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Astrix Psychedelic Trance DJ

Psychedelic Trance DJ
The basics
Quick Facts
Intro Psychedelic Trance DJ
Is Musician Composer Deejay
From Israel
Type Music
Gender male
Birth 5 December 1980, Soviet Union
Age: 39 years
The details

Avi Shmailov (Hebrew: אבי שמיילוב) under his stage name Astrix, is an international trance music dj and producer specializing in the subgenre of Full On psychedelic trance.
In 2006 Astrix reached #41 (+34 rise) in DJMag's "Top 100 DJs" yearly rank along with a rise of several other Israeli musicians (the highest being Infected Mushroom ranked #9) marking a significant worldwide popularisation of the Israeli electronic music scene. In 2007 Astrix reached #18 on the list.

Early career

Astrix was born in USSR, to a Mountain Jewish family in the Caucasus and grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel. He began recording music under the name Astrix in 1997, sometimes misconceived to be taken from the Asterix comic books. An interview on UK clubbing website Harderfaster.net revealed the name was chosen for simply sounding good, and not directly influenced by anything in particular.


Astrix started as a DJ in 1995 playing alternative and 1980s music. It was during this time that he learned about electronic music. In 1997 he began his first in-house studio recordings using a personal computer. He discovered trance in 1997 after being invited to a trance party. "At first it was a very new and strange experience for me and I couldn't find myself, but I was impressed by the energy and the impact that the music had made on the people at the party." At the beginning of his career in the late 1990s he produced tracks in the "nitzhonot" style of trance, an uplifting, anthemic offshoot of Goa trance. His first tracks were "In Peace" and "Eakhis World," which both appeared on the well-known nitzhonot compilation "Ptzatzot 3."


In 2002, Astrix signed to leading EDM label HOMmega and was introduced to the world with his debut album "Eye To Eye". Things started to roll for Astrix from that point on, the worldwide scene fell captivated with his unique, smart melodic style. From that point, Astrix started working on several other projects. In a 2003 interview Astrix said that in fact he worked on 3 albums by Alien Project, but its maintainer Ari Linker did not give him credit. Touring massively after the "Eye To Eye" album release and working on other projects didn't leave much studio time for Avi and it took two years to write & perfect his second album, "Artcore" which came out in 2004. "Artcore" was a lauded album for its sonic picture and it showcased the musical evolution of Astrix. Tracks from the album were used in movies, video games and TV commercials.


Once Astrix's musical sound got familiarized as his trademark, he turned to invest the years after to developing his DJ persona. Compiling & producing for leading brands such as: "Nu-clear Visions of Israel" (Tip/2003), "Psychedelic Academy" (Hit Mania/2005) and "Astrix & Friends" (DJ mag/2007). In 2009 Astrix's label, HOMmega productions, was the first to release an Astrix digital artist album, on a compact stick flash drive format, "One Step Ahead" (HOMmega/2009) Evolving into one the world known DJ MAG TOP 100 DJs placed Astrix on the roads for an almost nonstop worldwide tour.

He rocked festivals across the globe including Dance Valley, SW4, Creamfileds, Love Parade, UAF, Planeta Atlantida and headlined nights in the best clubs and venues such as Alexandra Palace, Brixton Academy, Pacha, Ministry of Sound, The City, Volume, Nox, amongst others.


Over the last couple of years, studio time was a rare commodity for Astrix, but nevertheless he managed to find the extra hours to work on his 3rd studio album for HOMmega. "Red Means Distortion" is the result of some very late night sessions, everything to reach the perfection he needed to meet the expectations of those who were waiting patiently for his 3rd studio album.

The "Acid Rocker" EP, which was released in August 2010, was the first appetizer from Astrix's long-awaited new studio album, "Red Means Distortion". As bonus material, it included a remix by well-known trance artist Pixel of the huge international hit "Closer To Heaven" featured vocalist Michele Adamson, and a fresh new GMS 2010 remix to Astrix's classic all-time-hit "Eye To Eye". In September, a month after the EP "Acid rocker" was released, the long anticipated 3rd album "Red means distortion" was released. Starting in August 2010, Astrix has been creating mix sessions titled "Trance for Nations".

Musical style

Astrix's music is known for his solid, driving basslines and ascending melodies. It is very uplifting and, as far as psychedelic trance goes, fairly "hard" and is also usually played during sunrise and the morning at outdoor trance parties. Many would consider his style to be a crossover between "full-on" and the "clubbier" end of Trance, exemplfied by his Psychedelic Academy Mix.

Author Graham St John, of the book The Local Scenes and Global Culture of Psytrance, noted about Astrix's sound, "crisp spacious acoustics".


