changing the entire format at radio introducing and pioneering the Saturday Night Mix Show and Traffic Jam.

At the time radio was traditional R&B and was playing very little rap. Bobcat was the visionary and person who thought of the idea, concept and name "Mix Masters" for Greg Mack at 1580 KDAY. The records that Bobcat was scratching and mixing in his bedroom at 15 years old ended up paving the way for Hip Hop's very 1st 24-hour Hip Hop & R&B radio station, which caused a national and international domino effect changing various stations view of Hip Hop and subsequently their format.

Uncle Jamms Army along with the Wrecking Crew are the forefathers of West Coast Hip Hop. The Mix Masters were the next generation that carried the torch when it comes to the Hip Hop scene on the West Coast.

Music career

Def Jam/Bigger & Deffer

After dominating the West Coast hip hop scene, Bobcat along with his crew L.A. Posse flew to New York City and began working with rap mogul Russell Simmons, Lyor Cohen and Def Jam Records, writing and producing LL Cool J's biggest albums and greatest hits including: "I Need Love", "I'm Bad", "Jack the Ripper", "Kanday", "Get Down", "Go Cut Creator Go" and "The Do Wop" to name a few. This LL Cool J album was produced in a unique style that helped shape hip hop culture and change traditional radio and it really captured the true feelings LL Cool J was expressing at the time. Bigger and Deffer sold over 3 Million copies and is still selling and considered a classic LL Cool J album and some of his best work.

I Need Love

Blender Magazine voted I Need Love the greatest rap song ever made. Rolling Stone Magazine Says, rapper Lil Wayne’s “How To Love” single is a casual ground-breaker – the gentlest, most melodic rap ballad since LL Cool J's "I Need Love." I Need Love has been sampled and remade more than any other rap song in History. It has been sampled or replayed by Jermaine Dupri, Usher, Master P, Kriss Kross and countless others. When Bobcat wrote the melody to I Need Love he was only 16 years old. The song originally was a song Bobcat had written entitled “Friends By Day, Lovers By Night”, it was Bobcat’s version of “Secret Lovers” by Atlantic Starr and Bobcat would play the melody for everybody all of the time and sing the song in the room with his good friend Michelle Jones.

Def Jam Tour

After working on LL’s albums, LL Cool J asked DJ Bobcat to go on the now world famous Def Jam Tour. Bobcat agreed and signed on as DJ/Music Supervisor and designed & choreographed LL’s stage shows and toured all over the world DJaying and overseeing the sound and lighting. While on stage touring with LL, Bobcat originated the infamous throwing up the “W” that stands for West Side or West Coast! The Def Jam Tour was one of the world’s highest grossing Hip Hop Tours in music history, grossing over $20 Million in ticket sales worldwide. The Def Jam Tour toured all over the United States and all of Europe doing huge sold out Concert venues around the country including the LA Sports Arena, the Omni in Atlanta and Madison Square Garden in New York. The Def Jam Tour featured everyone from Eric B & Rakim, Public Enemy, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Whodini, KRS-One, N.W.A, Salt N Pepa, Kool Moe Dee, Run–D.M.C., Stetsasonic and LL Cool J who was the headline act.

Arista Records/Clive Davis

K9 Posse - K9 Posse

Immediately following the Def Jam Tour Bobcat began working with Music Legend Clive Davis Writing and Producing the very first Hip Hop song recorded on Arista Records entitled “Ain’t Nothing To It”, by comedian Eddie Murphy’s younger brother Vernon Lynch’s group K-9 Posse. The single Bobcat wrote “Ain’t Nothing To It” is an underground Hip Hop Classic and the Album sold over 500,000 units and went Gold.

Bobcat - Cat Got Ya Tongue

While working on K9 Posse’s Classic LP, Bobcat was approached by Mitchell Cohen an Arista Records Executive and asked to Record a Bobcat LP. Bobcat agreed and took off his DJ & Producer’s hat and became an Arista Recording Artist and toured around the country performing his Album Cat Got Ya Tongue on the same stage with New Edition and Jodi Watley. That same year Bobcat was presented with a Proclamation by the Atlanta City Council for making a positive Album and being a positive influence and role model for the community.

Capitol Records/King T

While touring with LL Cool J on the Def Jam Tour in Cali, Bobcat & friend DJ Pooh collaborated on King T’s classic song Bass while on a short flight to Las Vegas. Bobcat suggested they use “Get Up To Get Down” by Brass Construction a classic funk song they use to pop lock to in LA.

