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Charlie Zhou
Chinese male singer

Charlie Zhou

Charlie Zhou
The basics

Quick Facts

Intro Chinese male singer
A.K.A. Zhou Shen
Is Singer
From China
Field Music
Gender male
Birth 29 September 1992, Hunan, People's Republic of China
Age 29 years
Star sign Libra
The details (from wikipedia)


Charlie Zhou Shen (Chinese: 周深; pinyin: Zhōu Shēn; Ukrainian: Чжоу Шень) (born (1992-09-29)29 September 1992) is a Chinese male singer. Zhou is best known for his song Big Fish (大鱼) and The Rose and The Deer (玫瑰与小鹿), and both of which were Top 10 Hits Songs of Fresh Asia Music Award in 2016. In November 2017, Zhou released his debut album《深的深》, a co-creation with producer Gao Xiaosong (高晓松), songwriter Yin Yue (尹约) and composer Qian Lei (钱雷). Zhou won the People’s Choice Male Singer and Most Improved Artist of ERC Chinese Top Ten Award respectively in 2017 and 2018. He has sang for a few TV series and Chinese Animation (such as Big Fish & Begonia, Dahufa, Crystal Sky Of Yesterday etc.). In March 2018, he has also sang the Chinese Promotional song for the Academy Award for Best Picture of 2017 The Shape of Water. His first series of concerts “深空间” was held on May and June of 2018, then on January, June and July of 2019. His new concert tours "Planet C-929" (C-929星球), start from November 2019, be held in different cities, including Beijing, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. He won the MTV Europe music award for Best Greater China Act in November 2019.


Zhou was born in Hunan, later moved to Guiyang, Guizhou and settled down. With his beautiful voice, he was admitted to the key middle school Guiyang No.6 High School. After graduated from high school, he went to Ukraine to study dentistry. However, he transferred to Lviv National Musical Academy to study Bel canto.

Due to his unique female-like voice, he used to be afraid to sing in front of people. Thanks to one of his upper classmates who invited him to sing his original song Faded after Rain (雨后你不见了), he earned a little fame in school after taking part in a singing contest by chance as well as regained his confidence in singing. Gao Xiaosong said: "Zhou’s voice is ethereal and intangible, like mountain spring that refresh people‘s mind. Zhou’s unique angelic voice is something of a rarity in Chinese Music."


Before Debut

2010 He started singing online in a Chinese video-based social network, YY.com, using his nickname “卡布叻”.

Participated in The Voice Of China

2014 He participated in The Voice of China (season 3). He got recognition from all coaches by singing HuanYan (Smiling Face, 欢颜) from Chyi Yu (齐豫) in the blind audition. The song Lake Baikal (贝加尔湖畔) sang by Zhou and Li Wei (李维) in the contest was also awarded Song of 2014 of The Voice of China. In the same year, he took part in the live tour of The Voice.

2015 He attended Beijing TV New Year’s Gala (New Year's Eve broadcasts) and supported the bid for Olympic Winter Games in Beijing by singing a multi-lingual version of Let it go. He also took part in the world tour of the performing-arts extravaganza ‘Cultures of China, Festival of Spring’. In May, he went to London to attend The Voice UK with Li Wei on behalf of The Voice of China. He then released a cover album ‘Aftertaste’ together with Li Wei in July. After that, his first single The Rose and The Deer was released, and won the Best New Artist of ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards.

Rise to Fame

2016 He sang Big Fish for the Chinese Animation Big Fish & Begonia in May, and Early Rain in Lin-an (临安初雨) for an online game ‘Water Margin Q’ (水浒Q传). Big Fish and The Rose and The Deer, both were selected as the Top 10 Hits Songs of Fresh Asia Music Award 2016. In October, he sang several songs on the music show ‘The Masked Singer’, and impressed a lot of people. He also won the Most Popular Male Singer Online of Music Pioneer Award 2016.

Debut Album

2017 He sang Echo for the TV series ‘The Starry Night The Starry Sea’. His song Big Fish won the Top 10 Songs of the Year and honoured him with the People's Choice Male Singer of ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards 2017. In June, he sang Calm Romance (浓情淡如你) for the Chinese movie ‘Brotherhood of Blades II: The Infernal Battlefield’ and Speechless (不说话) for the Chinese Animation ‘Dahufa’(The Guardian). He sang the ending song Vicissitudes of Life (曾经沧海) for the TV series ‘The Starry Night The Starry Sea Second’. His first debut Album “深的深” was released in November.

