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Mirza Husain Noori Tabarsi
Iranian scientist

Mirza Husain Noori Tabarsi

Mirza Husain Noori Tabarsi
The basics

Quick Facts

Intro Iranian scientist
A.K.A. Mohaddeth Noori
Was Scientist
From Iran
Field Science
Gender male
Birth 4 January 1839, Nur County
Death 1 October 1902, An Najaf (aged 63 years)
The details (from wikipedia)


Mirza Husain Noori Tabarsi (Persian: میرزا حسین نوری طبرسی‎‎, Arabic: الميرزا حسين النوري الطبرسي‎‎) (1838 - 1902) popularly known as Muhaddis Noori / Al-Mohaddith Al-Noori, was a top Shi'a Islamic cleric and father of Islamic Shi'a Renaissance.
He came from the town of Noor, Northern Iran in province Tabarestan. He died at the age of 66 years in Najaf and was laid to rest on the right side of the entrance to the Mausoleum of Imam Ali.


Noori was born on 18th of the Islamic month of Shawwal in 1254 AH at the northern Iranian city of Nour in Mazandaran. Following the completion of his preliminary studies, he strove to scrutinize the vast hadith literature and became an authority in this regard. Allameh Sheikh Agha Bozorg Tehrani, considers him to be one of the most eminent, honorable, and precedent companions of the great Mirza Shirazi. The documents remaining from the Tobacco Movement he was prominent in that movement.


Noori studied in Iraq under leading scholars including Ayatollah Shaikh Morteza Ansari and Mirza Mohammed Hassan Husseini Shirazi. He was an authority on Islamic sciences, including hadith, exegesis of the Holy Qur'an, theology, and biography of ulema.

Noori’s masters were:

  • Clergyman Mola Fatholah Soltan Abadi
  • Molla Shekh Ali Khalili, the jurisprudent
  • Mo’ez aldin Seyed Mehdi Ghazvini
  • Mirza Mohammad Hashem Khansari
  • Ayatollah Haj Molla Kani

Some of his Alternative names

  • Haǧǧ Mīrzā Ḥusayn ibn Muḥammad Taḳī Nūrī al-Ṭabarsī
  • Ḥusain an-Nūrī aṭ-Ṭabarsī, Mīrzā 1838-1902
  • Ḥusain an-Nūrī, Mīrzā 1838-1902
  • Ḥusain Ibn-Muḥammad an-Nūrī aṭ-Ṭabarsī 1838-1902
  • Ḥusain Ibn-Muḥammad Taqī-ad-Dīn an-Nūrī aṭ-Ṭabarsī al-Māzandarānī 1838-1902
  • Ḥusain Ibn-Muḥammad Taqī an-Nūrī aṭ-Ṭabarsī 1838-1902
  • Ḥusain Taqī an-Nūrī Ṭabarsī 1838-1902
  • Ḥusayn al-Nūrī 1838-1902
  • Ḥusayn b. Muḥammad Taqī al-Nūr 1838-1902
  • Ḥusayn ibn Muḥammad Taqī al-Nūrī al-Ṭabarsī 1838-1902
  • Ḥusayn Taqī al-Nūrī 1838-1902
  • Ḥusayn Taqī al-Nūrī al-Ṭabarsī approximately 1838-1902
  • Ḥusayn Taqī al-Nūrī Ṭabarsī 1838-1902
  • Mīrzā Ḥusain an-Nūrī 1838-1902
  • Mirza Husain Noori Tabarsi Iranian scientist
  • Mirza Husain Noori Tabarsi wetenschapper uit Iran (1839-1902)
  • Mohaddeth Noori
  • Muḥaddit Nūrī 1838-1902
  • Muḥaddith Nūrī 1838-1902
  • Nūrī al-Ṭabarsī, Ḥusayn al- 1838-1902
  • Nūrī al-Ṭabarsī, Ḥusayn ibn Muḥammad Taqī 1838-1902
  • Nūrī al-Ṭabarsī, Ḥusayn ibn Muḥammad Taqī approximately 1838-1902
  • Nūrī al-Ṭabarsī, Ḥusayn Taqī al- 1838-1902
  • Nūrī al-Ṭabrisī, Ḥusayn al- 1838-1902
  • Nūrī al-Ṭabrisī, Ḥusayn Taqī al- 1838-1902
  • Nūrī aṭ-Ṭabarsī, Ḥusain Ibn-Muḥammad 1838-1902
  • Nūrī, Ḥosayn ibn Moḥammad Taqī 1838-1902
  • Nurī, Ḥusain an- 1838-1902
  • Nūrī, Ḥusain Ibn-Muḥammad an- 1838-1902
  • Nūrī, Ḥusayn al- 1838-1902
  • Nūrī, Ḥusayn approximately 1838-1902 Mīrzā
  • Nūrī, Ḥusayn b. Muḥammad al- 1838-1902
  • Nūrī, Ḥusayn b. Muḥammad Taqī al- 1838-1902
  • Nūrī, Ḥusayn ibn Muḥammad Taqī al- 1838-1902
  • Nūrī, Ḥusayn, Mīrzā, approximately 1838-1902
  • Nūrī, Muḥaddit 1838-1902
  • Nūrī, Muḥaddith 1838-1902
  • Ṭabarsī an-Nūrī, Ḥusain Ibn-Muḥammad Taqī aṭ- 1838-1902
  • Ṭabarsī, Ḥusayn b. Muḥammad Taqī al-Nūrī al- 1838-1902
  • Ṭabarsī, Ḥusayn ibn Muḥammad Taqī al-Nūrī al- 1838-1902
  • Ṭabarsī, Ḥusayn ibn Muḥammad Taqī Nūrī 1838 (ca.)-1902
  • Ṭabarsī, Ḥusayn ibn Muḥammad Taqī Nūrī̄ al-
  • Ṭabarsī, Ḥusayn Taqī al-Nūrī 1838-1902
  • Ṭabarsī, Ḥusayn Taqī al-Nūrī ca. 1838-1902
  • Tabarsi, Mirza Husain Noori, approximately 1838-1902
  • Ṭabarsī, Taqī al-Dīn al-Nūrī approximately 1838-1902
  • Ṭabrisī, Hadjdj Mīrzā Ḥusayn b. Muḥammad Taḳī Nūrī̄ al-
  • Alternative names and works by Mirza Husain Noori Tabrasi in "WorldCat the union catalog that itemizes the collections of 72,000 libraries in 170 countries and territories

