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21 year old EDM producer
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Intro 21 year old EDM producer
Is Musician Record producer Composer
From United States of America
Type Business Music
Gender male
Birth 18 September 1992, New Jersey
Age 28 years
Star sign Virgo
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Austin Collins, going by the stage name Au5 (ā-yo̵̅o̅-fīv), is an American electronic dance music producer from New Jersey, USA.
In 2012 he teamed up with I.Y.F.F.E. and won the Seven Lions Official Remix contest on Beatport, with his remix of "Days to Come", which was released on Skrillex's OWSLA label. Au5 also collaborated with BT on the single "Partysaurus Overflow" for Walt Disney Records/Pixar, and was also featured with Matt Hales on BT's single "Surrounded", which made it to #2 on Beatport's dubstep chart. Alongside Bada and Fractal, Au5 contributed to the track "City Life" from BT's album A Song Across Wires, released on August 16, 2013 by Armada Music. On August 29, 2014, Au5 released his track "Snowblind" on Monstercat, featured on the compilation 019 - Endeavour and currently has over 5 million views on YouTube. Au5 has repeatedly made his way into Beatport's Top 10, spanning various genres by combining elements of electro house, progressive house, trance, and dubstep. He has collaborated with Fractal and I.Y.F.F.E multiple times.


Since the age of 4, Austin has been involved with music, and has had constant exposure to multiple genres, both old and contemporary. He received weekly classical piano training until the age of 12. He started using Easy Beat (a simple multi-track MIDI sequencer) when he was 8 years old, and when he was 11, he learned the program GarageBand. At the age of 12, he began taking production more seriously; having been in numerous bands, and learning how to mix, Austin decided to start a solo project as Au5.

Austin's debut album, Minimality, was self-released on 28 September 2010 and included Trance elements. He later self-released an 8-track album, Anchus Definy, on June 30, 2011. His EP Iconoclast was later released through Atom recordings on May 14, 2012.

"Sweet" (A collaboration with Auratic and I.Y.F.F.E), a complextro song, was Austin's first release on Monstercat in February 11, 2013. He later released "Halcyon", a drumstep track along with Fractal. Au5's first solo release on Monstercat was his Blossom EP, featuring the melodic bass track "Blossom" and the Drum and Bass track "Moonland." A 4-track EP was later released on Monstercat with Fractal on December 2, 2013, titled Secret Weapon EP, with 3 of the tracks uploaded to the Monstercat YouTube channel. In these releases, Au5 used Trance, Bass and House influences to create fast-paced, heavy yet melodic tracks.

"Follow You", a Progressive House song featuring vocals from Danyka Nadeau, was released through Monstercat in March, 2014, and a remix EP was released on July the same Year, featuring remixes from Virtual Riot, Rootkit and a VIP mix. Austin later released "Snowblind", featuring vocals from Tasha Baxter, a dubstep song that seamlessly fuses melodic, vocal parts and heavy sections with a unique drop, again through Monstercat, and has since become Au5's most popular song, reaching #1 on Beatport and amassing over 3.5 million views on YouTube. A free self-released remix EP was later released.

2015 saw Austin release Tracks of increasing variety. "Dream Of Love", a Glitch-Hop collaboration with Heavy J featuring vocals from Kenny Raye, was released on Simplify Recordings in May. Au5 later released 3 singles under Monstercat: "Inside", an electro song with vocals from Danyka Nadeau; "Atlantis", a dubstep song and "Guardians" a Progressive House song featuring Fiora. Au5's latest Monstercat release was a 2-track EP with Fractal titled Ison/Pavonine and includes "Ison" and "Pavonine", which are dubstep and Glitch Hop respectively.

It was announced on February 10 that Austin would be joining Infected Mushroom on their 2015 US Tour.