First Concert Tour

2018 He sang the Chinese Promotional song for the Academy Award for Best Picture of 2017 The Shape of Water. He also won the Most Improved Artist of ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards 2018. He held his first series of concerts at Shanghai, Wuhan and Chengdu. He released the promotional song Irrelavant (无关) for another movie ‘A or B’. He won the Most Popular Karaoke MV of China Music Awards and the Best New Artist of Global Chinese Music Chart Awards. His title track Blue Parachute (蓝色降落伞) was also selected as the Top Songs of 2018. In November, he performed some classical songs Time to Say Goodbye, Memory, Think of Me, The Lonely Goatherd in the musical show ‘Super-Vocal’ from Hunan TV and got praised by audience and the coaches. He also appeared in the music show ‘The Masked Singer (Season 3)’ again and performed with his well-trained Bel canto skill. He got applause from everyone and make a name for himself with his wonderful performance on the shows.

Second Concert Tour

2019 He sang With the Wind (随风) for TV series ‘Mystery of Antiques’. A non-official Goodbye Song, named Never Say Goodbye(不说再见),sang by Liao Changyong and MXH 36 (members of ‘Super-Vocal’) was released in January. In March, he sang Only You (此生惟你) for the TV series ‘Relying on Heaven to Slaughter Dragons’. He also got awarded "Breakthrough Artist of the Year" and Blossom won the Top 10 Songs of the Year from ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards 2019. He also started his second series of concerts in Beijing in January, followed by Shenzhen and Hangzhou in June and July. In addition, his music live concert 'in-Music "Shen's Moment" Sharing concert' was also held on 28th March. In April, along with MXH 36 (Super-Vocal 2018 members), he also joined the 'Super-Vocal' and 'Never Say Goodbye' concert tour. He also held a joint music concert “深龄其境” with Isabelle Huang in Shanghai on 18th May. On May 25, he attended Victor Wong's "The Pursuit of Hapiness" concert in Beijing as a special guest. On June 6, he was invited to the award ceremony of the 17th Vision Youth Awards. He received the Campus Popularity Award for Performing Artists on CNR Music Radio Top Music Awards on June 8. On June 12, he attended the Nanyang Khek Community Gift of Warmth Charity Concert 2019, a charity concert in Singapore, to offer warmth to people with autism together with Chyi Yu, Huang Hongying and Roy Li Fei Huei. In the concert, he sang seven of his own singles, and another Hakka song, When Hakkas Meet in Singapore and a duet with Chyi Yu on an English song Mother of Mine. In October 2019, he was on the music industry list of Forbes 30 Under 30 China 2019. On the 1st and 2nd of November 2019, Zhou Shen participated in the Nanjing "The Untamed" music concert and sang the song "Huang Cheng Du (Passing by the Deserted City) (荒城渡)". In November 2019, he won the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Greater China Act. He held his brand new concert tour, namely Planet C-929, in Beijing, Nanjing, Suzhou, Chengdu and Shanghai from November to December 2019.


Studio albums

Date Title Original song titles English song titles
2017-11-06 深的深
  1. 玫瑰与小鹿
  2. 浅浅
  3. 哥哥
  4. 迎刃
  5. 蓝色降落伞
  6. 风景
  7. 白墙
  8. 大鱼
  9. 一缕执念
  1. The Rose and The Deer
  2. Shallow
  3. Brother
  4. Impassable
  5. Blue Parachute
  6. Landscape
  7. You
  8. White Wall
  9. Big Fish
  10. A Touch of Obsessiveness

Cover albums

Date Title Original title English title
2015-07-01 回味


  1. 请跟我来
  2. 偶然
  3. 花样年华
  4. 叶子
  5. 朋友
  6. 往事只能回味
  7. 用心良苦
  8. 爱我别走
*With Li Wei
  1. Follow Me
  2. Fortuitously
  3. Best Years in Lifetime
  4. Leaf(Zhou Shen only)
  5. Friends
  6. Past Can Only Be Reminisced
  7. For all My Pains(Li Wei only)
  8. Never Let Go if You Love Me(Li Wei only)
  9. Annoyance(Zhou Shen only)


