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Andreea Bălan
Romanian singer

Andreea Bălan

Andreea Bălan
The basics

Quick Facts

Intro Romanian singer
Is Singer Songwriter
From Romania
Field Music
Gender female
Birth 23 June 1984, Ploiești
Age 37 years
Star sign Cancer
Andreea Bălan
The details (from wikipedia)


Andreea Bălan is a Romanian pop singer. She made her singing debut in 1994, on Ba da, ba nu, a children's TV show. Two years later, she released her debut solo album, Amețiți de fum. Bălan earned commercial success as a member of dance duo Andrè, which released six albums between 1998 and 2001. In 2002, the group was awarded four platinum and one gold record for selling 1.5 million album copies. Andrè was influential in bringing platform heels, box braids, mini skirts and push-up bras into fashion.
After the breakup of the group Andrè, Bălan launched another solo album, Te joci cu mine, on 23 June 2002. She has since released five major studio albums and 20 music videos. In 2007, Bălan participated in the show Dancing, where she reached 1st place. She also placed 2nd in the international version, Dancing Around the World, with partner, Petrișor Rudge. Ranked in the top three in 2008, she was also among the best-selling Romanian artists in terms of concerts. Bălan is recognized as having the most spectacular shows in Romania, successfully combining music and dance, showing true performances with over ten costume changes. Among others, she has worked with Connect-R, Keo, and Puya.

Life and career

Childhood and early career (1994 - 1998)

Andreea Bălan was born on 23 June 1984 to Săndel and Valeria Bǎlan. The school was a middle school student until eighth grade, then became a good student. Childhood was held without major incidents being classified as "very good child". She attended Ion Luca Caragiale High School in Ploiești, passing baccalaureate with grade 9.

She began singing at the age of 10, under the guidance of her father, Săndel Bălan. She has composed several pieces, with which she participated in a series of performances for children in Ploiești. In these recitals, she was noticed by Mihai Constantinescu, being invited by him to a show for children, BaDa BaNu suspect, which was broadcast by TVR 1 . She was invited to other specific issue, such as Feriți-vă de măgăruș, Abracadabra, Video Magazin and Tip Top Mini Top. During this period she participated in many festivals for children, receiving several awards, the most important being International Festival Little Prince; It was attended by children from 16 countries, Bălan being called "Little Princess of Europe" award presented by the President of Romania, Emil Constantinescu. There were some negotiations to form a group with Simona Nae, but plans have not materialized following disagreements between parents.

In 1997, Bălan took part in the National Gala of the Eurovision with "Un univers mai liniștit", but her participation was not validated due to the age criteria. The following year, Bălan became the first child to release an album on a compact disc in Romania. The album, titled "Amețiți de fum" contained 10 songs composed by her father, dance orchestrated by Cătălin Tîrcolea. Although officially released, it has not been distributed due to lack of funds. It was claimed to be the first dance music artist from Romania, due to songs such as "Rezemat de gard" that were included on the album.

Andrè (1999 - 2001)

At the end of 98, Andreea Balan and Andreea Antonescu knows the programs, shows for children BaDa BaNu, so taking birth Andrè project, although Gigi Antonescu was reluctant at first. The project proved Andrè to be a national success, having success and occasionally outside Romanian, their target audience is teenagers. Compositions on his debut album, at the meeting, were made mostly Săndel Balan being included the song "Un univers mai liniștit" renamed here "Iluzii", previously interpreted by Andreea Balan in Eurovision. It was released in May 1999 and proved to be a commercial success, is selling over 50,000 copies by September of the same year. The group enjoyed great popularity due to simple musical style and rhythmic songs. To promote the album, they performed "La întâlnire", "Să ne distrăm" and "Nu mă uita" in television shows, but none of the pieces did not adhere to the benefit of a video. The first piece has enjoyed popularity on radio, despite the lack of support from their Romanian musicians typically given.

In the summer of 1999 comes the song "Liberă la mare", a signature song for the group. The song was featured several occasions, including at the Mamaia's Festival where she won 1st place in the "Șlagăre", thus becoming most young singers who have won the trophy. At the end of that year, the album "Noapte de vis", which included the hit, being promoted song "Noapte de vis (Moșule, ce tânăr ești)", this with a video. "Noapte de vis" was named No. 16 in the "Top 20 after 90", a hierarchy organized by Kiss FM and "Click" magazine, based on public voting, and in 2008 "Liberă la mare" was ranked in the top 29 television made U TV entitled "Top 100 songs that Romania had broken in two".

For the third album, Prima iubire (2000) were promoted: "Prima iubire" and "Lasă-mă papa la mare", both Top 20 hits in Romania. "Lasă-mă papa la mare" was named No. 19 in the "Top 20 after 90", a hierarchy organized by Kiss FM and Click magazine, based on public voting. The next album, Am să-mi fac de cap (2000), was also promoted two songs: "Am să-mi fac de cap" and "Flori de tei", both benefiting from one video, the latter being at that time the most expensive video ever made Romania, with a budget of US $12,000 and was the first shot on film.