Music production & DJ influence

To add to Bobcat's impressive track record, Bobcat was voted the greatest DJ in the world of Hip Hop and honored by all of his peers in the entire Hip Hop community and was presented with a DJ Award, held at the world famous Apollo Theatre. Bobcat has proven to his peers and the entire Hip Hop community that not only is he the greatest DJ on the planet but also a musical genius and one of the most influential producers of our time! Bobcat has also DJayed all over the world at hot clubs and on sold out tours, various radio stations and on all major TV networks including MTV, BET, VH1, E!, Saturday Night Live, Soul Train Awards, Def Jam Records, Mack 10, Fat Joe, MC Ren, Ice T and other high profile artists and companies over the years.

Def Jam/Mama Said Knock You Out

After working on King T, K9 Posse and his own Album, Bobcat got a call from LL Cool J. At this time Bobcat and LL Cool J wasn’t speaking or working together due to the business misunderstanding that transpired during the Bigger & Deffer Album. Being that Bobcat and LL Cool J were very close friends Bobcat agreed to fly to New York and Record the song that Bobcat let LL Cool J hear over the phone which later became the title track Mama Said Knock You Out.

Ice Cube/Death Certificate

While touring with LL Cool J doing the Mama Said Knock You Out Tour, Bobcat got a call from DJ Pooh asking him to work on Ice Cubes now Classic Album entitled Death Certificate. Bobcat brought DJ Pooh in on LL Cool J’s Bigger & Deffer so DJ Pooh returned the favor.

Bobcat was the first producer in rap history to work with artists from both coast’s literally bridging the gap between East and West while infusing both coast’s sounds. After producing various artists from the East, Bobcat along with good friend and business associates DJ Pooh, Rashad Coles and Sir Jynx Produced Ice Cube’s entire classic Multi-Platinum album entitled "Death Certificate" that was recently voted #6 on the greatest rap albums of all time on MTV by Hip Hop fans all over the world.

Yo-Yo/Black Pearl

After working on Ice Cubes Death Certificate LP, Bobcat & DJ Pooh was approached by female rapper Yo-Yo to work on her new album entitled Black Pearl. Bobcat produced the classic Yo-Yo hit, Woman To Woman.

Priority/Ruthless Records

While working on Yo-Yo’s Album Bobcat ran into Eazy-E at a concert in LA. Eazy-E went over Bobcat’s house and they discussed him working with Ruthless Records and overseeing the Production, this was right after Dr. Dre left Ruthless Records to start Death Row Records.

Mc Ren/Kiss My Black Azz

The first project and song Bobcat Produced was Mc Ren’s Final Frontier single of the Kiss My Black Azz EP. Bobcat produced the entire EP except 1 song, Hound Dogz. The EP went Platinum and was an instant success and out sold every rap EP at the time.

Eazy-E/5150: Home 4 tha Sick

While mixing down Mc Rens EP, Bobcat began working on Eazy-E’s EP 5150.

Bobcat was one of the last producers to physically work with Eazy-E before his death. Bobcat was assigned by Eric Eazy-E Wright as the in-house producer for Ruthless Records and signed an agreement to Produce all of the acts Ruthless Records had signed including, Eazy-E, Mc Ren, HWA & Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Bobcat Recorded several songs for Eazy-E before he died, and most of them were later released on the Str8 Off Tha Streetz Album. Bobcat is the only producer besides Dr. Dre that has worked with all of the members of N.W.A producing Eazy-E’s last album, "Str8 Off Tha Streetz Of Compton" and also MC Ren’s EP, "Kizz My Black Azz" that was the first EP in history to go Platinum!

Ice Cube/The Predator

With all of the success Ice Cube was enjoying from the now Classic Death Certificate Album, Ice Cube asked Bobcat to come and work on his next Album later entitled The Predator, Bobcat Produced the Classic ”When Will They Shoot?” And also did scratching on the Album. The Album went double Platinum it’s still selling and is a huge success worldwide.


While working the Predator at Echo Sound in Glendale, Bobcat and DJ Pooh began working on a young up and coming West Coast Artist name Threat a Member of Bobcat’s notorious Microphone Mafia unit. Bobcat produced several songs on the LP including “When It Rains”, “24-7”, “Ass Out” and “La Zuu. The Album did not do a lot of units but is considered an underground West Coast Classic.

