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Dauren Mussa
Kazakhstani businessman

Dauren Mussa

Dauren Mussa
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Dauren Mussa (born August 2, 1974 in the Kazakh SSR) is a Kazakhstani businessman and public figure. 

Currently he is chairing the KIT Group («Kazakhstan Invest & Trade Group»), which has been an active player in the market of subsurface resources management of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Dauren Mussa is focusing his attention primarily at social projects, targeted at the development of cultural and sports activities. The firm founded by him, Bes Qaru Association, incorporates such Federations such as: Equestrian Industry, Jiu-Jitsu Professional Fight, Kazakhsha Tobeles, Historical Heritage Rehabilitation Project, Shaikas, Republican Journal, Traveler’s World, and also is actively cooperating with the Regional Public Organization «Generals’ Council», ‘Nomad’ Stunt Performers’ Team. The outcome of the Association’s systematic work were the victories achieved by the National Teams of Kazakhstan for Jiu-Jitsu at the World Championships held in the Ukraine (2012), Russia (2013), Poland (2013), Portugal (2014), where the Kazakhstani athletes secured premier place and the entire world for the first time ever started speaking about a brand new phenomenon known as the «Kazakh Jiu-Jitsu».
The Association is involved in organization of numerous multi-facet events, renders assistance to the projects oriented at the promotion of the fair name of Kazakhstan, conduction of the world-wide Turkic-language Kurultai (convention) in Hungary and world tournaments for «Kazakhsha Tobeles», which had been held in Las Vegas, Almaty and Atlantic City.
These outstanding events sparked a massive public response worldwide, and which resulted in decoration of Dauren Mussa with ‘Oscar Winner in Sports’ and election him as an honorable member of the Presidium of the International Academy of Martial Arts (USA).

Ranks and achievements

  • Director General of JSC RSC Baikonur
  • Entered a list of affiliated entities of OSJC, Rocket-and-Space Corporation Energy, named after S.P Korolyov
  • Chief Shareholder and Founder of KIT Group of Companes.
  • President of "Bes Qaru" Association.
  • General Publisher and Proprietary of the Republican Popular Scientific Journal, Traveler’s World.
  • President of the National Federation for Professional Combative Sportive Jiu-Jitsu, Professional Fight.
  • Chief Shareholder and Founder of New Water Technologies» & «New Innovations Technologies» Companies, Proprietary of Innovative Products, Artificial Intelligence and HydroPlasma.
  • General Producer and Exclusive Owner of the Movie, The Whole World at our Feet (Kazakhstan).
  • Honorable member of the Presidium of the International Academy of Martial Arts (USA).
  • Member of the Federation Council and Founder of the Public Association, Equestrian Industry Federation» of Kazakhstan.
  • Author of the book entitled Astana’s Trailblazers – Алғашқы Астаналықар.
  • Author of the book entitled Contemporary Physics’ Illusions and Scientific Papers, Future Trends of the Space Development.
  • Дорожная карта в космос // Республиканская газета Казахстанская правда, 28 ноября 2014 г. Road Map Leading to the Space // Republican Newspaper, Kazakhstanskaya Pravda, November 28, 2014.
  • Первым казахстанским фильмом в мировом прокате может стать гангстерская мелодрама // Сайт Ассоциации Бес Қару. THE FIRST KAZAKH MOVIE FOR GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION WILL BE A GANGSTER THRILLER.
  • Вышел в свет сборник «Первопроходцы Астаны» // Сайт, Номад, 31 октября 2011 г. RELEASE OF BOOK ENTITLED "ASTANA’S GROUND BREAKERS" // Nomad's website on 31st of October 2011 //