In early 2001 the magazine Bravo receive the distinction of "Best band for teens" and Cat Music rewards them with five platinum and one gold for the 1.5 million albums sold, calling them "princesses dance music" becoming first and only these records. But shortly split because of disagreements. Balan continues his career, forming a duo with Alina Sorescu. Although they had a number of television appearances, the project did not end an album or a video, and after six months apart. At the same time the market appears greatest hits album, Andre - The Best Of.

The band meets after father's death Andreea Antonescu, his last wish was this. Launches duo album O noapte și-o zi (2001) and a single of the same name, promoted by a video, but split again, especially Balan denying there any chance of a reconciliation work between the two, considering only possible duet. The success of the group is considered the largest in Romanian music history.

Throughout his career alongside Antonescu, the two were heavily criticized for the image promoted and fashion style. The two had a great influence on the young, fashion launching platforms, known as "track" the stalks, mini skirt and breast highlight with push-up bras. This fashion has been heavily criticized because of vulgarity and that girls felt influenced their image frivolous. The group was also constantly attention tabloids that published the rumors as the two did not get along, that only the financial bind and beat them backstage, things belied by the two performers, who argue that quarrels arose actually, because those articles.

Solo career (2002 - 2007)

The first solo album of Andreea was released commercially on June 23, 2002 under the label Cat Music and distributed by Media Services is Te joci cu mine. The album contains the song "Te joci cu mine", originally composed for Andrè. The song was promoted and was ranked lowest of the Romanian Top 100. No other single was not promoted on the album. Between June and September of the same year, you play with me was distributed over 30,000 copies.

Following the success of the album is followed by another one in September, Liberă din nou.] Between 22 December 2002 and 22 January 2003 gave a tour of 14 concerts in the United States. From the album have extracted the single "Liberă din nou" and "Plâng de dor". On March 1 was filmed the video for the single "Plâng de dor" that would be available as a maxi single. In the summer of 2003 launched the song "Nopți de vară" was included in the remake album Liberă din nou. Although it has enjoyed great success on radio, received first place in the "Best Songs" Mamaia's Festival as voted viewers. In the same period, Balan began a collaboration with the band News, group of 12 instrumentalists, starting a national tour; shortly stopped working because of financial problems and organizational staff musicians numbering 18 people.

The album Așa sunt eu (2004), with lyrics more mature and strong rock influences, has become very popular, promoting five tracks on it, three entered the top 40 ranking Romanian official, Romanian Top 100. Balan said he was very pleased with the final result, the songs are inspired by her life, covering topics such as fame, life in front of the camera and failure in love, considering it when matured artistically. Wanting to prove the quality of the album, it was promoted five parts: "Aparențe" (2004), "Oops, eroare" (2004), "Evadez" (2005), "Invidia" (2005) and "O străină"(2005), making it one of the few Romanian artists extracted five singles from a single album. In 2005 MTV receives a trophy for the best web site. He presented a contrasting picture the musician promoted previously, characterized by black clothes and makeup and a rebellious attitude. The song contains elements of pop rock, showing the development of artistic, removing a total of teen pop.

The album Andreea B has produced two singles: "Nu știu să fiu numai pentru tine" (feat. Keo), nominated for "Best Hit - Featuring" the Romanian Top Hits. and "Prinde-mă, aprinde-mă!" designated "gay song of the year" Gala Gay Awards 2007. "Prinde-mă, aprinde-mă!" is the most watched video of the artist on YouTube, with over 2.8 million of hits.

Dancing and return to dance music (2008 - present)

Balan was co-opted to participate in the third season of Dansez pentru tine, broadcast on PRO TV in spring 2007. The evolution of the pair along show was acclaimed by audiences and the jury, topping -it ultimately place 3. the team participated in the "League winners'" season especially dedicated to the best in the history of the competition, which took place in spring 2008, winning first place. Following appearance in the show Dansez pentru tine, her career took her on the rise.

Catalin Maruta and Andreea Balan

Between the two editions, she was selected to participate in PRO TV International version of Dansez pentru tine entitled Dancing Around the World. It was held in Mexico, and Balan participated alongside Petrişor Rudge, partner during her Dansez pentru tine broadcasts. The pair was ranked 2, host country, and enjoyed great popularity among the Mexican public, received a contract from EMI Music for to record an album.

Balan was among the best-selling artists in Romania in terms of concerts from 2008 to present in both years being ranked in the top 3. In 2011 claimed more than 150 concerts.

On June 28, 2009, a new single, "God" was released exclusively on Kiss FM. "Trippin'" (2010) became one of the most popular singles of the artist drawn on, becoming the first Top 40 hit of it in Romanian Top 100 in five years. Balan played the song "Trippin'"in several events including the final of Miss Universe Romania (2010) and at the ninth edition of Romanian Music Awards. The song contains elements of dance music combined with elements of popcorn music, a musical style intensely broadcast on Romanian radio at the time. Balan said that this kind of approach to stay relevant in the music industry.