Date Original title English title Notes Peak Position on

Billboard China Social Chart

2019-12-07 念念有詞 Beautiful Prophecy 青春重置计划 Part 2 :原来都是葛大为 (Lyrics by David Ke)
2019-11-21 觸不可及 The Upside Promotional Song of The Upside(触不可及)
2019-11-11 放鹤图 The Painted Crane Character Song of Royal Nirvana(鹤唳华亭)
2019-11-08 愿得一心人 Longing for a Wholehearted Lover Theme Song of Royal Nirvana(鹤唳华亭)
2019-11-05 过尽千帆 A Thousand Sails Passed by (Guo Jin Qian Fan) Theme Song of Planet C-929 concert tour (周深C-929星球巡回演唱会)

*Zhou Shen as song producer for first time

2019-10-23 海藏 Hai Cang (Sea Pearl) Theme Song and Ending Song of Animation Beyond the Ocean S2(《四海鲸骑》)
2019-10-17 东游 Journey to the East Theme Song of Journey to the East (《东游》)
2019-10-10 胡同少年志 Aspiration of a Hutong Boy First Song of EDIQ Chinoiserie Music Serial Album The Path of Nation (《国道》)
2019-09-08 避难所 Sanctuary Interlude Song of Waiting for you in the future(《我在未来等你》);

*First Original English Song of Zhou Shen

2019-09-06 情意结 Love Knot Ending Song of Jade Dynasty 1(《诛仙1》)[1]
2019-08-28 不再流浪 Wandering no more Promotional Song of The Legend of Hei (《罗小黑战记》)
2019-07-29 荒城渡 Huang Cheng Du (Passing by the Deserted City) Character Song of Xue Yang in Web Series The Untamed(《陈情令》) 63

(Weeks on Chart: 2

2019-07-28 直破穹苍 Break through the Heaven Theme Song and Ending Song of Animation Battle Through the Heavens(斗破苍穹)
2019-07-18 末日飞船 The Doomsday Spacecraft With Tang Hanxiao and included in mini album The Doomsday Spacecraft(《末日飞船》)
卡西尼 Cassini
2019-06-28 为爱追寻 Pursuit for Love Theme Song of NetEase MMORPG Fantasy Westward Journey (梦幻西游) 8 (Seeking for Love)

(Weeks on Chart: 8 or 3 + 5

2019-05-28 拙慕 Humble Admiration Interlude Song of L.O.R.D. Critical World (爵迹·临界天下) 3 (Zhuo Mu)

(Weeks on Chart: 5)

2019-04-12 Metamorphosis Theme Song of Animation Battle Through the Heavens Special II: Song of Desert(《斗破苍穹特别篇2·沙之澜歌》) 18 (Slough Off)

(Weeks on Chart: 5)

2019-04-04 落花 Fallen Petals Interlude Song of Yanyangchun(《燕阳春》)
2019-03-05 此生惟你 Only You Interlude Song of Relying on Heaven to Slaughter Dragons(《新倚天屠龙记》) 9 (You Are The Only I Love)

(Weeks on Chart:5)

2019-01-20 不说再见 Never Say Goodbye (Non-Official Goodbye Song by Liao Changyong & MXH 36, members of ‘Super-Vocal’
2019-01-09 随风 With the Wind Interlude Song of Mystery of Antiques(《古董局中局》) 19

(Weeks on Chart:8)

2018-11-28 缘起 Genesis Promotional Song of White Snake(《白蛇:缘起》) 3 (Origin)

(Weeks on Chart:12)