  • For the personal contribution to the designing and creation of rocket-and-space equipment Dauren Mussa has been bestowed by Rocket-&-Space Entity «Energy» named after S. P. Korolyov with a commemorative medal “50th Anniversary of ‘Human’s First Flight to Space’”.
  • Dauren Mussa was acknowledged with an honorary reward «Oscar Winner in Sports» by the International Academy of Martial Arts (USA) at the annual convention of Black Belts holders held in Atlantic City.
  • Holder of the 5th dan for Jiu-Jitsu awarded to him by the Combat Jiu-Jitsu International Federation (CJJIF).
  • For participation in training of the Kazakhstani representative in the expedition to the North Pole was bestowed with a Letter of Appreciation granted by the Russian Geographic Society.
  • Pursuant to the Resolution of the Russian Committee of War Veterans and Military Service Dauren Mussa’s input has been acknowledged with a commemorative token on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the Armed forces.
  • For the contribution to the martial arts promotion particularly of «Habkido» he was decorated with Diploma of the Global Federation «Habkido».
  • Pursuant to the Resolution of the Accreditation- Examining Council’s official record No 26 dated 07.06.2011 Dauren Mussa has been elected Active Academician of the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Prize winner of ‘Forbes Kazakhstan’ Magazine and ‘Fashion TV «Gentlemen of the Year».
  • Д.Муса: Джиу-джитсу - это не только самооборона, но и путь к самосовершенствованию и здоровому образу жизни // Международное информационное агентство «Казинформ», 22 июля 2013 г. DAUREN MUSSA: «JIU-JITSU IS NOT SIMPLY SELF-DEFENSE, BUT IT’S PATH FOR SELF-ACTUALIZATION AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE» // Kazinform International News Agency on 22nd of July 2013 //
  • Сплав опыта и честолюбия // Республиканская газета «Казахстанская правда», 3 августа 2013 г. FUSION OF PROFICIENCY AND AMBITIOUSNESS // Kazakhstanskaya Pravda Republican Newspaper on 3rd of August 2013 //
  • Мировое признание // Издание «PRO СПОРТ Казахстан», 5 августа 2013 г. GLOBAL RECOGNITION // Pro-Sport Kazakhstan Publication dated 5 August 2013 //
  • Даурен Муса: «Джиу-джитсу — это не только самооборона, но и путь к самосовершенствованию и здоровому образу жизни» // Спортивный портал Казахстана «Sports.kz», 22 июля, 2013 г. DAUREN MUSSA: «JIU-JITSU IS NOT SIMPLY SELF-DEFENSE, BUT IT’S PATH FOR SELF-ACTUALIZATION AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE» // Sports.kz Kazakhstani Sports Portal as of 22nd of July 2013 //
  • Благодарственное письмо от Русского географического общества // Сайт Ассоциации «Бес Қару». LETTER OF APPRECIATION ISSUED BY THE RUSSIAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY // Bes Qaru Association's website//
  • В Алматы названы «Джентльмены года» // Международное информационное агентство «Казинформ», 30 ноября 2012 г. ALMATY DESIGNATED “GENTLEMEN OF THE YEAR” // Kazinform International News Agency as of 30 November 2012 //
  • В Алматы названы «Джентльмены года» // Журнал «Forbes Kazakhstan», 28 ноября 2013 г. ”GENTLEMEN OF THE YEAR” WERE NOMINATED IN ALMATY // Forbes Kazakhstan Journal dated 28 November 2013 //

Contribution into Sports

The entrepreneur invested heavily into the domestic sports and culture development. It was obvious that the businessman was aware that the payback of the investments would not be that quick just like in economic sector for instance. But these were the investments made into the future promotion and development of the country.

In the course of one decade ‘Bes Qaru’ Association launched plenty of campaigns which had both Republican and international significance. Among them there were three world championships for ‘Kazakhsha Tobeles’ which had been held in Las Vegas, Almaty and Atlantic City.

The national team for Jiu-Jitsu “Combat Professional Fight’ from Kazakhstan gained the premiere place at the Kiev world tournament and was bestowed with six gold medals out of seven ones available. At the IVth world championship for combative Jiu-Jitsu held in Suzdal the athletes of the Federation won 16 gold, 7 silver and 6 bronze medals. Later in Jaworzno (Poland) at the VIIIth world championship for Jiu-Jitsu which was held under the auspices of the International Association of Sportive Jiu-Jitsu (ISJA) the Kazakhstani national team gained the lead in the contest. Besides at the Open Asian Championship for Jiu-JItsu ‘Professional Fight’ which was held in Almaty our athletes were decorated with 11 gold out 12 available.

The Association conducts a great deal of internal tournaments. In 2014, Almaty City was hosting a momentous tournament for martial arts, which also incorporated the Cup-Final of Kazakhstan for Mixed Martial Arts (ММА) and professional international championship under the title ‘Nomads’ Fightings-2”. The combatants who were participating at these tournaments were the athletes-fighters who have reached good results, among them there were: champions from different countries, continents and parts of the world.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the traditional international tournament for Mixed Martial Arts ‘Dala Batyrlary” was the debut performance of two athlete-fighters from the “Jiu-Jitsu Professional Fight’ Federation.

The day before the National Independence Holiday the Association in cooperation with the ‘Nur Otan’ Party a traditional international tournament for Jiu-Jitsu was held whereon 250 athletes from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan took part.

Social and Cultural Activities

The ‘Bes Qaru’ Association’s activities is not restricted only by sports events, the management of the Association is also focusing a lot of attention at participation in the Republic’s social and cultural life.