Astrix has been cited as being musically influenced by Infected Mushroom. "I look up to them for inspiration and for some kind of spiritual fuel as it were." Other influences include Linkin Park and Tiësto. "I also have a love for alternative bands like Linkin Park, and for ‘club personality’ I like Tiësto, he inspires me very much to see how well you can mix business with music and how big you can become from something that was so small in the beginning."



Astrix released 4 full length studio albums at the leading record label Hom-Mega production based in Israel, the first album Eye to Eye was a great breakthrough to the artist and considered as an important milestone in Astrix career.

In his albums Astrix collaborated with artists which crafted and designed the psytrance scene, between those artists you can find Infected Mushroom, Atomic Pulse, Domestic, Sub6, Psycraft, Xerox & Illumination and many others...

Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye, 2002, HOM-Mega Productions,
Track Number Title Length
#1 Life System 07:29
#2 Crystal Sequence (feat. Atomic Pulse) 08:13
#3 Infected Mushroom - Wider (Remix) 07:23
#4 Massive Activity (feat. Domestic) 08:23
#5 Eye To Eye 06:38
#6 Side Effect (feat. Atomic Pulse) 07:04
#7 Scientific Reality (feat. Atomic Pulse) 08:51
#8 FeeL.S.D 07:05
#9 Valirus (feat. Atomic Pulse) 07:38
#10 Freestyle Cafe 07:49


Artcore, 2004, HOM-Mega Productions / Vision Quest,
Track Number Title Length
#1 Poison 07:32
#2 Monster Remix (feat Infected Mushroom 07:40
#3 Tweaky 06:54
#4 Techno Widows 07:33
#5 Artcore 07:05
#6 On Fire 06:24
#7 Underbeat 06:47
#8 Sex Style 06:50
#9 Beyond The Senses 07:45

One Step Ahead

One Step Ahead, 2008, HOM-Mega Productions
Track Number Title Length
#1 I Screan 07:00
#2 Lost Inside 08:06
#3 Control Me (XI Remix) 07:18
#4 Future Music & 3rd Time Lucky (Live Mix) 08:14
#5 Just in Time 09:54
#6 Touched 06:04
#7 Sex Style (Krunch Remix) 07:53
#8 Sex Style (XSI Remix) 08:30
#9 Sex Style (Analyser Remix) 08:03
#10 Sex Style (Rewind Evolution Remix) 06:17
#11 Sex Style (4-Play Remix) 08:37
#12 Sex Style (Vogue Remix) 07:56

Red Means Distortion

Red Means Distortion, 2010, HOM-Mega Productions / Vision Quest
Track Number Title Length
#1 Acid Rocker 07:40
#2 Mir (written by Guy Salama) 08:17
#3 Take A Shot 07:59
#4 Shakta - Lepton Head (Remix) 07:07
#5 Antiwar 07:37
#6 Dharma 08:55
#7 Sparks 08:31
#8 Delirious - Silver Sky (Remix) 07:28
#9 Emok & NDSA - Harbour Candy (Remix) 07:45
#10 Infected Mushroom feat. Perry Farrell - Killing Time (Remix) 07:13


He.art, 2016, HOM-Mega Productions
Track Number Title Length
#1 Shamanic Tales 13:01
#2 Deep Jungle Walk 09:15
#3 Alien Turned Human 08:08
#4 Valley of Stevie (With Ace Ventura) 08:41
#5 He.art 08:01
#6 Agate (With Ritmo) 08:43
#7 Sapana (Album Version) 08:37
#8 Awake the Snake (With Tristan) 08:23
#9 Conquistador (Astrix Remix) 09:43

EPs / Singles

  • Coolio, 2004, HOM-Mega Productions
  • Coolio (12"), 2004, Tokyo Dance
  • Closer To Heaven (12"), 2005, Tokyo Dance
  • Future Music EP, 2007, Spiral Trax
  • Acid Rocker EP, 2010, HOMmega HD
  • Reunion, 2011, Plastik Park
  • Type 1, 2012, HOMmega HD
  • Stars On 35, 2012, HOMmega HD
  • High On Mel, 2013, HOMmega HD

Compilation & Mixes by Astrix

Nu-Clear Visions Of Israel

Nu-Clear Visions Of Israel, 2003, TIP.World,
Track Number Title Length
#1 Sub6 - Pounding 07:04
#2 Astrix - Disco Valley 08:07
#3 Psy Sex - Alien Cop (Goblin Remix) 08:38
#4 Hujaboy - Flake 07:23
#5 Cosma - Nonstop 07:25
#6 Xerox & Illumination - Temporary Insanity 07:05
#7 Delirious - Dynamic Force 07:40
#8 Psy Craft - Top Gun 07:38
#9 Astrix & Atomic Pulse - Valirus (Sub6 Remix) 05:56