2018-11-21 楼台 Butterfly Lovers With Seven Zhu
2018-10-18 青春有悔 Regretful Youth OST of Stage Play Three Buddies
2018-10-16 对不起 Duibuqi (Sorry) With Panta.Q
2018-10-02 牛郎织女 The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl
2018-09-30 梅香如故 Plum Blossom Remain Solo Ver.; Ending Song of Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(《如懿传》)
2018-09-29 可它爱著这个世界 Yet it Love This World
2018-09-18 梦回神都 Dream to Imperial City Theme Song of Mobile Game Phantom in The City of Tang(《神都夜行录》)
2018-08-23 梅香如故 Plum Blossom Remain With Mao Bu Yi; Ending Song of Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(《如懿传》)
2018-08-15 Missing you Promotional Song of Stage Play JX Online: Legend of Qu Yun(《剑网3:曲云传》)
2018-08-10 没有说完的故事 Endless Story Ending Song of Kungfood(《美食大冒险之英雄烩》)
2018-07-05 独白 Monologue Interlude Song of The Destiny White Of Snake(《天乩之白蛇传说》)
2018-07-03 来不及勇敢 Late for Gallantry Confessional Song of Crystal Sky of Yesterday(《昨日青空》)
2018-06-29 梦留别 Farewell Dream Theme Song of Game Moonlight Blade , YiHua Family(《天涯明月刀》移花门派)
2018-06-27 云裳羽衣曲 Song of a Deity's Apparel (Yun Chang Yu Yi Qu) Theme Song of 3D Dressup Game Yun Chang (《云裳羽衣》)
2018-05-20 等著我 Waiting for me Theme Song of Reality Show Waiting for Me’(《等着我》)
2018-05-08 花开 Blossom Promotional Song of 深空间 concert tour
2018-04-24 无关 Irrelevant Promotional Song of A or B(《幕后玩家》)
2018-03-13 水形物语 The Shape of Water Promotional Song(in China) of The Shape of Water
2018-01-10 如果你爱我 If You Love Me Theme Song of Novel To Love You, To Save Me(《许我向你看》)
2017-11-30 垃圾别烦我 Rubbish Don't Bother Me Cleaning Theme Song of Tencent Mobile Manager
2017-10-24 何处是天涯 Wherever to Go Theme Song of The Legend of Phoenix(《凤皇传》)
2017-10-02 曾经沧海 Vicissitudes of Life Ending Song of The Starry Night The Starry Sea Second(《那片星空那片海2》)
2017-06-21 不说话 Speechless Concept Song of Dahufa(《大护法》)
2017-06-12 浓情淡如你 Calm Romance Promotional Song of Brotherhood of Blades II: The Infernal Battlefield(《绣春刀2:修罗战场》)
2017-05-21 一期一会 Once in Lifetime Cover:さくら~あなたに出会えてよかった~
2017-04-21 黎明的翅膀 Wings of Dawn Ending Song of Animation The Fate of Arad(《阿拉德:宿命之门》)
2017-02-10 回声 Echoes Ending Song of The Starry Night The Starry Sea(《那片星空那片海》)
2016-08-08 临安初雨 Early Rain in Lin-an Theme Song of Mobile Game Water Margin Q(《水浒Q传》)
2016-05-18 大鱼 Big Fish Image Song of Big Fish & Begonia(《大鱼海棠》)
2015-08-08 玫瑰与小鹿 The Rose and The Deer

TV shows and songs performed

Time Original title English title Notes
另一种乡愁 Another Kind of Homesickness Our Song EP07 With Hacken Lee(李克勤), Xu Weizhou(许魏洲) and Fei Yu-ching(費玉清)
我爱他 I love him With Xu Weizhou(许魏洲)
卡门 Carmen With Hacken Lee(李克勤), Xu Weizhou(许魏洲) and Fei Yu-ching(費玉清)
2019-12-06 南溪號子好美妙 Wonderful Nanxi Haozi Chinese Work-songs (《劳动号子》) EP08
2019-12-01 野狼Disco Disco Alaskan Wolves X Red Sun Our Song EP05 With Hacken Lee(李克勤)
心如刀割 Heartbroken as Pierced with Knife
2019-11-03 月半小夜曲 Crescent Moon Serenade Our Song EP02
2019-10-27 Chase Our Song EP01
Monsters Monsters
2019-10-07 我爱你中国 I Love You China Sing! China S4 EP15 With Chui Jia Ying(崔佳瑩)
2019-09-21 彩色的黑 Colorful Black Let's Band EP06 With Colorful Black (彩色的黑乐队)
再见萤火虫 Goodbye Firefly With All Star (band)
2019-09-16 我的祖国 My motherland Time's Melody Season II: Sing for My Motherland EP01
2019-06-13 忘记他 Forget Him Sing Tour EP08
2019-05-11 末日飞船 The Doomsday Spacecraft Chuang EP10 With Tang Hanxiao (唐汉霄)
2019-05-11 怎么了 What’s Going On Chuang EP10 With Meng Huiyuan (孟慧圆)
2019-04-06 好的 晚安 Okay, Goodnight Chuang EP04
2019-03-30 随风 With the Wind Talk Show Linhai Show《林海秀》
2019-03-30 大鱼 Big Fish Talk Show Linhai Show
2019-02-03 好花红 Pretty Red Flowers 贵州卫视春节联欢晚会 Guizhou Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala Bouyei Folk Song
2019-01-11 The Lonely Goatherd The Lonely Goatherd Super-Vocal EP11
2019-01-11 月弯弯 The Crescent Moon Duet: Zhou Shen/Elvis Wang Xi(王晰) (Super-Vocal EP11)
2019-01-04 Over The Rainbow Over The Rainbow Trio: Zhou Shen/Elvis Wang Xi/Cai Yao (Super-Vocal EP10)
2018-12-29 Think of Me Think of Me Super-Vocal EP09
2018-12-21 山楂树 The Hawthorn Tree Trio: Zhou Shen/Elvis Wang Xi/Liu Binhao (Super-Vocal EP08)
2018-12-14 Memory Memory Super-Vocal EP08
2018-12-02 雪落下的声音 Sound of Falling Snow The Masked Singer(蒙面唱将猜猜猜) S3 EP07
2018-12-02 暗香 Secret Fragrance With Kelly Yu Wenwen(于文文)