The song "Like a Bunny" was released on May 13, 2011 on his YouTube account, the prohibited minors because the image used to promote, they presence Balan in bathing suit, reminiscent of a Playboy Playmate. On June 8, 2011, released "Loving" in collaboration with Andra, Connect-R and Puya. In October 2011 argues that there is a reunion of the band thinks Andrè, because they could not handle solo. In 2012 launched the single "Money Love", which was an indecent promotion. Holds several shows including Dancing Show, Bunny Show, Beach Party and Christmas Party. In October 2012 launched the twenty-fifth video of his career, "Mă doare fără tine". In August 2013, the Carnival Show, Andreea Balan launches song "Things U do 2 me" in collaboration with Mike Diamondz. Consistently held concerts around the country.

Image and musical style

Over time, Balan has adopted several musical styles, and appreciated especially for music and image change in an attempt to adapt to new trends. The album Superwoman visibly distanced from other recordings of it, containing elements samba music, rock and roll and jive, finalizing her image as a soloist dancer.

Choreographies and costumes artist are sometimes criticized for being too sexual, although in general, her concerts are received positive reviews, both public and journalists.

Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Loredana Groza were called Balan as singers that they appreciate most, although she herself was heavily criticized because of limited vocal power.

Andreea in Buftea for the event "Miscarea inseamna viata"

Other aspects

Personal life

In 2004 she moved from the parental home Balan Ploiesti to Bucharest, where she met Teo Păcurar. In 2005 the two were engaged, both tattooed an engagement ring on the ring finger. The couple broke up in 2006 because he wanted Balan to move in with him in Bistrita, town where his parents lived. Shortly after the breakup, the singer appeared at social events with Keo, who helped her overcome separation from Păcurar, then became lovers. Although often appeared rumors that the two were separated, they were belied, proved unfounded.

A completed specialization courses in journalism and philosophy from the Spiru Haret University, Bucharest, wanting to have a career in television in the future.

Reaction to the tabloids

Balan is a frequent presence in the tabloids, so that the often mentioned as very upsetting, because a mind lies not only written, but her artistic activity is ignored to present unfounded rumors and promotion of non-values. A dispute arose between the singer and TV presenter Happy Hour at PRO TV, Cătălin Măruţă, in late April 2010. Invited to the show, it has presented the views critical of newspapers Romanian socialite and TV presenter to:

which made him say that in fact it does not support the criticism, accusing her of being hysterical and suffering from delusions of persecution. The conflict continued for a short period, the two criticizing each other in the press, on various occasions, culminating in blocking Balan's appearance in a special edition of the show Dansez pentru tine.


Album in Andrè

  • La Întâlnire (1999)
  • Noapte de Vis (1999)
  • Prima Iubire (2000)
  • Am Să-mi Fac De Cap (2000)
  • The Best Of (2001)
  • O Noapte Și-o Zi (2001)

Solo albums

  • Te joci cu mine (2002)
  • Liberă din nou (2002)
  • Așa sunt eu (2004)
  • Andreea B (2006)
  • SuperWoman (2009)


Year Title Director Album Notes
2002 "Te joci cu mine" Te joci cu mine
2002 "Liberă din nou" Dragoș Buliga Liberă din nou
2003 "Plâng de dor" Dragoș Buliga Liberă din nou
2003 "Nopți de vară" Liberă din nou
2004 "Aparențe" Așa sunt eu!
2004 "Oops, eroare!" Așa sunt eu!
2005 "Evadez" Așa sunt eu!
2005 "Invidia" Așa sunt eu!
2005 "O străină" Dragoș Buliga Așa sunt eu!
2006 "Nu știu să fiu numai pentru tine" Andreea B
2007 "Prinde-mă, aprinde-mă!" Dragoș Buliga Andreea B
2008 "Baby Get Up and Dance" Dragoș Buliga SuperWoman
2009 "SuperWoman" Iulian Moga SuperWoman
2009 "Snow" Alex Ceaușu
2010 "Trippin'" Alex Ceaușu
2011 "Crazy About You" Alex Ceaușu
2011 "Like a Bunny" Alex Ceaușu
2012 "Money Love" Alex Ceaușu
2012 "Mă doare fără tine" Alex Ceaușu
2013 "Things u do 2 me" (feat. Mike Diamondz) Alex Ceaușu
2013 "Iubi" (feat. Sonny Flame) Ciprian Strugariu
2014 "Decor" (feat. Criss Blaziny) Ciprian Strugariu & Criss Blaziny
2014 "Super Soaker" (feat. Skinny Fabulous & Monsta Riot) Anthony Icuagu
2014 "Rece" Bogdan Daragiu
2015 "Baila" Alex Ceaușu
2015 "Throw your Money" (feat. Drei Ross) Matei Dima

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