One of the milestone events was associated with an invitation to attend an international charitable ball under the title «Cinema Against Pain», Organized for the benefit of the Kazakhstani disabled children the event turned out to be particularly memorable due to participation of the Hollywood celebrities, among whom there were: Armand Assante, Cynthia Rothrock, Michael Madsen, Don «Dragon» Wilson, Olivier Gruner and Tommy Lister, and also a whole bunch of other events which were in the focus of the public scrutiny.

‘Bes Qaru’ Association has been acting annually as the sponsor of the Eurasia International Film Festival and ‘French Cinema Today’ Film Festival.

Additionally Dauren Mussa acted also as a Producer of the full-length feature film «The Whole World at Our Feet» with the involvement of eight Hollywood movie stars, including Peter O’Toole the legends of world cinema. The film is due to be released for the global distribution soon.

It is worth noting that in April 2015 according to the distributors; estimate the movie had become an absolute leader. Based on the data of the holder of the AWARD.kz – website: Kino.kz, the movie’s rating was estimated at 9.80 out of 10 points incompliance with the cinema-goers’ poll. This index is the highest rate ever in the domestic cinema industry. The movie under the titl «The Whole World at our Feet» has been the leader in the high-end edition of “Forbes-Kazakhstan”. According to the poll arranged by Russian Kinopoisk.ru the rate of the movie was estimated at 8 out of 10 points which can also serve as an index of this Kazakhstani movie’s success .

Dauren Mussa has also been working as the editor of the Kazakhstani popular science journal «Traveler’s World». Academicians, scholars, professors, researchers both from Kazakhstan and abroad are frequent visitors and are always welcome at the editorial board. On the management’s resolution of the Ministry of Industry & New Technologies of this Kazakhstani popular science journal «Traveler’s World»» has been conferred a decoration «Туризм саласының үздігі». On multiple occasions this journal was recognized as the best Republican edition covering the tourism development issues.

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary the editorial board was decorated with a commemorative diploma and Honor Badge of the Olympic Committee of the RK. Mr. Akhmetzhan Yessimov, Almaty City Mayor in his congratulatory address notes that «Traveler’s World» journal from the date of its foundation had been actively promoting the city’s tourist sector and had become a reliable partner covering the principal municipal and national events in the area of tourism and highlighting the places of interest of Almaty and Kazakhstan».

Dauren Mussa also acted as one of the facilitators of an inauguration of the memorial to Baitely Batyr, who in the XVIIIth century was one of the initiators of the Kazakh nation’s liberation struggle. Currently it is ‘Bes Qaru’ Association in partnership with the Regional Public Organization «Council of Generals», that are working diligently at the reappearance of an honorary rank «Khalyk Batyr», which would be bestowed exclusively to national heroes who in the eye of public made a considerable contribution to glorification of modern Kazakhstan and promotion of its positive image. In March 2012 ‘Bes Qaru’ Association was involved in training and delegating of Askhat Karabatanov, Kazakhstani sportsman to the North Pole, the latter committed a heroic deed by making a parachute leap from the height of 4.500 m holding the Alcoran in his hand and by planting the Kazakh national flag at the crown of the world.

Also it was ‘Bes Qaru’ Association which in September 2014 in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the RK, Public Fund of the Academy of Arts of the RK, Mayor’s Office of the Almaty Oblast and administrative authorities of Asinsk, Karakemirsk and Turghen rural districts, Issyk Town of the Embekhshi Region and Ushkonyr country districts of the Karassai Region launched a large-scale campaign targeted at conservation of the ancient Saki-Scythian grave mounds. The primary objective of that campaign was the legitimization of the ancient burial hills which represent historical and cultural monuments, landmarks and also to attract the public attention to the acute problems of the monuments’ integrity and their preservation in undamaged condition.

A powerful state may be constituted by vigorous individuals, therefore each generation needs its own heroes and only at that moment people would bear in memory the history of their own nation, their own home land and its defenders, noted Dauren Mussa. At present our purpose is to reach the unification of legal entities «Great Steppe’s Citizens», which would incorporate dozens of public organizations in the name of consolidation of all workable establishments of our society and creation of the united front in a cohesive way capable to confront all the dangers and threats that might impact the reliable stability and steadiness of our native land. On this way towards the «national conception of our common homeland –Kazakhstan and hopes cherished by our forefathers» it would become impractical to over-estimate that spiritual potential that these stately structures erected on these boundless Kazakh great spaces, which had been initially raised not only to eternalize the heads of the ancient tribes but also for reinforcement of the glory and mighty power of the nation itself.


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