Rank Track
#1 Snowblind feat. Tasha Baxter (Original Mix)
#1 Follow You (VIP Mix)
#1 Blossom (Original Mix)
#1 Halcyon (with Fractal) (Original Mix)
#2 Superhuman (Au5 Remix)
#2 French Cigarette (Original Mix)
#2 Stay (feat. Jarvis Church) (Au5 Remix)
#2 Moving On (Au5 Remix)
#2 Surrounded (Au5 & Fractal Remix)
#2 Subvert (with Fractal) (Original Mix)
#4 Follow You (Rhythmics Remix)
#4 Follow You (Fractal Remix)
#5 Illuminate (Au5 Remix)
#5 Metronic (Original Mix)
#5 Crystal Mathematics (feat. Shaz Sparks) (Original Mix)
#8 Discover (Au5 Remix)
#8 Lazerbeam (feat. Metrik & Kyza) (Au5 Remix)
#10 Urchin (Au5 Remix)
#10 Subvert (Haywyre Remix)

Singularity - "Alone (Au5 & Fractal Remix)", made it to #1 on Dubstep.NET.



Year Title Genre Release Date Label
2010 Minimality Electronic/Acoustic September 28, 2010 Self-Released
2011 Anchus Definy Electronic June 30, 2011 Self-Released


Year Title Genre Release Date Label
2012 Iconoclast Dubstep May 14, 2012 Atom Recordings
2013 Singularity Dubstep / Drum & Bass February 4, 2013 Adapted Records
Subvert (with Fractal) Glitch Hop June 25, 2013 Adapted Records
House Party Electro House August 5, 2013 Self-Released
Blossom Dubstep / Drum & Bass August 7, 2013 Monstercat
Metronic Various September 2, 2013 Atom Recordings
Secret Weapon (with Fractal) Various December 2, 2013 Monstercat
2014 Follow You (The Remixes) (feat. Danyka Nadeau) Various July 11, 2014 Monstercat
2015 Snowblind (The Remixes) (feat. Tasha Baxter) Various April 7, 2015 Self-Released
Ison / Pavonine (with Fractal) Dubstep / Glitch Hop November 11, 2015 Monstercat
Dream of Love (The Remixes) (with Heavy J featuring Kenny Raye) Various November 17, 2015 Simplify Recordings
2016 Any Longer / Hit Rewind (feat. Q'AILA) Dubstep / Future House August 11, 2016 Independent
Freefall (feat. Cristina Soto) Dubstep / Complextro November 27, 2016 Gravitas Recordings


Year Title Genre Release Date Label
2012 "The Essence" Dubstep January 31, 2012 Atom Recordings
"Ennui" Dubstep September 3, 2012 Atom Recordings
"Iteration" Dubstep June 18, 2012 Rottun Recordings
"The Seahorse VIP" Dubstep June 18, 2012 Rottun Recordings
"Partysaurus Overflow" (with BT) Electro House November 19, 2012 Walt Disney Records/Pixar
"Hypersphere VIP" Dubstep December 1, 2012 Self-Released
2013 "Lucky" (with Auratic and I.Y.F.F.E) Glitch Hop January 10, 2013 Adapted Records
"Sweet" (with Auratic and I.Y.F.F.E) Electro House February 11, 2013 Monstercat
"Crystal Mathematics" (feat. Shaz Sparks) Dubstep March 24, 2013 Viper Recordings
"Flower of Life/First Blood" (with I.Y.F.F.E and Helicopter Showdown) Dubstep April 1, 2013 Anemnesis
"Halcyon" (with Fractal) Drumstep May 3, 2013 Monstercat
"French Cigarette" (with I.Y.F.F.E) Glitch Hop June 3, 2013 Funky Element Records
"Vapor" Ambient September 18, 2013 Self-Released
"Secret Weapon" (with Fractal) Dubstep December 2, 2013 Monstercat
"Blue" (with Fractal) Drumstep December 4, 2013 Monstercat
"Dreaming" (with Fractal) Progressive House December 6, 2013 Monstercat
"Tendril" (with Collin McLoughlin) Breaks / Dubstep December 17, 2013 EDM.com
2014 "Myst" Ambient February 10, 2014 Self-Released
"Follow You" (feat. Danyka Nadeau) Progressive House / Liquid Dubstep March 21, 2014 Monstercat
"Reiteration" Drum & Bass April 21, 2014 Self-Released
"Etheros" Ambient August 6, 2014 Soundcloud
"Snowblind" (feat. Tasha Baxter) Dubstep August 29, 2014 Monstercat
"Spawn" (with Fractal and Bird of Prey) Dubstep October 14, 2014 Gravitas Recordings
"Crossroad" (feat. Danyka Nadeau) Trance November 26, 2014 Monstercat
2015 "Neptuna" Ambient February 17, 2015 Self-Released
"Serenata" (feat. Keeley) Progressive House March 2, 2015 Black Hole Recordings
"Dream of Love" (with Heavy J, feat. Kenny Raye) Glitch Hop May 18, 2015 Simplify Recordings
"Inside" (feat. Danyka Nadeau) Electro House June 10, 2015 Monstercat
"Bigger Than Me" (With Tasha Baxter) Dubstep June 29, 2015 Self-Released
"Atlantis" Dubstep September 7, 2015 Monstercat
"Guardians" (feat. Fiora) Progressive House October 12, 2015 Monstercat
"The Cliff" Ambient October 29, 2015 Self-Released
2016 "Virgo" Future Bass January 26, 2016 Wakaan
"Shlappy" (With Mr. Bill) Trap/Dubstep March 31, 2016 Self-Released
"Return To Moonland" Orchestral April 27, 2016 Self-Released
"Watership" Chillout June 8, 2016 Armada Music


