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Arnold Ehret

Arnold Ehret

American medical researcher
Arnold Ehret
The basics

Quick Facts

Intro American medical researcher
Was Nutritionist Writer
From Germany
Type Healthcare Literature
Gender male
Birth 29 July 1866, Sankt Georgen im Schwarzwald
Death 9 October 1922, Los Angeles (aged 56 years)
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Arnold Ehret (29 July 1866 – 10 October 1922) was a German health educator and author of several books on diet, detoxification, fruitarianism, fasting, food combining, health, longevity, naturopathy, physical culture and vitalism.


Ehret was a founder of vitalism in dietetics, and pioneer of Ehretism. He claimed to have discovered that the human body is an "air-gas engine" that is powered exclusively by oxygen and that a diet consisting of fruits, starchless vegetables and edible green leaves ("herbs"), which he dubbed 'mucusless' foods, is the optimum food for human consumption. Ehret maintained human health was determined by the state of the milieu interior, a term and principle espoused earlier by Louis Pasteur. He attempted to demonstrate that mucusless foods were the key to peak health and produced a treatise entitled The Mucusless Diet Healing System.

Early life

Ehret was born in 1866, in St. Georgen (Black Forest), Schwarzwald, Baden, near Freiburg, southern Germany. His parents were veterinarians and his grandparents were doctors His father was a farmer who crafted all of his own farming equipment. Both his father and brother died of tuberculosis and his mother suffered from nephritis. Ehret's interests were physics, chemistry, drawing and painting. He also had an affinity for linguistics and could speak German, French, Italian, and English.

In 1887, aged 21, he graduated as a Professor of Design from a college in Baden, and was drafted into the military only to be discharged after 9 months of service, because of heart disease. After studying in Frankfurt, he then taught there at a technical school for 15 years. At 31, he was diagnosed with Bright's disease (inflammation of the kidneys) by Dr Gustav Riedlin, and pronounced incurable by 24 of Europe's most respected doctors. He visited several sanitariums in Europe to learn holistic methods and philosophies including the Sebastian Kneipp sanitarium.

Later life

In 1899, he traveled to Berlin to study vegetarianism, and where he visited 20 vegetarian restaurants, and the Lebensreform co-operative at 'Eden', a vegetarian fruit colony in Oranienburg. He took a course at a university of medicine, physiology and chemistry, and explored natural healing, and later, courses in naturopathy, physical culture, anti-medicine, magnetic healing, mental healing, Christian Science and reform movements. Still without health, he went to Nice, in France, where he adopted a fruit and milk diet, with mixed results, as he was still unsure about fasting which he had heard about but was unfamiliar with.

After returning to Germany, he reverted to "good eating". The next winter, he took a trip to Algiers in northern Africa with a French bicyclist, called Peter where he experimented with fasting and a fruit diet. In a desperate attempt to end his health problems, Ehret decided to stop eating, and was surprised to find that he did not starve, but gained in strength and vitality. Due to his new lifestyle, Ehret claimed to have cured himself of his diseases and to be able to perform feats of physiological strength, including a 1000-mile bicycle trip from Algiers to Tunis which he undertook with the trained athlete in under 14 days. Returning to Germany, his sister discouraged him from continuing with fasting. In 1909, Ehret wrote his article denouncing the "Metabolic Theory".

On a separate journey through southern France to northern Italy where he walked continuously for 56 hours, he eventually reached the island of Capri (which Anita Bauer, Ehret's stated secretary, later claimed Ehret regarded as "the isle of the blessed"), with a follower born in 1881 called "Mr B." which some Ehretists believe was Paul Bragg. They then took a boat to Egypt, traveling on to Palestine, Turkey, Romania, Hungary and Austria, to practice his system. He also allegedly travelled to Persia and India.

Arrival in America

On 27 June 1914, just before World War I, Ehret departed from Bremen for the United States to see the Panama–California Exposition and sample the fruits of the continent. On 6 July 1914, he disembarked from the transatlantic George Washington on Ellis Island. He then travelled to California, which was of special interest to him, since it was undergoing a horticultural renaissance due to botanists like Luther Burbank, who later paid tribute to Ehret. At the time, the University of California owned the world's largest collection of rare fruits. The war prevented him returning to Germany so he settled in Mount Washington, where he prepared his manuscripts and diplomas in his cultivated eating gardens.