2Pac/Strictly 4 My Niggaz

While Bobcat was working on Threat & Ice Cubes Predator CD he was approached by his younger cousin, D Skills about a young rapper name 2Pac who currently had an underground buzz for his first CD 2Pacalypse Now. After hearing the 2 Pac CD Bobcat agreed to take 2Pac into his camp Microphone Mafia and work with him. Bobcat produced 3 Classic songs on the Strictly 4 My Niggaz CD, Soulja's Revenge, Peep Game Ft. Threat & Last Wordz Ft. Ice Cube & Ice T. This 2Pac Strictly 4 My Niggaz album was produced in the style of Ice Cube’s early Albums Death Certificate and Americas Most Wanted and really captures the true feelings 2Pac was expressing at the time. The Album sold over 2 Million copies and is still selling and considered a classic 2Pac Album and some of his best work.

Def Jam/14 Shots To The Dome

After enjoying the great success and Grammy Award DJ Bobcat is a for Mama Said Knock You Out, LL Cool J asked Bobcat to work on his Album 14 Shots to the Dome. Bobcat wrote & produced 5 songs on that CD included Ain’t No Stoppin’ This, All We Got Left Is The Beat, Stand By Your Man, Diggy Down, and Crossroads that featured the New York City Philharmonic Orchestra. The Album is an underground Hip Hop Classic and sold over 1 Million units and went Platinum.

Hollywood Records/Mitsou

Bobcat was approached by a Hollywood Records Music Executive Laura Ziffren Wasserman to produce a young International Pop Artist name Mitsou. Bobcat says. “It was a challenge working with Mitsou because of the language barrier but however, it was very rewarding at the same time because she was so passionate, nice and eager to learn.” Bobcat wrote & produced a Classic Up-tempo Dance track entitled “Next X” that exploded on the Club Scene worldwide.

Atlantic/The Real Seduction

The Real Seduction was a Do Wop R&B Group born & Raised in New Orleans but found success in Hollywood, from singing on corners in New Orleans French Quarters all the way to The Arsenio Hall Show. Bobcat met the R&B Group through a Motown Executive Gordy Love and was asked to produce a few songs for their upcoming LP on Atlantic Records. Bobcat wrote & produced a melodic mid tempo smash entitled Amnesia that captures how people sometime get selective amnesia. Everyone said, the song should have been released as the first single but the label went with another song and the album never gained any momentum. However, what started off as a Music project ended up being a lifelong friendship.

Motown/State Of Emergency

Bobcat was approached by a good friend Jerry Davis who then was an Executive of Mad Sounds a division of the iconic Motown Records. Jerry asked Bobcat if he would participate on a Motown Street Album entitled State Of Emergency, Society in Crisis. Bobcat wrote and produced a hard hitting street classic “I Ain’t Checkin For The Curb” where he performed along with up and coming Microphone Mafia Members. The Album featured Chuck D from Public Enemy, Ice T, The Pharcyde, Eazy-E, Smooth 7 & Lord Finesse and is considered an underground Hip Hop Classic.

Eazy-E/Str8 Off Tha Streetz

Bobcat & Eazy-E worked on his final LP continuously for several months through the 92 LA riots all the way up to the beginning of the 95 OJ Simpson Trial. Unfortunately he did not live to see the final Album completed, Eric Eazy-E Wright Died: March 26, 1995. The Album was completed and released that year and is considered some of Eazy-E’s best work. Bobcat wrote and Produced, "Sorry Louie" & "My Baby'z Mama" two of the most powerful songs on the Album.

Metro One/T-Bone

After mourning the loss of a close friend and Rap Icon Eazy-E, Bobcat needed to work on a project that was uplifting and fun so he decided to work with a new Gospel Hip Hop Artist name T-Bone. T-Bone was very excited and honored to work with an accomplished producer such as Bobcat and Bobcat was honored to work with an Artist as humble, dedicated and talented as T-Bone. Bobcat wrote a couple of songs “Crazy Hispanic” & “Too Many Pleitos”, which both are now considered Classic Gospel Hip Hop.

Mista Grimm/Things Are Looking Grimm

Bobcat wrote and produced several songs on the Mista Grimm. Album including: What the Hell Is an Incrow?, Cold Day In Hell, Super Bones, Danger of Pork, Da Whole 9 and Indo Smoke Party Remix. This Album was an underground Hip Hop favorite but never had any promotions so very few people actually heard the record.

Death Row Records/All Eyez On Me

Bobcat heard from a friend 2Pac was released from prison and recording his new Album with Dr. Dre and Suge Knight. Bobcat immediately went to the Death Row Recording Studio to see his old friend 2Pac and they quickly began recording Holla At Me on All Eyez On Me.

The original track 2Pac picked to rap over was a story telling beat but Bobcat completely flipped it after 2Pac playing the rest of the Album for him. In fact Bobcat created the entire song from scratch, recorded Nancy Fletcher’s singing vocals, a guitar riff, new drums, keys, bass and mixed it all in one studio session and blew 2Pac and Johnny J’s mind. All in a day’s work. The Album sold over 10 Million copies and is still selling and considered the most Classic 2Pac Album and some of his best work.