Title Genre Release Date Label
Erasure - "I Lose Myself" Dubstep October 26, 2011 Mute Records
Lightspeed Rescue - "Keep Your Body Moving" Dubstep March 20, 2012 Lightspeed Rescue
LMFAO - "Party Rock Anthem" Dubstep May 6, 2012 Self-Released
BT, Nadia Ali, & Arty - "Must Be the Love" Big-Room House December 1, 2012 Armind (Armada)
Adventure Club - "Wait" (with I.Y.F.F.E) Glitch Hop December 13, 2012 Self-Released
Singularity - "Breathe" (with Auratic and I.Y.F.F.E) Funkstep January 17, 2013 Self-Released
Seven Lions feat. Fiora - "Days to Come" (with I.Y.F.F.E.) Drum & Bass January 22, 2013 OWSLA
Dino Safari - "Ghost Named Charlie" Dubstep January 27, 2013 Self-Released
ShockOne feat. Metrik & Kyza - "Lazerbeam" Dubstep April 14, 2013 Viper Recordings
Singularity - "Alone" (with Fractal) Drumstep May 23, 2013 Play Me Records
Digital Eyes - "Samuel L. Jackson" Dubstep June 25, 2013 PhetHouse Records
Faruk Sabanci feat. Jaren - "Discover" Dubstep July 3, 2013 Arisa Audio
BT feat. Matt Hales - "Surrounded" Dubstep July 29, 2013 Armada Music
Prismatic - "Minty" (with Fractal) Electro House September 30, 2013 SectionZ Records
Scatman John - "Scatman" (with Savant, Fractal, and Prismatic) Dubstep October 3, 2013 Self-Released
Blatwax - "Illuminate" Drum & Bass November 11, 2013 Adapted Records
Yanntek - "Moving On" Glitch Hop February 17, 2014 High Intensity Records
Fractal - "Urchin" Glitch Hop April 1, 2014 Adapted Records
Manufactured Superstars feat. Jarvis Church - "Stay" Dubstep July 15, 2014 Magik Muzik
Virtual Riot - "We're Not Alone" Electro House August 11, 2014 Disciple Recordings
Akira Complex - "Odyssey" Liquid Neuro August 12, 2014 Hardcore United Tokyo
Revolvr & Genesis feat. Splitbreed - "Unstoppable" Glitch Hop September 15, 2014 Simplify Recordings
Juventa feat. Kelly Sweet - "Superhuman" Dubstep November 10, 2014 Enhanced Recordings
Xilent feat. Sue Gerger - "The Place" Dubstep November 24, 2014 Audioporn Records
Illenium & Said The Sky feat. Cristina Soto - "Painted White" (with Fractal) Dubstep July 20, 2015 Gravitas Recordings
Infected Mushroom feat. Sasha Grey - "Fields of Grey" Dubstep September 25, 2015 Dim Mak Records

Other Songs From Au5

Title Genre Release Date Source
"Techland" Trance 3 April 2012 Soundcloud
"Deep In The Mist" Ambient 30 July 2012 Soundcloud

Mixing, Mastering

  • Kenny Raye, Heavy J - Keep It Moving (2013)

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