Some of his Works

Noori was an authority on Islamic sciences, including hadith, exegesis of the Holy Qur'an, theology, and biography of ulema. He groomed numerous students, including Shaikh Abbas Qomi, the author of the famous prayer and supplication manual, "Mafatih al-Jinaan" (Keys of Paradise). He wrote numerous works in both Persian and Arabic, many of them were translated to other languages including English and Urdu. His works include:

  • Mustadrak al-Wasāʼil wa-mustanbaṭ al-masāʼil. One of the Shia Hadith-collection books comprising approximately 18 volumes.
  • An-Najm Al-Thāqib fī Aḥwāl Al-Imām Al-Ḥujja Al-Ghāʼeb (translated to English as the Shooting star). A comprehensive book regarding the twelfth Imam of Twelver Shias, written originally in Persian, and was translated lately to English, Arabic and Urdu. English Translation of: The Shooting Star - An-Najmus Saaqib Fee Ahwaal-e-Imaamul Ghaaeb in PDF format
  • Kashf Al-Astār ʿAn Wajh Al-Ghāʼeb ʿAn Al-Abṣār. A refutation to Sunnis regarding the twelfth Imam too, written in Arabic.
  • Jannat Al-Maʼwā fīman Fāz Biliqāʼ Al-Ḥujja fī Al-Ghayba Al-Kubrā. A collection of tales of those who claim to met the twelfth Imam during the Major Occultation period, and it was written in Arabic.
  • Nafas Ar-Raḥmān fī Faḍāʼil Salmān. A biography of Salman the Persian.
  • Al-Fayḍ Al-Qudsī fī tarjamat al-ʿAllāmah al-Majlisī. A comprehensive biography of the 17th century renowned cleric Muhammad Baqir Majlisi, and it was printed with Biḥār al-Anwār, and lately printed again separately.
  • Dār As-Salām fīmā Yataʿallaq Bi Ar-Ruʼyā wal Manām. A treatise on dreams interpretation.
  • Faṣl al-khiṭāb fī ithbāt taḥrīf kitāb Rabb al-arbāb.Meaneing "final argument in the distortion of the book of God of gods". On distortion of Qur'an. This book is his masterpiece and also the most controversial. this book's content was, anyway, disputed by some Shia clergymen while some other have been silence or even defends the very argument and resources of the book. PDF Format : Columbia University City of New York, Digitized by Google [1]
  • LoʼLoʼ va Marjān dar Shart-i Aval-u Dovom Roze-Khōnān. Includes recommendations to preachers.
  • Jannat al-Maʼwá : fī dhikr man fāza bi-liqāʼ al-ḥujjah, 3 editions published in 1992 in Arabic
  • The shooting star : English translation of An-Najmus saaqib fee ahwaal-e-Imaamul ghaaeb : an account of the concealment of Imam Mahdi (a.s.), the twelfth Imam of the twelver Shia Muslims (1 edition published in 2009 in English)
  • Faṣl al-khiṭāb fī taḥrīf kitāb rabb al-arbāb
  • Kitāb Najm al-s̲āqib : mushtamil bar, aḥvāl-i Imām-i Ghāʼib (4 editions published between 1989 and 1996 in Persian)
  • al-Ṣaḥīfah al-ʻAlawīyah al-mubārakah al-thānīyah : min adʻīyat al-Imām ʻAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib
  • Kashf al-astār ʻan wajh al-ghāʼib ʻan al-abṣār (5 editions published between 1992 and 2011 in Arabic and Persian)
  • Kitāb kalimah ṭayyibah (in Persian)
  • Risālah fī ādāb al-mujāwarah : mujāwarat mashāhid al-Aʼimmah
  • al-Najm al-thāqib fī aḥwāl al-Imām al-Ḥujjah al-Ghāʼib
  • Supplement to Muḥammad ibn al-Ḥasan al-Ḥurr al-ʻĀmilī's Wasāʼil al-Shīʻah ilá taḥṣīl masāʼil al-sharīʻah
  • Fayz̤-i qudsī : zindagīnāmah-i ʻAllāmh Muḥammad Bāqir Majlisī (2 editions published in 1995 in Persian)
  • Taḥiyat al-zāʼir wa-bulqhat al-mujāwir (2 editions published in 1909 in Persian)
  • Kalimah ṭayyibah (3 editions published between 1885 and 1924 in Persian)


Noori died on 27th of the Islamic month of Jamadi as-Sani in 1320 AH, aged 66, in Najaf. He was buried on the right side of the entrance to the Mausoleum of Imam Ali (AS).

Allameh Mohaddes Nouri University

The Main Campus of Allameh Mohaddes Nouri University, Noor, Iran

Allameh Mohaddes Nouri University or AMNU (Persian: دانشگاه علامه محدث نوری‎‎), formerly known as Institute of Higher Education, is a non-gonvernmental and non-profit university which was founded in 1996 in the town of Noor, Iran through an official license from Iran's Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) with the mission to advance knowledge, science and technology, and train competent and creative talents at undergraduate and graduate levels. It was named after Noori's name.

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