Priority/Mack 10

While Bobcat was working at his studio in Beverly Hills he met a young upcoming West Coast Rapper name Mack 10. Bobcat allowed Mack 10 to sit in on his studio sessions and eventually put him on a song. Mack 10 was originally going to be a member of LA Posse and work with Bobcat & DJ Pooh but do to a scheduling conflict Mack 10 went with Ice Cube. Later Mack 10 ran into Bobcat at DJ Pooh’s Recording Studio in Encino, CA and heard the track for Backyard Boogie and lost his mind. Mack 10 told Bobcat he had to get that track and they went and recorded it at Ice Cubes Street Knowledge Recording Studio in LA. Today the song “Backyard Boogie” is a West Coast Anthem and is played at every pool party from southern California to the ATL.

Ruthless/Mc Ren

After enjoying the success of Kiss My Black Azz, Mc Ren decided to reach out to DJ Bobcat and get another classic hit. Bobcat and Ren began recording several songs at Bobcat’s home studio in Burbank, CA. Bobcat explained to Ren he was working on Ice Cube’s new Album and that they should squash whatever beef they had in the past and work together again. Mc Ren agreed and Bobcat took Ren to Larabee Recording Studio where he was working with Ice Cube, the two were both glad to see each other and immediately began writing their verses for the songs. The song “Coming After You” was a surprise throughout the Hip Hop Community and widely embraced by music lovers throughout the world. Bobcat has another song he recorded with Mc Ren & Ice Cube that he plans to release on a special top secret project.

No Limit/Mean Green: Major Players Compilation

On this southern compilation Bobcat wrote and produced "Gotta Have Cash" a heavy hitting smash that featured Mack 10 & The Comrads. The song was an immediate hit and helped drive the sells of the compilation. Like most No Limit albums at the time, this was a success and peaked at #9 on the Billboard 200 and #6 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and was also certified Gold by the RIAA with over 500,000 copies sold.

So So Def/Jagged Edge

Over the years Bobcat’s melodies, beats and overall production has influenced Recording Artist and Music Producers around the world. As it is in this case where Bobcat’s production was used in collaboration with Jermaine Dupri and Jagged Edge on a song entitled “Promise Remix.” The soulful harmony of Jagged Edge with Bobcat’s melodic melody was a perfect fit and was embraced by young females around the world. Jermaine Dupri has always been a fan of Bobcat’s and respected his production and music.

So So Def/Bow Wow

As it is in this case where Bobcat’s production was used in collaboration with Jermaine Dupri and Bow Wow on the song entitled "Puppy Love.” The song was an automatic hit with young Bow Wow fans and was embraced by young music lovers around the world.

Gospel Gangstaz/Exodus

Bobcat has always given back to his community working with at risk kids and donating his time and talents to many. In this case, Bobcat was donating his time at a local church and met the Gospel Gangstaz. Being Bobcat was a fan of theirs and they were all a fan of Bobcat’s they recorded a smash hit single “Scream” that took off in the Gospel Music Community and is now performed around the world.

Nas/Where Are They Now? Remix

After Nas released the controversial Album Hip Hop Is Dead, the entire rap community was at attention and full alert. Nas released a single entitled Where Are They Now? Asking the question, whatever happened to all of the legendary Recording Artists that helped pioneer and build Hip Hop? Bobcat was contacted by DJ Rip of the Core DJs and told that Nas and his Manager Mike Brinks would love for you to do a West Coast Remix for the song.

Bobcat agreed and began contacting all of the legendary West Coast Artist of the past such as, Sir Mix A Lot, Ice T, Breeze, Kam, King T, Threat, Candyman & Conscious Daughters. The song “Where Are They Now? - West Coast Remix” was a smash and was embraced by Nas and the entire Hip Hop Community.


Core DJ’s

Core DJ’s is one of the world’s largest DJ Coalitions having members all throughout the United States and the World. The organization has Commercial Level DJs at Top 40 and Urban Radio & Night Clubs all around the US and abroad. In 2005 DJ was approached by close friend and Music Producer Rhythm D and asked to become a member. Core DJs CEO Tony Neal and DJ Rip later asked DJ Bobcat to oversee the West Coast Division of Core DJs and also help promote and Brand the organization that now has iconic DJ Members such as DJ Kid Capri,DJ Clinton Sparks, Big Tigger, Mix Master Ice and to many to name. Core DJs gave Bobcat a Legend Award along with Jermaine Dupri, Dallas Austin, DJ Red Alert and DJ Toomp in Atlanta during a highly celebrated Core DJ Conference.