Psychedelic Academy

Psychedelic Academy CD 1, 2005, Hit Mania
Track Number Title Length
#1-01 Astrix - Follow Me 08:37
#1-02 Delirious - Dance Flow 07:25
#1-03 Black & White - Geronimo 05:30
#1-04 Domestic - Limited Addiction 05:35
#1-05 Chakra - Atomic Base 06:07
#1-06 Sub6 - Buttersonic (GMS Remix) 06:04
#1-07 PsyCraft - Computech 05:29
#1-08 Xerox & Illumination - The Vision 05:37
#1-09 Psysex - New Wave Hooker (Domestic & Pixel Remix) 06:56
#1-10 X-Noize - The Sperminator 06:40
#1-11 Psysex & DJ Slider - Tribal Dance 05:55
#1-12 Dali - Colors Band (Astrix Remix) 06:09
Academy Anthems CD 2, 2005, Hit Mania
Track Number Title Length
#2-01 Astrix & DJ Highguy - Chaos 07:52
#2-02 Delirious - Silver Sky 08:02
#2-03 Cosma - Nonstop 07:22
#2-04 PsyCraft - Memory Flash 08:49
#2-05 Xerox & Illumination - Tribal Metal 07:17
#2-06 Astrix - Coolio (Infected Mushroom Remix) 08:17
#2-07 Dali - Colors Band 06:53
#2-08 Sub6 - Ra He'ya (feat. Michele Adamson) 07:16
#2-09 Psysex - New Wave Hooker 07:22

DJ Magazine Presents Astrix & Friends

DJ Magazine Presents Astrix & Friends, 2007, DJ Magazine,
Track Number Title Length
#1 Astrix - Future Music & 3rd Time Lucky (Live Mix) 08:01
#2 Sub6 - Saved 05:21
#3 Domestic & Wrecked Machines - Bloom On Day 03:09
#4 Xerox & Illumination - No Way Out 03:36
#5 Delirious - Dance Electric 04:57
#6 Intelabeam Feat. MC Jah-Natan & Efrat Dahan - One Minute 03:29
#7 PsyCraft Feat. Michele Adamson - Follow The Line 03:09
#8 Pixel & Wrecked Machines - Mother Funker 05:50
#9 Astrix - Adventure Mode 05:11
#10 Black & White - Dirty Herring 03:22
#11 Krunch - Syncopat 03:43
#12 Chakra - Montezuma's Revenge 02:42
#13 Astrix & Sub6 - Control Me 05:24
#14 X-Noize Feat. Tom C. - Voice Tweaker 06:50
#15 Dali - Unconditional Love 06:26

Releases on compilations

Track Name: Artist - Album/Compilation

  • Chaos: Digital Oracle
  • Poison (Wrecked Machines rmx): Map Of Goa Vol.3
  • Future Music: Goa Neo Full On Vol.4
  • Closer To heaven: Compilation Neo Full ON


DVD Videos

  • The Gathering, 2002 - 2007, Vision Quest Productions
  • X-Mode Vol.6 Back To The Future, 2004, Tokyo X-Ray Studios Productions
  • Supervision - NTSC/PAL, 2006, Tip.World Productions
  • Boom Festival 2008 We Are All - NTSC/PAL, 2009, GoodMood Productions
  • The Beach, 2009, FinePlay Records Productions


Astrix has become one of the leading and favorite act by many Psytrance festival as-well as EDM festival around the globe. Astrix has been touring in USA, Europe, Australia, India, Japan and more... This is just a very short list of the festivals Astrix has been playing during the past year:

  • EDC Vegas,
  • Burning man,
  • Beyond Wonderland and Summer Music Festival (USA),
  • Summer Stomp Festival,
  • SW4 and BoomTown Fair (UK),
  • Earthcore (Australia),
  • VuuV Festival(Germany),
  • [Tomorrowland_(festival)|Tomorrowland] (Belgium),
  • [Tomorrowland_(festival)|Tomorrowland] (Brazil),
  • OZORA (Hungary),
  • Psy Fi and Dance Valley (Netherlands),
  • Weekend Festival (Finland & Estonia),
  • Airbeat One (Germany),
  • Tribe
  • XXXperience (Brazil),
  • Emmaboda (Sweden),
  • Inox (France),
  • BAT (Argentina)

And to the world's top dance clubs such as Brixton Academy, Ministry of Sound, O2 Arena, Pacha, Privilege, Exchange, Avalon, AgeHa and many more.

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