Benedict Lust distributed the books of Ehret, Kneipp, Kuhne, Just, and Engelhardt in the United States including "Kranke Menschen" which was a best-seller. Ehret worked at Lust's Yungborn Sanitarium for 5 years. Dr. Carl Schultz, a pioneer of naturopathy in California, owned two sanatoriums and teaching institutes. Ehret continued the trend by opening a sanitarium in Alhambra, California, before embarking on a lecture tour. His course on The Mucusless Diet Healing System, became a book of 25 lessons for his students, and later, his most important book. Ehret also developed and marketed the Innerclean Herbal Laxative.


Just two weeks after he completed The Mucusless Diet Healing System, on 9 October 1922, he finished a series of four lectures on Health Thru Fasting and the grape cure, at the Assembly Room of the Angeles Hotel on 5th and Spring Street, where "at least a hundred persons were unable to secure seats". After leaving the building, between 11:00 pm and 11:30 pm, Ehret, aged 56, fell, sustaining a fatal blow to his skull. According to Ehret's business partner and publisher, Fred S. Hirsch D.N.S., he was walking briskly on a wet, oil-soaked street during foggy conditions when he slipped on the curb and fell backward onto his head. Hirsch did not actually witness the fall but found Ehret lying on the street.

Some Ehretists have doubts about the official cause of Ehret's death, including his 1920s German publisher Carl Kuhn who questioned whether Ehret's fall was an accident. Ehret's powerful healing successes along with his influential and radical new lifestyle challenged the medical and agricultural industries, and his writings on religion and family were regarded as contentious. In the decades following Ehret's death, Fred Hirsch had many legal battles with the medical authorities, over the word 'mucus', and the Innerclean laxative.

In "What Really Happened To Arnold Ehret?", Sylvia Saltman recorded 21 October 1927 as the date of Ehret's death. Saltman claimed Hirsch's wife Lucile, had recounted to her that a mystery lady, possibly Anita Bauer, the stated author of the biography about Ehret called The Story Of My Life, accompanied Ehret and Hirsch, that evening. Saltman concluded that Ehret had slipped in his new shoes on spilled car-oil in the street on the foggy night. In slight contrast, Benedict Lust, who was Ehret's American publisher prior to Fred Hirsch, maintained that Ehret was "hastily making his way to the railroad station to board the train for his home in the Los Angeles suburbs." and wearing a pair of new dress shoes which caused him to slip as a result of his unfamiliarity with the footwear.

Another theory was that Ehret was in fact with Los Angeles medical doctor John Dequer that night but suffered heart problems due to coffee drinking. However, Ehret denounced coffee, as well as alcohol and tobacco, as "poisons" in his writings, even though in his visit to Egypt, he said people who smoked and drank coffee heavily, yet ate a light vegetarian diet, were not suffering the illnesses of western Europeans.

The day after, Hirsch ordered a medical report, conducted by the Los Angeles County Coroner's office, which confirmed a basal fracture of the skull as the cause of death, and Ehret was cremated and interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California; his ashes preserved in a bronze acorn on Coleus Terrace. The death certificate was archived in the Hall of Records at the Los Angeles County Recorder's Office.


For 65 years, Fred and Lucille Hirsch published Ehret's literature and the torch symbol found on Ehret's books became the logo of the Ehret Health Club. In 1979, the Ehret Literature Publishing Company Inc, in New York, inherited Ehret's publications and archive of unpublished German manuscripts on nature cure, natural diet, physiology, history, philosophy, religion, metaphysics, spirituality and Nietzsche including The Ascona Lectures and About The Healthy Human. A 5 stanza poem entitled "Ehretism", also in the archive, has appeared at the Breathairean Ensemble website. [1] A photograph of Fred Hirsch with Albert Einstein also appears in the archive.

In 2002, Dr Ludwig Max Fischer, Professor of German at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, and a follower of Ehret's teachings, translated Ehret's Kranke Menschen from old German into English. The new book featured new photos of Ehret, Ehret's birth certificate, his death certificate and the advertisement in the Los Angeles Times of 8 October, advertising the final 'free lecture'.