The Masked Singer S3 EP07

2018-11-25 莫斯科郊外的晚上 Moscow Nights With Bai Xue(白雪) The Masked Singer S3 EP06
2018-11-09 Time to Say Goodbye Time to Say Goodbye Super-Vocal EP02
2018-10-05 又见炊烟 Seeing The Mist Again CCTV15《一代芳华邓丽君》
2018-09-28 微风细雨 Breeze and Drizzle CCTV15《一代芳华邓丽君》
2018-08-18 爱上一个不回家的人 Home Again Without You CCTV15《全球中文音乐榜上榜》
2018-07-07 初恋的地方 Place of First Love CCTV15《全球中文音乐榜上榜》
2018-04-21 我只在乎你 I Only Care About You CCTV15《全球中文音乐榜上榜》
2018-02-03 身骑白马 Riding a White Horse CCTV《直通春晚》
2017-12-26 大鱼(合唱版) Big Fish (Duet ver.) CCTV《我要上春晚》
2017-11-11 铡美案(京剧) Chen Shi Mei’s Beheading Case (Peking Opera) Little Masters(拜见小师父)S1 EP04
2017-10-28 大鱼(越剧版) Big Fish (Shaoxing opera ver.) Little Masters S1 EP02
2017-10-08 从前慢 Slower Days in the Past With Ye Xuanqing(叶炫清) Sing!China(中国新歌声)S2 EP15
2017-09-15 大鱼(合唱版) Big Fish (Duet ver.) Sing!China S2 EP10
2016-11-27 你要的爱 The Love You Want The Masked Singer S1 EP11
2016-10-23 身骑白马 Riding a White Horse The Masked Singer S1 EP06
2016-10-23 我真的受伤了 Badly Hurt With Justin Lo(侧田)

The Masked Singer S1 EP06

2016-10-16 我是真的爱你 I Truly Love You The Masked Singer S1 EP05
2016-10-16 她说 She Says With Rainie Yang(杨丞琳)

The Masked Singer S1 EP05

2016-06-18 外面的世界 The World Outside CCTV15《全球中文音乐榜上榜》
2014-08-29 贝加尔湖畔 Lake Baikal With Li Wei

The Voice of China S3 EP07

2014-07-25 欢颜 Huan Yan (Smiling Face) The Voice of China S3 EP02

Variety Shows


•    The Voice of China (Season 3) (中国好声音第三季)


•    I Want To Be In Spring Festival Gala(我要上春晚)

•    Straight to CCTV Spring Festival Gala(直通春晚)

•    Hundreds of surnames in China (Zhou Session)(中华百家姓,周姓专场)

•    The Voice of China (Season 4)(中国好声音第四季)


•    The Voice PK(挑战好声音)

•    Sing! China Intelligence Agency(新歌声情报局)

•    I Want To Be In The Masked Singer(我要上蒙面)