Core DJs, TJ’s DJs, Bumb Squad DJs, Hitmen DJs, Violator DJs, West Coast DJs, East Coast DJs, Mid-West DJs, Down South DJs, Digital DJs and countless other DJs are responsible for promoting and breaking all New Music and making unknown Recording Artist’s into today & tomorrows Superstars.

Business ventures

The Foundation

Bobcat along with his wife Chanel Ervin, MBA, has recently expanded their entrepreneurial endeavors by starting a Global Entertainment Agency

& Strategic Marketing Firm entitled The Foundation which is a global DJ Network that primarily focuses on DJs and Producers and also Markets & Promotes New and Established Recording Artists. The Foundation is the fastest growing DJ Network and Marketing Firm and has recruited DigitaL DJs from over 40 Countries and 160 Regions. The Company has over thousands of DJs in its Network Database worldwide that range from Top 40 Radio to the Night Clubs in Hollywood and Vegas all the way to Dubai and Singapore. Services

  • Conference Calls
  • New Music Feedback
  • Online Promotions
  • Street Promotions
  • Club Promotions
  • Production
  • Remixes

The DigitaL Record PooL

The DigitaL Record PooL is an online Music Marketing Service and Online Community for Recording Artists that has thousands of DJs, MD’s, PD’s, Tastemakers, Music Lovers, Music Producers, Journalists and Bloggers from around the world. Bobcat is the Founder/CEO and says this site and service was created to help new artist and Indi labels around the world get maximum exposure.

DigitaL DJ team

Legendary DJ Bobcat and The Foundation Entertainment Agency launched an International PromotionaL DJ Team for the purpose of Promoting New Music, Media, Brands, Goods and Technologies Globally. DJ Bobcat is Founder/General Manager and visionary of the venture and responsible for overseeing all Promotional Teams and all forms of Marketing including Social Networking, Online Marketing and Street Promotions. Chanel Ervin, MBA is the President of Marketing and oversees all of the Business Affairs Department and is responsible for handling all New Accounts, HR and Staff. The Foundation Promotional DJ Team consists of Go Hard DJs from around the Globe that enjoys DJaying and breaking New Music! Never before has there been a DJ Team assemble of this magnitude. The Company has DJs from over 40 Countries and 160 Regions working at Top 40 and Urban Radio Stations from “New York City” to “Japan” and Hot N Sweaty Nightclubs from “Vegas” all the way to “Dubui!” “With the International DJ Team and through the power of Social Media we have the ability to make an Artist go Platinum in 1 Hour and take over the Music Industry and control it.”

According to DJ Bobcat, the purpose of this International DJ Team is to “put the power of music back in the hands of the Hip Hop Community, which includes the DJs and all of the creative Recording Artists, Writers and Producers.” The DJ Network allows Recording Artist’s the liberty and freedom to create and not worry about getting a Record Deal or trying to sound like what’s on the radio. “They can be themselves, create what they want and we will play it because REAL DJ’S PLAY AND BREAK RECORDS.”


List of singles, with selected chart positions and certifications, showing year released and album name
Year Title Peak chart positions Certifications Album
1990 "Mama Said Knock You Out"
(LL Cool J)
17 12 1 47 41 Mama Said Knock You Out
1991 "Steady Mobbin'"
(Ice Cube)
30 3 Death Certificate
1992 "Final Frontier"
(MC Ren)
80 17 Kizz My Black Azz
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or receive certification.
  • Bigger and Deffer (1987)
  • K-9 Posse (1988)
  • I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1988)
  • Cat Got Ya Tongue (1988)
  • Act a Fool (1998)
  • Mama Said Knock You Out (1990)
  • The Hard Way (1991)
  • Death Certificate (1991)
  • Black Pearl (Yo-Yo album) (1992)
  • Kizz My Black Azz (1992)
  • 5150: Home 4 tha Sick (1992)
  • The Predator (1992)
  • Sickinnahead (1993)
  • Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. (1993)
  • 14 Shots to the Dome (1993)
  • Mitsou (1993)
  • State Of Emergency: Society In Crisis Vol. 1 (1994)
  • Str8 off tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton (1995)
  • Tha Life of a Hoodlum (1995)
  • Mista Grimm (1995)
  • Based on a True Story (Mack 10 album) (1997)
  • Ruthless for Life (1998)
  • Mean Green (album) (1998)
  • J.E. Heartbreak (2000)
  • Beware of Dog (2000)
  • The Exodus (album) (2002)
  • Hip Hop Is Dead (2006)

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