Views on disease

Ehret claimed that pus- and mucus-forming foods were the cause of human disease, "schleimlose" (slime-free) foods were the key to human health and "fasting (simply eating less) is Nature's omnipotent method of cleansing the body from the effects of wrong and too much eating." The term mucus, a glyco-protein acid, derives from the Greek "myxa". In 1812, William Cullen referred to mucus as 'butyraceous matter' and in 1877, Gustav Schlickeysen referred to a mucus layer beneath the human skin in Obst Und Brod. It was later termed 'mucin' by Dr. Teofilo De La Torre in the 1950s, 'mucous' by Morris Krok in the 1960s, 'impacted fecal matter' by Norman Walker in the 1970s 'mucoid matter' by Robert Gray in the 1980s, and 'mucoid plaque' in the 1990s. In the 2000s, Daniel Reid re-introduced the term 'mucus'. Gray made a further distinction between healthy and unhealthy mucus, and how certain substances left an internal residue which the body suspended in mucus, in contrast with a fruitarian diet.


In 1907, Ehret who was based in Freiburg, visited Monte Verità, a nature life colony in Ascona, near Lake Maggiore, whose visitors included Lenin and Trotsky. After collaborating with Henri Oedenkoven who owned a sanitarium at Monte Verità, Ehret opened a sanitarium in Ascona, Switzerland and another 'Fruit and Fasting Sanitarium', in nearby Lugano (Massagno), treating thousands of patients considered incurable, writing one of his books in Locarno. Around 1909, Ehret engaged in a series of public lectures and fasts monitored by German and Swiss officials.

Within 14 months, Ehret fasted for 126 days without food. He had completed a fast of 21 days, one of 24 days, one of 32 days, and one of 49 days which he commenced on 26 June 1909 at Kastan's Panoptikum (waxworks), in Cologne under the watch of a notary from the Royal Court. In 1909, he fasted, in total, for 105 days. In 1910, he wrote an article for a German vegetarian magazine about his 49-day fasting experience, which gained the public's interest, and which later appeared in his book Lebensfragen (Life Questions).

Scientific claims

Having denounced the nitrogenous-albumin metabolic theory in 1909, Ehret learned of a contemporary, Thomas Powell M.D., in 1912, who concurred with his belief that "grape sugar" (simple sugars in fruits and vegetables) was the optimum fuel source, body building material and agent of vitality, for humans, not protein rich foods. Powell had set out his beliefs in the book "Fundamentals and Requirements of Health and Disease", published in 1909. Ehret claimed alkaline foods, which were also mucusless, formed the natural diet of humans. His findings about food values and pH values, were supported by chemist, Julius Hensel, and Swedish chemist, Ragnar Berg. In 1911-1912, Ehret conducted seminars and conferences in Germany, Switzerland and Monaco, about his discoveries, gaining support from Dr. Katz, the owner of a natural healing center in Stuttgart who wrote about Ehret in Lebeskunst magazine in 1911.

Religious views

Along with his sister, Ehret was brought up as a Roman Catholic. He believed in God, but took issue with the Church because of its dietary requirements in a letter to the Pope, and subsequently quit the Church, though his faith in God remained. After his death, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, who was aware of his writings on Jesus, wrote to Fred Hirsch to confirm he would ban Catholics from reading Ehret's religious writings, if published. Prior to this, Ehret was popular with the bishop and the Catholic fraternity, due to the strong tradition of fasting within the Church.

According to Hirsch, in Ehret's unpublished book about Jesus, and letter to the Pope, Ehret described his belief that Jesus had not died on the cross, but had been taken down alive and revived with herbs and ointments. Ehret believed his proposed diet led to absolute communion with God.

Diet system

Transition diet

The Mucusless Diet Healing System (MDHS) consists of various kinds of raw and cooked fruits, starchless vegetables and edible green leaves, to re-alkalize the body and build new blood. It uses a combination of long and short-term rational fasts, menus that progressively change to non-mucus-forming foods, and colonic irrigation.

Ehret believed that by using his transition diet system, any serious practitioner could move away from mucus-forming foods to non-mucus forming foods, especially using mineral-rich organic produce. However, he recommended caution and rationality during the transition program, since too rapid detoxification could lead to various illness symptoms depending on the individual's constitutional weaknesses and approach to the system. When toxemia or mucus entered the blood circulation system too quickly or where food combining was not followed, elimination of toxins and assimilation of nutrients, could be hindered. This was later affirmed by Jethro Kloss and Henry Bieler.

Vitalism principle

Ehret asserted that the body was an air-gas engine, not dependent on food for energy, and that the body was not designed to utilize mucus-forming foods, offering the equation Vitality = Power − Obstruction (V = P − O) to demonstrate this. Ehret also claimed the lungs were the pump in the body while the heart acted as a valve, with the blood controlling the heart - a concept also mentioned by Dr M. J. Rodermund in 1904. Ehret further believed that white blood cells were the result of ingesting mucus-forming foods.