•    The Masked Singer(蒙面唱将猜猜猜)


•    I love Nijigen (我爱二次元)

•    Little Masters(拜见小师傅)

•    Sing! China (Season 2)(中国新歌声第二季)

•    Sing! China Go!(冲吧!新歌声)

•    The Masked Singer Season 2(蒙面唱将猜猜猜第二季)

•    I Want To Be In Spring Festival Gala(我要上春晚)


•    Straight to CCTV Spring Festival Gala(直通春晚)

•    inSound League (KuGou LIVE) (in雄联盟)

•    Love Cuisine 2(心动的味道·厨语)

•    Super-Vocal(声入人心)

•    The Masked Singer Season 3(蒙面唱将猜猜猜第三季)


•    Chuang(这就是原创)

•    Sing Tour(唱给世界听)

•    inSound League (KuGou LIVE)(in雄联盟)

•   Sing! China (Season 4) (中国好声音2019)

•   Let's Band(一起乐队吧)

•   Our Song(中国梦之声•我们的歌)


Time Title Country/Region
2019 Planet C-929 Concert Tour (周深C-929星球巡回演唱会) Beijing, Nanjing, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou
“深空间”Concert Tour Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou
Nanyang Khek Community Gift of Warmth Charity Concert 2019 (客逢狮城献温情慈善演唱会) Singapore
“深龄其境” (Shen & Isabelle Shanghai Concert) Shanghai
in-Music "Shen's Moment" Sharing Concert (深时深刻音乐分享会) Beijing
Super-Vocal Concert Tour (声入人心巡演) Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Changsha, Nanjing
Never Say Goodbye Concert Tour (“不说再见”系列巡演) Shanghai
May-June 2018 “深空间”Concert Tour Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu
2016 Sing!China Live Tour Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hong Kong
Feb-Mar 2015 The Performing-arts Extravaganza ‘Cultures of China, Festival of Spring’ World Tour Australia, New Zealand
2014/2015 The Voice of China S3 Live Tour Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei


Year Award Ceremony Awards
2019 MTV Europe Music Awards 2019 Best Greater China Act
Fresh Asia Music 2019 Song of the Year(Variety Show) -The Doomsday Spacecraft (with Tang Hanxiao)
Forbes 30 Under 30 China 2019 Music Industry
Weibo Influential Big V Awards Top 10 Influential Music-related Big V of Weibo 2019
Top 10 Influential Original Musician of Weibo 2019
CNR Music Radio China Top Music Awards Campus Popularity Award for Performing Artists
Most Popular Singer of the Year
Music Pioneer Awards Most Popular Song of the Year-Only You
Most Popular Male Singer
Best Film/Television Songs of the Year-Metamorphosis
Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards Best Stage Performance
Mainland Radio Station Recommended Singer
23rd China Music Awards Most Popular Male Singer - Mainland
26th ERC Chinese Top Ten Music Awards Breakthrough Artiste of the Year
Top 10 Songs of the Year “Blossom”
2018 China Cultural Music Fiesta 2018 Best China Style Singing Performance “Big Fish”
Global Chinese Songs Chart Awards 2018 Best New Artist
Song of the Year “Blue Parachute”
25th ERC Chinese Top Ten Music Awards Most Improved Artist of the Year
22nd China Music Awards Boosoo Most Popular Karaoke MV “Big Fish”
Channel V Best Live Performance “Big Fish”
Night of Qingdao Top 10 Songs of the Year “Big Fish”
Top Chinese Music Awards Best Film Song “Big Fish”
2017 24th ERC Chinese Top Ten Music Awards People Selection Male Singer
24th ERC Chinese Top Ten Music Awards

21st China Music Awards

Top 10 Songs of the Year “Big Fish”
Online Selection Best New Artist
DoNews Awards Artist of the Year
2016 Music Pioneer Awards Top 10 Songs of China “Big Fish”
Most Popular Male Singer Online
Fresh Asia Music Awards Top 10 Songs of the Year “Big Fish”
Top 10 Songs of the Year “The Rose and The Deer”
23rd ERC Chinese Top Ten Music Awards Best New Artist
2015 19th China Music Awards Most Potential Group (Zhou Shen/ Li Wei)
2014 The Voice of China S3 Song of the Year “Lake Baikal
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