Metabolism myth

Ehret maintained new tissue was built primarily from simple sugars in fruits, not metabolised from protein and fat-rich foods. Ehret only favored nuts and seeds during transition to the ideal fruit diet, and even then, only "sparingly", condemning high-protein and fat-rich foods, as "unnatural"; further writing that "no animals eat fats" and "all fats are acid forming,even those of vegetable origin, and are not used by the body" Later editions of his Mucusless Diet Healing System published by Fred S. Hirsch, claimed nuts were "mucus-free". Ehret specifically renounced meat, eggs, milk, fats, cereals, legumes, potatoes and rice, whilst recognizing the transitional value in some of these. Ehret, citing Ragnar Berg, stated that fats and proteins were acid-forming and were to be consumed in moderation, as did Ehret's contemporary Otto Carque.

Rigorous hypothesis

In 2009, Harvard Medical Doctor, David L. Duffy wrote: "A study in the Journal Of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism finds that 'A diet that is high in protein and cereal grains is metabolized in a way that produces residue with an acidic pH. This may increase calcium excretion and weaken bones.' I believe it may also inhibit the release of oxygen from the red blood cells to the body."


Of Ehret

Ehret believed a fruitarian diet was the ideal diet, however he was unable to demonstrate the long term viability of this diet, due to his sudden death at age 53 after he slipped and fell. Ehret is often criticized for officially being a Professor of drawing/painting, not dietetics. In his writings, Herbert Shelton claimed Ehret had admitted in a public lecture that he had little experience or understanding of fasting. Shelton also claimed Ehret made no distinction between mucus and pus, even though Ehret explained blood vessels can be obstructed with mucus-forming foods, which decompose, ferment and degenerate into pus. Johnny Lovewisdom claimed that Shelton claimed that Ehret enjoyed coffee, wine and cigarettes, and that coffee drinking caused his demise. In "Lebensfragen", Ehret described his use of coffee, alcohol and cigars, prior to his detoxification path, and use of meat, during his early dietary experiments. Lovewisdom also maintained that Ehret promoted grains, nuts and seeds as ideal foods, even though Ehret described them as part of "The Destructive Diet Of Civilization".

His system

In his writings, Ehret differentiated his method from natural hygiene (orthopathy), naturopathy, rawfoodism, vegetarianism, the mineral supplement movement, and other systems, since his knowledge of disease and other concepts contrasted with theirs. Natural hygienists have criticized Ehret for renouncing nuts and seeds as ideal foods, whilst advocating other foods in transition such as sauerkraut. Rawfoodists have criticized Ehret's use of cooked foods, which are applied selectively, in his transition program. Another common criticism is that a diet low in protein and carbohydrates, would lead to a drop in blood sugar, causing decreased insulin sensitivity, leading to a state of excitability. Mucusless diets were critiqued in the book "Diet and Die" by Carl Mamberg in 1935.


Ehret was criticized by Herbert Shelton who did not distinguish between natural and unnatural mucus, unlike Robert Gray. Shelton however recognized that cereals and pulses caused an "acid ash". Ehret believed that microbial pathogens thrive by the ingestion of certain foods, an idea which is not universally accepted. Unlike medical practitioners today, who believe white blood cells are important components of the immune system, Ehret believed that white blood cells were caused by consuming mucus-forming foods, and as waste materials, poison the blood.


Potential resulting symptoms and side effects of detoxification and fasting may include: nausea, rapid weight loss, decreased motor control, vitamin deficiency, mineral deficiency, tooth loss, hair loss, bone loss, muscle loss, organ damage, hyper-ventilation, mental imbalance, pH imbalance, bulimia, hunger, cravings, obsessions and isolation. Ehret encouraged those new to detoxification and fasting to consult with experts who understood fasting and his system.

His writings

Some Ehretists believe Fred Hirsch embellished the 1954 edition of Ehret's Mucusless Diet book, and later editions have been modified. Other published versions of Ehret's books may also have been updated. Earlier Spanish editions of Ehret's books contained various translation errors such as using the word legumes instead of vegetables. The autobiography "The Story Of My Life (as told to Anita Bauer)" is regarded by some Ehretists as fictional. References to Innerclean, the herbal laxative product marketed by Ehret in the United States, were later removed from Ehret's writings due to government objections to using books in product promotion.

Ehret's early 20th-century views on religion, the Church, Catholicism, homosexuality, motherhood, eugenics, modern science, conventional medicine, alternative medicine, the agriculture industry and the pharmaceutical complex, invited criticism from those factions, which Ehret rebuffed in his books and articles.


Arnold Ehret was part of an 18th and 19th century European and American nature cure movement which stemmed from a German tradition of natural life and sun worship rooted in Teutonic earth religions and Paganism. Ehret was a proponent of the emerging back-to-nature renaissance in Germany and Switzerland during the latter part of the 19th century, which was inspired by writers such as Meister Eckhart, Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland, Nietzsche, Goethe, Hermann Hesse, Ernst Haeckel and Eduard Baltzer as well as the healing traditions of Roman and Greek philosophers such as Paracelsus, Empedocles, Seneca, Plutarch, Porphyry, Galen, Hippocrates, Socrates, Pythagoras, Plato and Aristotle. Ascona in Switzerland, became a magnet for Hermann Hesse, Wilhelm Alexander de Beauclaire, Carl Jung, Isadora Duncan, D. H. Lawrence, Franz Kafka and Ehret himself. At the beginning of the 20th century, pioneers began to experiment with natural cure, raw foods, vegetarianism and social reform. Thousands of young Germans rejected urbanization to pursue a more natural lifestyle. An early health reformer mentioned by Ehret is August Engelhardt who wrote The Carefree Future in 1913. In his writings, Ehret cites Therese Neumann, who cured blindness and paralysis by abstaining from food.

Later interest

Swiss author Dr. Eduard Berthollet described Ehretism in Le Retour À La Santé Et A la Vie Saine Par Le Jeûne (The Return To Health By Fasting). Other contemporaries of Ehret included Rhea Niesen, Marie-Reine Geffroy, Carlos Brandt, Jethro Kloss, John Richter, Arshavir Ter Hovannessian, Henry Bieler, Paavo Airola, Johanna Brandt and Teresa Mitchell. The German renaissance spread to America and influenced many of the countercultural movements including the beat generation and the vegetarian driven "hippie" movement. Ehret inspired author Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Hollywood actress Gloria Swanson.

In the 1960s, Ehret's writings gained popularity with the hippie and surf culture of San Francisco, Hawaii and California. In the 1970s, Paul Bragg rewrote The Mucusless Diet Healing System and Rational Fasting with Hirsch's permission. In 1973, Manuel Lezaeta integrated Ehret's ideas with his 'thermal doctrine' for the elimination of toxins in La Medicina Natural Al Alcance De Todos. [1] Towards the 1980s, authors who referred to mucusless foods, included Marc Ams, Morris Krok, Johnny Lovewisdom, George Fathman, John Christopher, Robert Gray, Bernard Jensen, Corwyn Samuel West, Daniel Reid, Viktoras Kulvinskas, Ann Wigmore, Gary Null, Ross Horne, Essie Honiball, David Fastiggi, Joe Alexander, John Lust and Fred S. Hirsch.

In 1992, Octavi Piulats, a professor of philosophy at the University of Barcelona, and doctor of philosophy at the Goethe University Frankfurt, documented Ehret's critique of conventional physiology and naturalism, and how ancient Egyptian medicine, considered mucus, along with a series of astral and demonic influences, as the source of the disease, in Ehret: O La Pasion Por El Naturismo. In 1994, German magazine Stern published a review of a best-selling book by Helmut Wandmaker, who had been inspired by Ehret. In 1995, Pablo Cazau, a psychology Professor at Favaloro University, Buenos Aires, wrote about Ehret and Lezaeta, in the article El Naturismo: Una comparación con la cura psicoanalítica. In 1998, Gordon Kennedy documented Ehret in his book Children Of The Sun.

Natural lifestyle writers who continue to emphasise the need for the transition diet include Tonya Zavasta, Brian Clement, Douglas N. Graham, Natalia Rose, Paul Nison, Joel Fuhrman, Christopher Vassey, Loren Lockman, Herman Keppler, David Duffy M.D., Eduardo Alfonso, Anne Osborne Mantak Chia Gabriel Cousens Steven Bailey and Prof. Spira.

Published works

Ehret's original German writings have been translated into Croatian, Danish, English, Estonian, French, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Turkish.

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